Wednesday, October 13, 2021

OP-ED: DIRECT PRIMARIES: Those Who Appointed Delegates To Secure Kaduna PDP Gubernatorial Nomination Are Doomed, By Dogara Caesar

It's been a very great week for democracy in Nigeria because not only would the electorates have their votes transmitted through electronic means, the Nigerian Senate also made it mandatory for all political parties in Nigeria to now use direct method only, otherwise known as "direct primaries" to elect candidates -this also means that there'll be no more consensus, delegates or harmonization in the constitution of all political parties in Nigeria.

This further implys that all party card carrying members are now the ones empowered by law to elect candidates during party primaries and congresses. There's no more room for delegates, concensus, harmonization or big money influence.  

I am particularly glad and have a good feeling about this because those who have manipulated the processes by appointing delegates (illicitly) to secure the nomination of certain people ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial elections or any other office in my home state of Kaduna and anywhere else are now doomed.

With the adoption of the direct Primaries, it simply means that only popular candidates would emerge. In fact, there'll be no more politics of who has more money to distribute in other to get nominated or who has the support and backing of the illegal congressional delegates created for aspirants to have a free way. This is indeed a great development and very commendable because we shall definitely have the choice of the people flying their party flags in the next general elections. 

There is absolutely no question about the impact this will have on our nation's progress for as far as electoral processes and leadership is concerned. Asante Sana'a!

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