Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Youth Political Affairs Congratulates 25 Year Old PDP Youth Leader, Hails Party

Youth Political Affairs, a group that was created to eliminate Political illiteracy and enhance youths participation in politics, has congratulated the 25 year old Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Mohammed Kadade Suleiman who emerged victorious at the just concluded National convention. 

In a statement made available to kaduna Political Affairs on Monday, the group commended the Peoples Democratic Party for giving the 25 year old the opportunity to showcase what he has to offer. 

"The youth leaders in most Political parties are in their mid 40s while some are in their late 40s which is inappropriate. What the PDP did is highly commendable. We therefore call upon the All Progressives Congress and other Political Parties to follow suit," the statement says. 

"It's high time for Political parties to begin to give the youth who are in their prime the opportunity to directly participate in Political decisions. And it shouldn't end with the Youth Leader position, the Peoples Democratic Party and all other Political parties should give the youth the opportunity to contest for Electoral positions come 2023. We therefore call on all Political parties to make their forms affordable in order for the youths who aren't Financially buoyant to be able to participate. The youths are no longer the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today. It's either you carry us along or we'll build our own Political parties. The choice is yours," the statement added.

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