Tuesday, September 21, 2021

OPINION: A Vote For John Hassan Is A Vote For A Greater Zango, By Joseph Bege Gaiya For JH Media

As we count down to the day of the long awaited local Government Elections in Zango Kataf,  let me share with you some of the good intentions my principal Hon. John Hassan has for the people of zangon Kataf. 

If given the opportunity, we shall explore our hidden potentials. We shall adopt, sustain and maintain new methods of leadership that will uplift us to greater heights. Our modus operandi shall be under the following watch words: justice, equity and fairness through involvement and uniting all stakeholders who are the custodian of our religion, traditions, ethics and values.
We will watch with keen interest and to bring into book miscreants, those with high propensity to criminal tendencies that have constitute nuisance to our peaceful society.
Co-existence shall bring about stabilization to our society.
Youth constitute over 70% of our population, the region has an orgornise youth system, zango kataf has one of the best youth leadership via the national youth council with a good network of interfacing, a good number of them are into agriculture, trading and other vocation, we shall prioritise their activities by getting involved timely to their needs where necessary through the provision of needed tools, equipment, inputs and financial support by collaborating it leadership. We have been following their activities, to some extend they have diagnose most of the problems and have proffer possible solutions, we shall together implement some of the template they have been using as well the possible solutions that are yet to be put into use.
We shall build bridges that bring about communal cohesion toward obtaining total absolute peace which will give us better economic opportunity in order to avert counter productivity that has been witness within our circumference.
We shall join forces with all human resources, security agencies to disorganise any organized crime that will retard our growth.
We shall ensure a better zango kataf come to reality. 

A better zango for me, is a better zango for you.This will be achieved through voting the legitimate leader. John Hassan is the man.
A vote for John Hassan is a vote for a greater zango.

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