Thursday, September 30, 2021

PHOTONEWS: 35 of 38 Killed In Southern Kaduna Buried In Madamai, Kaura Local Governemt Area, Three To Be Buried Separately On Monday Because They Were Burnt Beyond Recognition

35 of 38 Killed In Southern Kaduna Buried In Madamai, Kaura Local Governemt Area, Three To Be Buried Separately On Monday Because They Were Burnt Beyond and Recognition
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KADSIECOM Confirms Snatching Of Electronic Voting Machines During LG Elections

Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission (KADSIECOM) on Thursday warn those who carted away electronic voting machines in the state to return them in their own interest or face the full weight of the when caught.

Chairman of KADSIECOM, Dr. Saratu Binta Dikko-Audu gave the warning in her office on Thursday while presenting the certificates of return to winners of council election in Chikun and Kajuru.
She also presented a certificate of return to winners of the rerun election in three other local government areas at the commission’s head office in Kaduna

Recall that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were carted away at Kwarau in the Igabi Local Government Area, with two destroyed, while nine others at Panhauya, Giwa Local Government Area, were equally vandalised during local government elections held on September 5, 2021
The hoodlums also carted away election materials and assaulted the driver and staff of the commission conveying the materials.

Dr. Dikko-Audu, however, says the election was not yet over, “since we still have two Local Governments to conduct elections; Birnin Gwari and Zangon Kataf.”
She pleaded with all political parties and their members to give democracy a chance and let the citizens of the remaining Local Governments make their choice and allow peace to reign.
She congratulated all stakeholders for being part of the historic process.

“You are part of history by taking part in an election that was conducted via electronic voting.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Yamusa Rigasa Hails Gov. Elrufai For Conducting Free And Fair Local Government Elections, Says PDP In Coma

Kaduna All Progressives Congress faithful and the founder of Ubbaniya movement, mallam Yamusa Rigasa has stated that the margin the PDP used to emerge victorious in the just concluded Chikun Local Government Chairmanship election was slim despite Chikun being the strong hold of the party. He added that the slim margin is a clear indication that the PDP is in coma. He commended the Governor Of kaduna state, mallam Nasir El'Rufai for not interfering with the process, which he said was the most free and fair Local Government Election in the history of Nigeria. 

"APC 14, 829. PDP 19, 402. Only 5000 difference in PDP number one stronghold which is Chikun LGA. PDP is in coma before 2023 and they got this votes because of Governor El'Rufai's sincerity of purpose and LG free and fair election in the history of Nigeria. Governor Elrufai is a role model, worthy of emulation, pacesetter & ambassador of Nigeria free and fair LGAs election," he wrote.
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Teenage Igbo Girl Abducted, Set To Be Married Off In Kaduna – Activist

Human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has raised the alarm over the whereabouts of a 15-year-old secondary school student who was allegedly taken kidnapped in Kaduna, converted to Islam and is about to be married to a suitor.  
According to Gwamnishu, the minor identified as Chioma Chinedu was abducted and converted to Islam in the Anchau village of Kaduna State and has allegedly been hypnotised by her abductors who have refused to let her go. 

While he said no one was against any religion, Gwamnishu noted that the young lady did not deserve the mental torture and forced marriage.

He wrote on Facebook, “15 years old JSS2 student, Chioma Chinedu, hypnotised and about to be married to a suitor in Kaduna State. Because it’s us, this will not make the headline. The story of Chioma Chinedu, a 15-year-old JSS 2 student from Enugu State, abducted and converted to Islam in Anchau village Kaduna State should be a worry to us.
“As at this moment, Chioma is nowhere to be found as her abductors have refused to let her go. She has been Hypnotized and about to be married off to a suitor #retrievechioma

“I wish to commend the Igbo Communities for their effort and will continue to collaborate together till she’s out and get rehabilitated.
“Nobody is against any religion but Chioma doesn’t deserve this mental torture and forced marriage. Hypnotise is to influence, control, or direct completely, as by personal charm, words, or domination.”

