Friday, October 1, 2021

OP-ED: WHY 1st OCTOBER? By Yahaya Goje

Congratulations Nigeria, off course 1st October stands as a reflection day for us to review how far our governance system is commited to National development. As a traditional celebration day organized once a year, it usually very colorful and always looks interesting and inviting due to presentation of it's potentials.

The obvious reality of a progressing Nigeria would be evident with all  accommodating our diversity, building connecting eco-systems, strengthing of  institutions, supporting reliable security,  developing all components of its economy, attraction of investment and more. A healthy society where all are comfortable.

I want to on this 1st October build on opinion of a good critic i know who says "The relationship  between a Nigerian leader and his Citizens at all levels of governance is the same as that of the owner of a horse that knows the horse needs water to drink for a good journey but the horse is refusing to go and drink water from the stream" ..

All battles are 70% won when the house is in order and 30% remaining comes winning the opponent. Nigerias problem is only 30% external.. Only when disciplined leaders and Citizenship that are committed to building bridges of one Nigeria from every component of the society delivering right governance in the society would creat outstanding paces.    

Probably there are weak components of the Nigerian constitutions which needs review as an issue of priority, Nigeria is also a birth of 3 almaganated different regions, Nigeria's diversity is an advantage tool like the rainbow having different smart colors, to glow us as unique (unity in diversity). As we negatively employ diversity today to channel and implant decay, we are therefore  truncating all the energy meant for our development.

Nigeria is not  sitting on a time bomb as we have always perssived it, because we have not all agreed to sink our ship with the future tomorrow. I want today confirm to all Nigerians that what ever they problem that destroy one part of our beloved nation affects all of Nigeria.

It is sad that Nigerians as a society have built resistance to good leadership. We will applaud good results.
After our independence on the 1st October, 1960, i will admit to those good sub-national governments that have been more realailistic and effective to the possibility of the best of the Nigerian State.

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