Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OP-ED: The Untold Truth About Zangon Kataf Election, By Abrack Yankees For Jh Media Team

It will be recalled that Zangon kataf local government of kaduna state held council election last Saturday being 23rd of October 2021,after series of postpontment, the long anticipated election witnessed a low turn out of voters due to voters empathy.

The election was marred with excessive   irregularities in some of the wards due to unavailability of security personnels across the wards of the local government. Most of the PDP stronghold polling unit across the LGA witnessed zero security presence. The PDP capitalised on this error in most of their stronghold by  intimidating the APC supporters and threatening the Agents. 

Secondly, the security challenges in Zaman Dabo ward, Gora ward and UNG/gaiya ward, has displaced so many commuters. Registered voters were unavailable, very few voters were accredited but the fascinating thing is that PDP recorded large number of votes in those areas, HOW? only God knows. In kachecere  polling unit  in Ungwa Gaiya ward, Election was not held due to absent of voters but large number vote was recorded in favour of the PDP. In Some polling units in Gora ward election was not held due to the malfuctioning of the EVM machine  but PDP fabricated fictitous figures. In the same vain ZANGO URBAN WARD being the strong hold of the APC was rejected, and Election was not held in KAMANTAN WARD but the returning officer defranchise over 25000 voters by declaring result of just nine (9) ward. It is a known fact that the PDP has long history of rigging election and that is exactly what they did in zangon kataf but they have failed, the mandate of the people most be given to them. 

On behalf of the APC family in Zangon Kataf LGA we appreciate our supporters for coordinating themselves in a more peaceful manner at the course of the election. We call on  the Siecom Boss in person of Saratu Dikko to do justice to the outcome of the election. And by the grace of God the mandate Will given back to the people.

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