Sunday, September 5, 2021

OP-ED: KAURA LGA: The Only Clime That Stood For PDP In Southern Kaduna, By John Danfulani

Out  of S-K LGAs that participated in the 4th Sept 2021 LGA polls, only Kaura delivered a Chairman seat to the opposition PDP. The ruling APC unprecedentedly crushed the main opposition party in its safest zone in Nigeria. A zone that has been an exclusive political hunting reserve for PDP since 1999.

Pundits are already spinning reasons behind this unexpected tumble by PDP. The most popular reason are : PDP’s selection process produced unpopular candidates; APC’s political operatives are too sophisticated for PDP gerontocratic cream; and soaring political consciousness of Southern Kaduna voters. 

One good dimension is, there was and still no hue and cry of manipulation of the process by operatives of the dislodged party. Some of them exhibited uncommon sportsmanship by saying that, they were actually rejected by the mandate givers. And admitted committing strategic and tactical blunders of assuming invincibility in Southern Kaduna. 

This development birthed a novel electoral and political reality in Southern Kaduna and the state at large: PDP now knows that it’s not business as usual; and APC have discovered that their fear of the southern Kaduna political jungle was unfounded—they too, can game therein. 

Can PDP recapture its lost grounds in 2023? Yes. Can APC retain captured grounds and make further inroads in 2023? Yes. 

Let the game play on. We’re all eyes!

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