Wednesday, September 29, 2021

OP-ED: PDP Responsible For The Postponement Of Elections In Zango Kataf Local Government, By Joseph Bege Gaiya For JH Media

It is no longer news that the peoples democratic party ( PDP ) in zango kataf local government has deployed merchinaries from other neighbouring local government were elections were held to help them rig out APC on Saturday in Zango kataf local government. The presence of foreigners and unknown faces were seeing marauding around zonkwa axis and environs as of Thursday where the council headquarters is located.

Having lost there political goodwill in the eye of the electorate who once confide in them without any fear and doubt since 1999. The good people of Zango kataf local government have taken upon them not to give any breathing space to another deceived, cheat, lies and a room for bridge of trust anymore. It is on this note that they vow to cast their vote, guard it with all diligence and ensure that it count.

The PDP who have over stayed their welcome in Zango kataf local government, seeing that the horse supplying their oxygen is about to be cut off, they resort to go dirty and violent in their campaigns. They were threatening even the electorate not to dare vote out PDP from the council seat knowing fully it's what is going to happen. Their campaign D.G made use of one Edward PAMA to make publication of threat to the government of the state alleging them of having plans to rig the elections and were coming to zango kataf to spend days in order to execute the said plan. They released the statement on Facebook with so much threats to even the life of the deputy Governor who has no political business in zango kataf local government aside the giant stride she has made toward ensuring a peaceful region among communities that is bedeviled with the attacks. The PDP as a party continue with so much threats in their  campaign rally as their itinerary speech was mainly to attack anyone who is caught voting APC. They plan to disenfranchised the people from exercising their fundamental human rights to vote and to be voted for. The campaign of calumny and satire has been one of there cardinal point and watch word.

Of recent, a videos has been circulating  on social media platforms ranging from Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms where their D.G was speaking in one of the polling unit Ashafa 1 in ikulu ward, one could sense the threats which were made using innuendos to look at anyone who will vote APC as an outcast and a betrayal of the unknown struggle of the good people of Zango kataf local government, a struggle whose perceived knitty gritty is yet to be unveiled to many but is claimed to be known by a few. In the first place, the DG some years back once justified the killings in southern part of the axis where he tagged it as reprisal. One would wonder when did the D.G suddenly become remorseful and tender hearted? 

Every good son of southern kaduna knows the political activities and antecedents of the PDP D.G which has rendered him irrelevenat and to some extent has not been taken seriously by serious minded people.
You will recall that
Some years back after the demise of our beloved former governor Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of blessed memory, Ramalan Yero was sworn immediately as the successor to champion the affairs of the state. The PDP D.G was opportuned to serve as a commissioner of information during Ramalan Yero. Around 2014, the activities of the militias who embarked of relentless killings came into lime light. Any attempt by whosoever speak ill of the dastardly act will always lead one to the door steps of the DSS quarters in Abuja where one of our own brother a former aid to the late governor Yakowa was a victim. The train of event continue where the present PDP zango kataf local government D.G was sent by the then government to visit one of the scenye in Sanga local government and He spoke with impunity and accused our peace loving brethren of being responsible for their plight. He accused them of attacking the unknown killers where he publicly told them before the eyes and ears of the world that their present fate is as a result of their earlier action which has result to reprisal from the aggrieved party. Prior to 2019 elections, he was also caught on cameras calling on their thugs to kill anyone who cast his vote to the APC and they should blackmail him and alleged him/her as a kidnapper. The question on my mind is, did the D.G saw the killers and discussed with them and they told him they were on a reprisal before coming to Sanga to relate to the people that they were on a reprisal mission? 

I want to tell the D.G that the killings he justified in 2014 as reprisal has spread to his door steps just like the August rain. I will urge the D.G to also tell his own people in his own local government where our brothers in the atyap have not been finding it easy for quite a long time that the tireless killer's are not yet done with the reprisal the earlier told him in the year 2014. What led him to justifying the evil act in 2014 can only be explained by him which at the moment I am willing to give him this opportunity to do that. My candit advice to the D.G is instead of using it as a ladder to campaign tool for satire he should rather tell the same people that the issue they treated with kid gloves and refused to handling with all seriousness has escalated into a social mayhem and has pose the society in an unsafe untrustworthy status at the moment instead of using the situation to canvass for votes.

The last administration of the council led by DR Elias Manza was not good enough and has made the PDP lost its grip of the council seat they thought is their birth right and a tradition.

The past administration whose thinking and ideas were porous where anything could easily pass through it. At the moment we are not unaware that they could not win and sustain the people mandate. It was under their watch that the insecurity came into existence in zango kataf local government. They couldn't manage it and could not bring any modalities that will see the region into a lasting peace. Has the PDP suddenly find out better ways to tackle the issue of insecurity in the council which they feel another mandate should be given to them? 
What about the infrastructure they promised the people which they couldn't do any? What about the empowerment they promised which they couldn't do any?
One will think they are a group of jokers and moonlight tellers. The people are wise and have decide to take their destiny in their hands. Anytime the SIECOM wish to conduct the elections whenever they feel the environment is safe, we are assuring the general public that with the massive support and vote f confidence by the electorates, beating the the PDP in the poll is certainly a non negotiable fact as far as John Hassan, a trust worthy fellow remain the flag bearer. 

Feeling that they have lost the elections made them lost their sense of humour and have resort to go dirty and violent by threatening the electorate and APC supporters with their thugs. 
Rumours were going round in zango from some of there supporters that they will not concede to any form of  defeat should they lost the elections. They promised to hold the returning officers and other ad-hoc staff to ransom. Their desperation is first to none. Our ambition to support and deliver good governance to the people goes against the  purported violence they are planning to unleash in the course of the elections. They are so ambitious that they are willing and ready to commit even the worse of crime to sneak their way to the council seat.

While we appreciate our addent supporters and well wishers who are always willing and ready to sacrifice whatsoever they are doing to see that they cast and defend their votes come what may, we will strife to ensure that their interest will be guarded, protected and their safety will be guaranteed from their traitors whenever the elections will be conducted. We are law abiding citizens and are willing and ready to go by the law. We remain resolute to protecting the interest of the people at all course. Your support has kept us strong immeasurably. Together we shall achieve the possibility of what life can offer to all of us.

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