Another social media user @MaaziChizoba wrote on Twitter, “This young girl Chioma Chinedu, born 10th of April 2006 (15yrs old) is from Isigwe Ugbawka in Nkanu East Local Government Area, Enugu State. She lives with her uncle in Anchau, Kubau Local Government Area, Kaduna State.
“This young girl was taken away from the care and supervision of her uncle, forced to convert to Islam and made to marry her abductor without the consent of her uncle or parents.
“All efforts and moves made by the Igbo Community in that area to rescue the young girl were rebuffed by the traditional council of the town. Moving from the Local Government Police Station to the State Area Command (Kaduna), still, there's no positive result.
“They refused to hand the girl over. At this point in time, help is needed to rescue this young girl. Thanks and God bless from GUYA KADUNA STATE CHAPTER.”
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OP-ED: PDP Responsible For The Postponement Of Elections In Zango Kataf Local Government, By Joseph Bege Gaiya For JH Media

It is no longer news that the peoples democratic party ( PDP ) in zango kataf local government has deployed merchinaries from other neighbouring local government were elections were held to help them rig out APC on Saturday in Zango kataf local government. The presence of foreigners and unknown faces were seeing marauding around zonkwa axis and environs as of Thursday where the council headquarters is located.

Having lost there political goodwill in the eye of the electorate who once confide in them without any fear and doubt since 1999. The good people of Zango kataf local government have taken upon them not to give any breathing space to another deceived, cheat, lies and a room for bridge of trust anymore. It is on this note that they vow to cast their vote, guard it with all diligence and ensure that it count.

The PDP who have over stayed their welcome in Zango kataf local government, seeing that the horse supplying their oxygen is about to be cut off, they resort to go dirty and violent in their campaigns. They were threatening even the electorate not to dare vote out PDP from the council seat knowing fully it's what is going to happen. Their campaign D.G made use of one Edward PAMA to make publication of threat to the government of the state alleging them of having plans to rig the elections and were coming to zango kataf to spend days in order to execute the said plan. They released the statement on Facebook with so much threats to even the life of the deputy Governor who has no political business in zango kataf local government aside the giant stride she has made toward ensuring a peaceful region among communities that is bedeviled with the attacks. The PDP as a party continue with so much threats in their  campaign rally as their itinerary speech was mainly to attack anyone who is caught voting APC. They plan to disenfranchised the people from exercising their fundamental human rights to vote and to be voted for. The campaign of calumny and satire has been one of there cardinal point and watch word.

Of recent, a videos has been circulating  on social media platforms ranging from Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms where their D.G was speaking in one of the polling unit Ashafa 1 in ikulu ward, one could sense the threats which were made using innuendos to look at anyone who will vote APC as an outcast and a betrayal of the unknown struggle of the good people of Zango kataf local government, a struggle whose perceived knitty gritty is yet to be unveiled to many but is claimed to be known by a few. In the first place, the DG some years back once justified the killings in southern part of the axis where he tagged it as reprisal. One would wonder when did the D.G suddenly become remorseful and tender hearted? 

Every good son of southern kaduna knows the political activities and antecedents of the PDP D.G which has rendered him irrelevenat and to some extent has not been taken seriously by serious minded people.
You will recall that
Some years back after the demise of our beloved former governor Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of blessed memory, Ramalan Yero was sworn immediately as the successor to champion the affairs of the state. The PDP D.G was opportuned to serve as a commissioner of information during Ramalan Yero. Around 2014, the activities of the militias who embarked of relentless killings came into lime light. Any attempt by whosoever speak ill of the dastardly act will always lead one to the door steps of the DSS quarters in Abuja where one of our own brother a former aid to the late governor Yakowa was a victim. The train of event continue where the present PDP zango kataf local government D.G was sent by the then government to visit one of the scenye in Sanga local government and He spoke with impunity and accused our peace loving brethren of being responsible for their plight. He accused them of attacking the unknown killers where he publicly told them before the eyes and ears of the world that their present fate is as a result of their earlier action which has result to reprisal from the aggrieved party. Prior to 2019 elections, he was also caught on cameras calling on their thugs to kill anyone who cast his vote to the APC and they should blackmail him and alleged him/her as a kidnapper. The question on my mind is, did the D.G saw the killers and discussed with them and they told him they were on a reprisal before coming to Sanga to relate to the people that they were on a reprisal mission? 

I want to tell the D.G that the killings he justified in 2014 as reprisal has spread to his door steps just like the August rain. I will urge the D.G to also tell his own people in his own local government where our brothers in the atyap have not been finding it easy for quite a long time that the tireless killer's are not yet done with the reprisal the earlier told him in the year 2014. What led him to justifying the evil act in 2014 can only be explained by him which at the moment I am willing to give him this opportunity to do that. My candit advice to the D.G is instead of using it as a ladder to campaign tool for satire he should rather tell the same people that the issue they treated with kid gloves and refused to handling with all seriousness has escalated into a social mayhem and has pose the society in an unsafe untrustworthy status at the moment instead of using the situation to canvass for votes.

