Friday, October 1, 2021

Cafra Caino's Defeat Serves As A Lesson To Young Aspiring Politicians - Dogara Caesar

Kaduna Political Awards Young Politician of the year Nominee, comr. Dogara Caesar, in a social media post stated that the Political downfall of the immediate past local Government chairman of kajuru Local Government, Hon. Cafra Caino was as a result of his disobedience and disloyalty to his immediate Constituency. 

"In the case of the above name mentioned; it was so apolitical for him to behave how he did to his elders, kinsmen and others. He locked them up, abused them, insulted their pride and more", he said. 

"They repaid by voting him out and probably never gonna give in another chance in any capacity as far as that constituency is concerned." "This serves as a lesson to young aspiring politicians. It is well", he added. 

It would be recalled that Hon. Cafra Caino failed to retain his sit in the just concluded Kajuru Local Government Chairmanship Election. He was defeated by the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Hon. Ibrahim Gajere.

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