Friday, November 19, 2021

OPINION: In Case You See Me Climbing A Hill, Am Not Trying To Do Juju, That's what it takes Some Of Us To Get Network In Kaduna, By Dejang Thomas

JUST IN CASE you see me lifting up my phone and focusing on the screen, am not taking a selfie, its because am searching for network connection, I live in kaduna. 

JUST IN CASE you see me pass you by without greetings, am not ignoring you I didn't even notice you because too many things on my head plus the fact that we are stressed up in this state. 

JUST IN CASE you see me climbing a hill, am not trying to do juju, that's what it takes some of us to make some posts on social media in kaduna. 

JUST IN CASE you see me driving back and forth in the town, it's not because I don't know where am going anymore it's because I couldn't get the person I want to go to see on phone being in a no network area and now that I want to go see the person road constructors have blocked most access roads without any sign before you get to the blockade. 

JUST IN CASE I schedule a meeting with you for 10am and am delaying and you've been trying to reach me but can't get me, sorry, it's Kaduna, it's because KASTELEA have stopped me and asking to check my brake lights, reverse lights, parking lights, inner lights, trafficator lights and because one among the brake light bulbs stopped working, they're taking me to their office to pay them money. 

JUST IN CASE you are coming to kaduna to stay, first consult your doctor. 

But this is it....Once upon a time the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem and took Captives.
Once upon a time, a Proclamation was made with divine backing, and Israel was free from Babylon. Free Kaduna State! Free Nigeria !

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