The last administration of the council led by DR Elias Manza was not good enough and has made the PDP lost its grip of the council seat they thought is their birth right and a tradition.

The past administration whose thinking and ideas were porous where anything could easily pass through it. At the moment we are not unaware that they could not win and sustain the people mandate. It was under their watch that the insecurity came into existence in zango kataf local government. They couldn't manage it and could not bring any modalities that will see the region into a lasting peace. Has the PDP suddenly find out better ways to tackle the issue of insecurity in the council which they feel another mandate should be given to them? 
What about the infrastructure they promised the people which they couldn't do any? What about the empowerment they promised which they couldn't do any?
One will think they are a group of jokers and moonlight tellers. The people are wise and have decide to take their destiny in their hands. Anytime the SIECOM wish to conduct the elections whenever they feel the environment is safe, we are assuring the general public that with the massive support and vote f confidence by the electorates, beating the the PDP in the poll is certainly a non negotiable fact as far as John Hassan, a trust worthy fellow remain the flag bearer. 

Feeling that they have lost the elections made them lost their sense of humour and have resort to go dirty and violent by threatening the electorate and APC supporters with their thugs. 
Rumours were going round in zango from some of there supporters that they will not concede to any form of  defeat should they lost the elections. They promised to hold the returning officers and other ad-hoc staff to ransom. Their desperation is first to none. Our ambition to support and deliver good governance to the people goes against the  purported violence they are planning to unleash in the course of the elections. They are so ambitious that they are willing and ready to commit even the worse of crime to sneak their way to the council seat.

While we appreciate our addent supporters and well wishers who are always willing and ready to sacrifice whatsoever they are doing to see that they cast and defend their votes come what may, we will strife to ensure that their interest will be guarded, protected and their safety will be guaranteed from their traitors whenever the elections will be conducted. We are law abiding citizens and are willing and ready to go by the law. We remain resolute to protecting the interest of the people at all course. Your support has kept us strong immeasurably. Together we shall achieve the possibility of what life can offer to all of us.
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BREAKING: KDSG Shuts Down Mobile Phone Services, Bans Commercial Motorcycles

The Kaduna State Government says it has asked telecommunications firms to suspend their services in the state from September 30, towards checking the activities of bandits.
The State’s Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday.
Aruwan said the use of motorcycles for transport services and the sale of petrol in jerrycans have also been suspended across the state.
The latest development in Kaduna followed that of Zamfara, where all parts of the state are affected; Katsina State where 13 local government areas are affected and Sokoto State, where 14 LGAs are affected.
The governments of the three North-west states announced the suspension of telecommunications networks and banned weekly markets and sale of petrol in jerry cans, among other drastic measures to check the activities of bandits. 
Aruwan said the Kaduna State Government has formally requested the Nigerian government to enforce the shutdown of telecoms services in parts of the state identified by security agencies as requiring such measures.
He said other security measures earlier announced by the state government remain in place and urged the residents to comply with the directives. 
The state government had earlier said it had no plan to shut down telecoms networks despite the spike in crimes.

The statement read, “I am here to inform you of, and to formally announce the implementation of certain measures to assist the security agencies in parts of the state. You will recall that Governor Nasir El-Rufai announced in a media chat yesterday (28th September 2021) that the state government has formally requested the Federal Government to enforce the shutdown of telecom services in parts of the state identified by security agencies as requiring such measures. 
“The relevant federal agencies have today informed the Kaduna State Government that the processes for telecoms shutdown in parts of the state have commenced. As part of the steps to address the current security situation in Kaduna State and neighbouring states in the North-West and North-Central regions, KDSG has held several meetings with security agencies to adopt critical measures towards crushing bandits in their identified hideouts.
“The military and other security forces have been carrying out assaults on the identified locations. The state government is advised that certain measures are now necessary to assist the spirited efforts of these security agencies. 
“The following measures become effective from Thursday, 30 September 2021: The complete ban on the use of motorcycles (Okada), for commercial or personal purposes, for three months in the first instance.
“Ban on possession of/or wielding of dangerous weapons. Tricycles are allowed to operate only from 6am to 7pm. All tricycles must remove all curtains. Movement of all tricycles is restricted from dusk till dawn (7pm to 6am).
“All vehicles used for commercial transport must be painted in yellow and black within 30 days. Vehicles that are part of ride-hailing services are to carry yellow and black stripes. Ban on the sale of petrol in jerrycans or other containers in Birnin Gwari, Giwa, Chikun, Igabi, Kachia, Kagarko, and Kajuru LGAs. 
“Other containment measures previously communicated by the Kaduna State Government remain in place. These include: Ban on felling of trees and forestry activities in Birnin Gwari, Giwa Igabi, Chikun, Kachia, Kagarko, and Kajuru LGAs. Ban on firewood and charcoal transportation. 
“Ban on the transportation of livestock into and out of the State. Cessation of weekly markets in the frontline local government areas of Birnin Gwari, Giwa, Chikun, Igabi, Kajuru, and Kawo weekly market of Kaduna North local government. 
“The Kaduna State Government regrets the severe strain and inconvenience these measures will place on peaceful and law-abiding citizens. The Government, therefore, appeals for the understanding and cooperation of all residents of the affected areas, and indeed across the State. These difficult times have demanded that difficult decisions be made.
“The measures have been adopted purely in the interest of our collective safety and security, and to aid our brave forces in their fight against these mindless criminals. Too many lives have been lost, and too many families have been shattered. Small groups of wicked persons cannot continue to hold us to ransom and force us to live in perpetual fear.
“Once again, the government craves the understanding of all citizens. The hardship we face will be temporary, and we are confident that in the end, it will pay off. Good will prevail over evil.”
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Prepare For A Shutdown Of Telecommunication Services - El-rufai Tells Kaduna Residents

