Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Kaduna Deputy Gov Advises Women On Political Participation

The Deputy Governor of Kaduna state, Dr Hadiza Balarabe has advised aspiring female politicians to join political parties whose leadership structure and ideologies offer them equal opportunities and level playing.

The Deputy Governor, gave this advise as a Guest of Honour at an Intergenerational Consultative and Strategic Dialogue on Strengthening Women’s Participation in Pollical Leadership organized by the House of Representatives Committee on Women Affairs and Social Development.

Dr Balarabe said women are also entitled to equal civil and political rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Rights, the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and other international commitments.

The Deputy Governor stated that promoting equal participation for women in public life is essential for deepening democracy and building strong and vibrant democracies and economies.

“Societies that exclude women and girls are short-changing themselves and slowing the wheel of development, because the contributions of nearly half of the population (women and girls) is excluded.
‘’Girls and women have the right to participate in decision making and every sphere of our national life,’’ she added.

Dr Balarabe pointed out that paving the way for women to become political leaders, take part in policymaking, and get involved in all aspects of the political process create a ripple effect that yields multiple benefits, not only for individual women, but also for families, communities, and countries.

‘’We should provide empowerment to women by increasing access to quality education, health and economic and important life skills, which are basic human rights’’, she added.

The Deputy Governor pointed out that “Kaduna state has already taken important steps to lay the foundation that promotes youth and women inclusion into the governance and economic milieu.

‘’A significant number of women and youths have been given leadership opportunities in the state. Our State Executive Council has 40% women and a sizeable number of young persons,’’ she said.

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