Friday, September 24, 2021

OP-ED: We've Waited Enough And Are Getting Closer To The Polls, By Emmanuel Saiza-NYCN Coordinator

Saturday, the 25th of September is here for all the eligible voters in Zango Kataf LGA to come out in their number to exercise their right to vote for candidate of their choice.

It is a popular saying that what is worth doing, equally worth doing well. If the electorate could wait long enough for this day, what other pain is more? 

Voting in periodic elections is the civic responsibility of every eligible citizen. To exercise that right, you need to come out, be patient, and peacefully cast your vote knowing that it shall count.

The 2021 LGC election in Zango Kataf LGA is evolving an uncommon political culture of civic engagement, issue - based discussions, and peaceful political atmosphere. In light of the above, we urge the candidates of the ADC, APC, and PDP with their supporters,  to strictly sustain self restraint as the election draws nearer.

Our LGA has been in the news in the last 16 months, largely for the very wrong reasons. The resultant effect is the growing number of displaced persons in the IDP camps. Our markets are at low key, and farms are rarely visited due to activities of bandits, and poor infrastructural development.

Mindful of the fact that it scores no point throwing our dear LGA in to any other form of violent crisis. Hence the need  to be sportsmanlike in this contest, knowing that restoring peace to Zango Kataf LGA is a task that must be done by citizens for the greater good of all residents.

 Women and youths are critical human segments. They constitute more than 73% of the population,  yet largely unskilled, unemployed, and uncared for. Records show that it benefits society most in the long run where these important, and viable resources are well invested upon for multiple returns. Zango Kataf LGA should therefore, take the lead by committing 15% of its revenue allocation/generation to human capital development.

As the electorate go to the poll to chose their 11 legislative council members, and the executive chairman, you are urged to reflect on your choices, and be responsible for it.

With the level of preparedness of the electoral umpire KADSIECOM, no election official should renege from duty, while ensuring that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are in perfect conditions.

We have heard, and seen ugly human circumstances in the last 16 months, thus plead with the security agencies on duty to observe the rule of engagement, respect human dignity, and should know that election is a civic right.

Congratulations to the candidates for offering themselves to  the people, and to the electorate for having faith in the process.

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