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has asked residents to prepare for a shutdown of telecommunication services as security operatives prepare to launch offensives against bandits terrorizing parts of the state.
The governor made the announcement on Tuesday in a chat with some radio stations.
According to him, some parts of the state would not be affected, saying only the local governments facing unrest birthed by incessant attacks by the bloodthirsty bandits would be affected.
The move would cripple communications in the affected areas as phone calls and internet browsing will be stopped.

He said, “We have been advised by the military and other security agencies to shut down telecommunication services in certain LGAs but we are waiting for the security agencies to tell us which specific areas and when.
“But I want the people of Kaduna State to know that if they give us the go-ahead tomorrow [Wednesday], we will shut down tomorrow.”
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Northern Governors Under Fire Over Silence As Kaduna Death Toll Hits 51

The Northern States Governors’ Forum was on Tuesday condemned over its silence on the killings, which took place in Southern Kaduna a few hours before it met in Kaduna State on Monday.

Groups, including the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Middle Belt Forum and civil rights organisations,  in separate interviews with The PUNCH,  described the forum’s silence on the killings in Kaduna State as insensitive.

The organisations said this as the death toll in the bandits’ attack on Southern Kaduna increased to 51 on Tuesday with the recovery of three more corpses.

The  NSGF had in a communiqué issued after at its meeting on Monday berated southern governors for insisting that the presidency should shift to the South in 2023.

The northern governors also faulted moves by Lagos and Rivers states to collect the Value Added Tax.

How could govs meet in Kaduna and silent on killing of 48 people, says SOKAPU
Between Sunday and Monday, no fewer than 48 people were killed by bandits in Zango Kataf and Kaura local government areas of Kaduna State within 24 hours of unrestricted bloody violence.

Commenting on the governors communiqué’s silence on the  killings and their preoccupation with the 2023 presidency and the Value Added Tax, the  Southern Kaduna Peoples Union spokesman, Luka Binniyat,  carpeted the governors, saying they were “still in yoke with the obsolete mentality of  one North.”
He specifically knocked the governors from the Middle Belt whom he described as “mere pawns to be used to further the interest of the core North.”

Binniyat said, “SOKAPU sees the Northern State Governors Forum  as nothing other than an assembly of governors from the former Northern Region (today’s 19 northern states) who are still yoked in with the obsolete mentality of  one North.”
“Unfortunately for governors of the Middle Belt states among them, who do not have the courage, wisdom and vision to pull out and form a “Middle Belt Governors’ Forum like their counterparts in other parts of the country, the agenda of every meeting of the NGF always proves that they are mere pawns to be used to further the interest of the core North.
“If not so, how could a meeting of the NSGF take place in Kaduna State where at least 48 persons were murdered on Sunday in cold blood in the Christian Southern Kaduna, and nothing was mentioned of it?
“Was it not the same NSGF that made so much fuss over the killing of 22 Fulani commuters in Jos recently and threatened fire and brimstone because the Fulani were alleged to have been killed by Christians?
“Are the 48 Christian women and children killed in their homes in Madamai and Adum villages in the Kaura LGA in Southern Kaduna not supposed to raise emotions of the so-called NSGF to elicit even a mention in their meeting?
“But, the lives of non-Hausa-Fulani natives of an enclave they claim as part of their North do not qualify to be that of humans.

