Tuesday, September 7, 2021

OPINION: The Adverse Effect Of Non-Participation In Politics By Those That Are Enlightened Is That It Will Give Room For Mediocres To Govern And Take Crucial Decisions On Their Behalf, By James Kanyip

The entire animals agreed to converge at the public square to discuss and resolve the threat posed by man who always slaughtered and used them for sacrifice to appease his gods.

On their way to the venue, they saw the chicken going in the opposite direction. When they asked him why he would not come for the meeting, he told them that he had other personal matters to attend to. He further said that they were free to go on with the meeting; that he was with them in spirit in all their deliberations; and that whatever they decided had his whole-hearted support. 

After stormy deliberations at the meeting, they resolved that one of them should be presented to man as his regular sacrificial animal so that he would leave the rest of them in peace. 

In the end, they unanimously agreed that the chicken should be presented to him as the sacrificial animal. Thus, the fate of the chicken was sealed without his direct participation. And so it has been ever since! 
(Source: Chinua Achebe (1930-2013), "Nigerian National Merit Award Lectures", Volume 2, p. 38)

Any lesson learnt?

This story is a reflection of our apathy, nonchalance and non-participation towards politics and political activities, especially the youth. 

Politics has become an integral part of our national life. It is being used as the instrument that shapes our political, socio-economic and cultural life.

Politics is now the strongest and veritable tool to acquire political power to rule and lead a people. A community or region without political power will have to be at the mercy of those in power.

The disadvantages of being schemed out of political relevance are unfortunately many.
Crucial and critical decisions that have the tendency of changing our individual and collective life for better or worse as a people may be taken through the instrumentality of politics and governance. This is why political participation is both international and national sufferage.

The adverse effect of non-participation in political activities by those that are enlightened and entitled to participate is that it will give room for misfits, mediocres and shenanigans to govern and take crucial and critical decisions on their behalf.

And ultimately, their fate will be akin to that of the chicken: subjects of sacrifice to be used as footstool for political and economic dominance.

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