Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Kaduna LG Elections: Southern APC Youth Vanguard Thank Southern Kaduna People For Listening To SOKAPU

Following the successful conduct of Saturday, 4th September, 2021 Local Government Elections in Kaduna State, where APC won four out of the six Local Government Councils in Kaduna South Senatorial District as announced so far by the KADSIECOM, the Southern Kaduna APC Youth Vanguard in a statement signed by its Convener, Engr Bege Joseph, made available to kaduna Political Affairs, thanked the good and politically dynamic people of Southern Kaduna for listening to SOKAPU and voting massively against the PDP, which was hitherto the dominant Party in the region, says the statement.

It would be recalled that SOKAPU had on the eve of the Election issued a Press Statement titled: “VOTE WISELY IN THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS THAT COMES UP TOMORROW (4TH SEPT. 2021)”, signed by its President, Hon. Jonathan Asake, and urging the good people of Southern Kaduna to do, among others, the following:
"Don’t vote for a Party that manipulates our diversity to cause disunity.
"Don't vote for a Party that abandoned our people and encouraged insecurity, kidnappings and collection of ransom, massacre of our people, displacement of our people into IDP camps, destruction of our farmlands, and occupation of our homelands.
“Don't vote for the Party that take(sic: ‘takes’) pleasure in jailing the(sic) anyone opposed to their draconian style of governance.." 

"Southern Kaduna people have recalled how our prominent son, Reuben Buhari, the then Media Aide to Mrs Lawrencia L. Mallam, former Minister of Environment, was bundled in ‘Black Maria’ from Kaduna to Abuja for daring to share the pictures of what he saw in Bondon Villages after the massacre." 
"The people of Southern Kaduna have also recalled the years in which PDP held sway and discovered that under their leadership our people were killed with reckless abandon." "The seed of the insecurity they planted is still hunting us till date."
"Worthy of note is the massacre of over hundred (100) people in Ungwan Sankwai, Ungwar Gata and Chenshyi villages, all in Bondon District of Kaura Local Government Area under the watch of former PDP Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero. Do we need to equally talk about the way and manner people were senselessly killed in Kobin, Dogon Daji and many other villages in Sanga Local Government Area under the PDP Administration? 
"It is the resolve of the Southern Kaduna APC Youth Vanguard that the election results was a referendum that determined which political party represents the adjectives Hon. Asake presented before the people of Southern Kaduna in his Press Statement. All true sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna are free to describe the PDP as a party that initiated and still fueled the ongoing onslaught against our people."
"Thus, in order to get to the root of the insecurity, the people have decided to kill every seed of PDP that is left in Southern Kaduna. Therefore, they have decided to vote PDP out, beginning with this Council Election. And by God’s Grace, PDP will be finally interred in 2023."
"As we await the completion of the election in Zangon Kataf, Kachia, Kajuru and Chikun Local Government Areas which are part of Southern Kaduna, we wish to call on voters in the affected LGAs to take cue from majority of their brothers that have rejected the PDP and elect all APC candidates."
"This Election has afforded us the opportunity to be integrated to other parts of the State. We cannot continue to live in isolation because of the selfish ambition of some old, tired and spent political horses in PDP who cannot survive without pilfering our public purse," the statement added.


  1. God bless southern Kaduna APC youth vanguard

  2. We appreciate Almighty God for the successful Election that is been conducted, and may God give those who win, the wisdom and knowledge to rule all Southern Kaduna with love, care, God fearing all equality be for the law.
    Thank Lord