Tuesday, November 9, 2021

OPINION: If A Government Official In His Personal Capacity Institute Legal Action Against Someone, It Doesn't Have Anything To Do With The Government, By Josiah Labi

Kaduna state just last month held its Local Government elections where the APC won about 80% of the Local Governments.

Going by recent happenings and utterences, I wonder what happens in the next round of elections. That's the State and Federal elections. 

If we were to rely on statistics and trend, seeing how in the years between 2015 and today there had been 2 rounds of Federal and State elections and 2 rounds of Local Government elections. Noticeable is the fact that APC has maintained dominance in their strongholds in the state, while gaining grounds in the Local Governments they are weak. At least going by the increasing number of votes they got in the last two streams of elections. I wonder if the APC may not once again win the 2023 elections. An if they do, what will all those waiting for that election to wreck havoc and gloat at some people do?

Everytime things don't go their way, instead of digging deep and be resourceful, they console themselves with a saying that is increasingly becoming popular... "power is transient" yes, power is transient, but it has not transitioned yet. So what are you doing Yes? Yes, power is transient, but there is never a fixed date for that transition. It may be 2023 or 2060

Another gimmick introduced to the play is the attempt at emotional blackmail. Whenever displeased by actions of an individual or Government, they reel out statistics of attacks by bandits and number of death as a result of those attacks. It sometimes seems like they are saying Government should not record success in any other sector since it has failed to put a stop to Banditry. Or one has no right to take any action since Banditry is going on. 

I totally agree that government at all time should be held accountable. But then as in every facet of life, there are rules of engagement. If we are not happy with certain government actions, there are laid down processes in dealing with that. Mostly, let's learn to separate the individual from the office. If a government official in his personal capacity institute legal action against some one, it doesn't have anything to do with the government. This trending saying that the government can not stop killings but can arrest an individual doesn't make sense. Was it the state that instituted the case? Why this lame attempt at cheap blackmail? This is exactly why the case was instituted in the first place. And even if it were the state that instituted the suit, are you saying all other crimes should be overlooked because Banditry is rife in the state? Shey, even in exams, its the cheapest questions you answer first.

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