Thursday, October 7, 2021

2023: SOKAPU Backs Southern Governors On Power Shift

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has backed the position taken by the southern governors for power to shift to the south to ensure justice, fairness and equity in the democratic development of the country.

“We wish to categorically declare that we align with the position taken by the Southern Governors for power to shift to the Southern part of Nigeria after the eight years of President Buhari in 2023. Thereafter, power should then rotate among the North, South, and Middle Belt zones to ensure justice, fairness, and equity,” SOKAPU President, Comrade Jonathan Asake, said in a statement.

The union noted that the insistence on power remaining in the north in 2023 is a recipe for the chaos that could threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria, knowing fully well that over six years of Northern leadership under President Muhammadu Buhari has placed the country on life support.

He stressed, “We need a change of baton in leadership to the South as a means of building confidence, inclusiveness and resuscitating the country.”

He added, “When the governors of the 19 northern states converged for a meeting at Kaduna on Monday, September 27, 2021, most of us thought the meeting was to review critical challenges facing the north particularly, and the country in general with the view to addressing such.”

Unfortunately, he lamented that the meeting of the northern governors and traditional rulers turned out to be one of flexing muscles with their southern counterparts and a political debate over which region should produce the president come 2023.

“It is most regrettable that this group of leaders displayed their insensitivity and myopic disposition on the plight of their citizens who have been under tremendous onslaught by bandits, kidnappers, Fulani herdsmen militia, and other criminal groups. It is obvious that there is no state in the North that has been spared of the activities of these terrorist groups, with many communities having been invaded, their people massacred and many more displaced into dehumanising IDP camps,” he further lamented.

Asake observed that one would have expected that the major items on the agenda for these governors would be how to tackle the spate of insecurity that has engulfed the North and proffer solutions, regretted that these governors were more engrossed in discussing the politics of zoning.
He stated that the most embarrassing is the fact that they took a position against a legitimate and popular demand for power shift to the South.

It said the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) would like to remind the governors and their ilk that the old North that is traditionally used to garner votes and intimidate the South and thereafter return with political victory only to take care of less than 10 percent no longer exist as one united North.

The statement further reminded them (governors) that even as they sat at that meeting in Kaduna, the majority of them did not believe in their resolutions, especially on the issue of zoning, saying that they know that the teeming citizens of their various states don’t believe in their position.

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