Monday, October 25, 2021

Group Rejects Result, Says "Zangon Kataf Local Government Chairmanship Election Is Inconclusive"

A group under the auspices of JH Media Team in a statement signed by Lord Beckson, made available to kaduna Political Affairs, has stated that the winner of the zangon Kataf Local Government Chairmanship Election is yet to be pronounced.
The statement urged the supporters of the All Progressives Congress candidate, John Hassan and the general public to disregard any information from the camp of the Peoples Democratic Party regarding the result of the election. 

The statement read, "We in the APC want to use this medium to appreciate the electorates who created time and made sure that there was a peaceful level playing ground for the elections to be conducted in zangon kataf local government, especially the APC  stakeholders, party excos, members and supporters. The manner in which you conducted yourselves made us to have the confidence and the mandate of the people which will see us taking over the leadership of the council in just few days by the time all results are compiled."

"It has come to our notice that the PDP in zango kataf local government have made some rout in the media and in our street celebrating the victory of their party in an elections where a winner was not declared and has not been declared yet."

"We want to use this medium to inform the general public to disregard any information emanating from the state main opposition party on who wins and who lost the recently conducted elections in ZANGO KATAF local government."

"So far results have been collated and computed from 9 wards out of 11 wards. Ruling party APC had nineteen thousand vote (19000) where  the PDP are leading with 28,000 vote. While we wait for the results from Zango Urban to be collated where we have gave them a huge difference of 7000 votes  against 500 votes which the PDP had. Kamantan ward will also be collated same way as zango Urban which is our strong hold where we have also scored on a big differences margin. So far, no ward was cancelled, rather it was rejected by the local government returning officer which we sense complicity. We will ensure the two wards are also added. Delineating two other wards who brought in their results without any complains from party agents is unacceptable. So far, the result has no security approval and other electoral stakeholders. I will call on all our supporters not to give in to any form of persimism and fear as we will  ensure we guard and protect the mandate you have bestowed on us."

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