Friday, September 3, 2021

OPINION: Between John Hassan And Francis Sani Zimbo, By Joseph Bege Lordbeckson

It's surprising that the PDP has been using the recent insecurity as a point of campaign towards the council elections in zango kataf especially using this as a means of craving and soliciting for votes in the atyap land. First of all, John Hassan was the last political appointee who headed the council as the IMC chairman in 2018 before the elections in zango kataf local government. During his tenure, all we had was a peaceful zango kataf local government where development and infrastructure were put in place in many communities. 
After that, we had a council chairman from the PDP who came from the Atyap/kataf extraction in person of Dr Elias Manza and his secretary in person of Elisha sakoh all from the atyap/kataf extraction. During their tenure which lasted for three years and ended in June 2021, zango kataf local government recorded the highest stage of its insecurity, ranging from primordia sentiment till date. The insecurity engulfed the entire atyap land who had their sons as chairman and secretary of the council. Until their exit they didn't involve stakeholders opinions and advice on how to end the insecurity in zango kataf local government. Their doors weren't open to advice and consultation in any form from whosoever to see to the end of the matter.
 Now Francis Sani (zimbo) is campaigning and promising that he will end  the insecurity in atyap land if elected into office. My question is what stoped him from synergizing with Dr Elias Manza and Elisha Sakoh to bring the menace to an end? Is it because the mayhem wasn't happening in bajju land and he feels it's going to be a good window for him to campaign? Or he is suddenly going to be the commander in chief of the arm forces if he becomes a local government chairman? My take, if Elias Manza who comes from the Atyap extraction and one was the chairman while the other was the head of administration couldn't do anything despite their people were killed and mained then the Atyap land shouldn't allow themselves to be cajoled into taking an odd that isn't in their favour by political merchants. What I expect Francis Sani (zimbo) to be telling us now is what he did when he was a councillor representating zonkwa ward. The infrastructure as well as how they were able to use the constituency development allocation when he was the Legislative Aid of Barr Marshal Katung during his days in the national assembly.
In addition to this, John Hassan was an IMC chairman in zango for just 3 weeks in zango kataf local government and every community can attest to the impact they felt when he was in the helm of affairs. In view of this, John Hassan is a complete self made human, he is well to do and has used his resources to reach out to those who are averagely doing fine as well as to those who are completely not fine at all. He is someone who can be entrusted with public funds and it will reach out to them at the right and appropriate time. His doors are open to all persons under the council area, he is always accessible at a time and always give preference to stakeholders, community development leaders, religious leaders their pride of place for deliberation and to make decisions that will meet the peoples need. He John Hassan has never at any point feels he need the public funds to have a life or to sustain himself and doesn't have a good father. He is doing well and has a house in Kaduna town and environs unlike Francis Sani who the poor masses are been cajoled to vote him for reasons base known to his sponsors. He is trying to upgrade to move to the city to have a house in Kaduna and to use the council resources to appease his sponsors and godfathers. We must as a matter of fact know that a hungry man when given power will subject the people to abject poverty which will not be bearable at all because their resources will not be pitied at all in whatsoever circumstances.
We must differentiate between the two persons on who will meet up to the need of the people and who will drain the people totally. Sometimes ago I was discussing with some persons who open up to me that they are regretting not voting John Hassan because of how Elias Manza disappointed to the core. We shouldn't at any point in time allow this to repeat itself as we will always be the victims of the action of hungry men who were saddled with leadership positions based on our sentiment.

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