Wednesday, November 10, 2021

OPINION: Random Thoughts On Luka Binniyat, His Jailers And The Rest Of Us, By Steven Kefas

A lot has been said about Luka Binniyat’s latest incarceration with many crucifying him for quoting the Senator representing Southern Kaduna, a claim the Senator has denied. Whether the senator said so or not, the facts remains that he has said worst things in the past publicly.

The quote in question reads;

“The Government of Kaduna State is using Samuel Aruwan, a Christian, to cause confusion to cover up the genocide going on in Christian Southern Kaduna by describing massacre as a “clash."

I wouldn’t want to delve into whether Luka was right to have quoted the senator or not since the matter is already in court. I am more concern in analyzing the quote vis-à-vis the current realities in Southern Kaduna where killings of genocidal proportions have been ongoing on unabated in the last six years.

Many of you may not know that Lukas's current ordeal has to do more with some people's ego than the so called defamation or whatever they call the offence.

A brother was quoted to have said boastfully that "I have been waiting for him to fall into my trap". That brother is allegedly the mastermind of Luka's current ordeal, he engineered everything and then got the big man to sign it off.

Back to the crux of the matter. Am going to be chronicling certain utterances made by Samaila Aruwan, then as an activist journalist in 2014, later as spokesman to the governor and much later as commissioner for security. As you all are going to see here, those utterances clearly agree with the contested quote above.

1. On the 10th of October 2014, Samaila Aruwan wrote an article published on Saharareporters. An excerpt from the article reads;
 “The Crux of the matter is since April 2011 to date, there have been series of unresolved and endless killings in the Southern Kaduna axis of the state and the situation is shifting from mere communal clashes to and organized and advanced systematized extermination.”

In the same article he also accused ‘elite, the political class and other viable institutions’ of ‘perpetual silence’ over Southern Kaduna killings.

Aruwan as at 2014 confirmed that the killings were shifting from mere communal clashes to organized extermination.

2. Shockingly in March 2018 after 23 people were killed during terrorist herdsmen attack in Kigam-Chawai, Samaila Aruwan then spokesman to the Kaduna state government attributed the massacre to communal clashes. The same thing he agreed to have shifted in 2014. Isn’t that an attempt to cover up an obvious genocide against the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna?

3. On the 24th of October 2021, terrorist herdsmen attacked Jankasa and killed no fewer than five people in a clear terrorist attack. 

24 hours after the attack Aruwan being the commissioner of security signed a statement calling the attack a communal clash, I did a rejoinder calling him out for lying and later I was told that he relied on what the security agencies send to him as reports.
Now tell me, isn’t that another attempt to cover up an obvious genocide? 

4. There are also several cases of victims of genocidal killings being blamed for their own death, as in being blamed for being killed by terrorists.

5. There are instances where relatives still mourning their dead are arrested and jailed over frivolous charges. How else can one describe cover ups?

Having said these, I leave the judgment to you the court of public opinions to decide if anyone is truly being used to cover up genocides in Southern Kaduna or not.
One good thing about this whole drama is the fact that POWER IS TRANSIENT. It passes away with time like our shadows do at sunset.

As for Senator La'ah, he must be reminded that Senator Abaribe a senator like himself stood and is still standing with Nnamdi Kanu who is facing terrorism charges, Kanu never worked for Abaribe but he stood for him because of Ndibgo while La'ah distanced himself from a man who has been offering him media services, mostly pro bono.

Locking Luka up mean shutting a mighty voice in SOKAPU, his selflessness will be missed therefore a huge vacuum has been created. Who knows that may even be the real intention of his jailers.

It was Asa who sang and said, "Mr jailer, stop calling me a prisoner, let he without sin be the first to cast the stone Mr jailer..".

She went further to say that "am in chains, you're in chains too, I wore uniforms, you wear uniforms too, am prisoner, you're a prisoner too Mr jailer...Mr jailer man".

Luka's jailers are in chains too, they are in prison too because their conscience are locked up. They also need freedom just like Luka and trust me their chains are heavier and their prison harsher than Luka's.

Finally, this is another lesson to all of us. Do not ever trust a politician, their integrity is like the wave of the sea. They only value you when they can use you but when the chips are down, you are on your own.

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