Wednesday, November 24, 2021

OPINION: Who Is The Leader Of Southern Kaduna Struggle ? - John Danfulani

All political struggles or movements have strong and influential figures. And such personas are akin to C-in-Cs of armed forces of countries.Or captain of ships .Or drivers of commercial buses. 

In Ghana,Dr. Kwame Nkrumah directed events during their decolonisation struggle. 

In Zimbabwe,Gen.Robert Mugabe directed events during their war against Ian Smith and his white brothers. 

In India, Gandhi led his people and reeled orders when they were struggling to free themselves from British imperialism. 

Bolsheviks in Czarist Russia took orders from V.I.Lenin before their ultimate liquidation of czarism in October of 1917. 

Sandinistas of Nicaragua took orders from Daniel Ortega during their armed conflict. And they emerged victorious despite picking on reactionary forces supported by the Yankees. 

Peasants and their leaders took orders from Mao Zetung during their war against the nationalists and Japanese invaders.

During the Cuban revolution,Comrade Fidel Castro gave orders to the troops and supporters of their struggle against the dictatorship of Batista. 

All aforementioned cases shared one feature: a single leader that led the struggle. That was largely responsible for their successes against opponents—colonial masters and chronic dictators.  Without leadership, theirs would have been horrible  tales of misadventures. Consequently, no struggle will succeed without a leader .

Back to our case(SK). Who is our equivalent of Castro, Lenin, Otega, Mugabe,Nkrumah etc? We need that single influential figure that will unite us, draft our roadmap, and lead the charge against internal and external forces.  

Time isn’t our best ally. We need to find a way out of this problem of leadership.

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