“SOKAPU condemns such cold, snobbish and inhuman attitudes of these governors to the latest tragedy that hit us.

“Kaduna State cannot be used as ground for bickering over power sharing while the citizens of the states are being massacred as selfish and unfeeling governors meet while we are deeply mourning.
“We reject membership of such a body. We do not identify with those who don’t care about us.”

He also condemned the role played by the Governor of Plateau State,  Simon Lalong.

“He (Lalong) seems to carry his curious role as Chairman of the NSGF not caring whether he is being used or not. He does not seem to bother about the opinion of our Plateau neighbours who are openly embarrassed and miffed by his  poster face of anti-Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria.
“Southern Kaduna and Plateau State do not only share a very wide physical boundary, we have had centuries of inter-communal relationship and share almost the same problems of insecurity and mass murder of our people. Yet he did not have the courage of calling the attention of his colleagues to the ongoing genocide that took place less than 24hours before their meeting.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Security Update: Three Corpses Recovered In Kaura, Zangon Kataf LGAs, As Security Agencies Visit Injured Victims In Jos, Kafanchan

Following the weekend attacks in Madamai and Kacecere villages of Kaura and Zangon Kataf local government areas, security agencies on Tuesday recovered three more corpses. 
According to the security agencies, two corpses were recovered in Madamai while one was found in Kacecere. The search-and-rescue operation is still in progress and the government will continue to update the public. 
In a related development, officials of Kaduna State Government and senior security personnel drawn from the Military, Police and Department of State Services on Tuesday visited injured victims of last weekend's attacks in Kaura and Zangon Kataf local government areas. 
The delegation which was led by the Commissioner, Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, visited Jos, Plateau State as well as Kafanchan where some of the injured are receiving medical attention. 
At the Bingham Univerity Teaching Hospital, Jos, Aruwan who met with the Chief Medical Director, Prof. Stephen Ajen Anzaku after visiting the survivors, conveyed the appreciation of Governor Nasir El-Rufai. 

Speaking on behalf of the Governor, the Commissioner assured Prof. Anzaku of the government's active concern for the Madamai victims. He conveyed the Governor's deep gratitude for the prompt care and attention given, and implored the hospital to continue to give all required, as the Kaduna State Government would bear the full cost. 

Prof. Anzaku in his response assured the government that the hospital will do its best for the victims considering their situation. 

At the Patrick Yakowa Memorial Hospital, Kafanchan, where survivors of the attack at Kacecere village of Zangon Kataf local government are receiving treatment, the Commissioner conveyed the government's concern over the unfortunate incident and also assured them that government will bear the cost of their treatment.

He thanked the hospital for giving attention to the injured, and commended the management and staff for their sacrifices. 

The delegation was informed that other survivors had been referred to Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna.
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MTN Education To Pilot In South Africa, Sudan, Ghana, Kaduna

His Highness, Khalifa Muhammadu Sanusi II, has leveraged his position on the global board of MTN Group, to attract the telecommunication giant’s initiative to enhance ICT knowledge in Africa, to Kaduna state.

Khalifa Sanusi, who is the Vice Chairman of Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA), made the announcement last week at the 6th edition of the Kaduna Investment and Economic Summit (KADINVEST 6.0) in Kaduna.

The 14th Emir of Kano disclosed that the global tech company has started MTN Education which is powered by google and three countries were selected for the pioneering project but Nigeria was not amongst them.

Sanusi who is former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), further said that Google will be providing subsidized laptops which will have applications like Google Classroom, Google Workspace and ‘’MTN provides the voice and data connectivity.’’

‘’At the board meeting (on Thursday), we were briefed that we are going to do pilots in three African countries and Nigeria is not one of them. So, after the meeting, I called the global CEO and asked why is Nigeria not one of your pilots because there is the market.

‘’And I said that you know, I’m in Kaduna; the reason why I was a few minutes late for this meeting was because I was at an investment summit in Kaduna state, which has decided to be a knowledge-based economy and I explained to him what we were doing,’’ Khalifa Sanusi told the audience, adding that, ‘’and I said that I want Kaduna to be one of the pilots.’’

According to Sanusi, the global Chief Executive Officer immediately reached out to the Nigerian CEO and latter called him ‘’and the long and short of it is that MTN Education will pilot in South African, Sudan and Ghana and in Kaduna state.’’
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El-Rufai Condemns Attack On Ecwa Church Worshippers In Kaduna

Suspected gunmen on Sunday attacked ECWA Church, Gabaciwa in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, killed one person and wounded several other worshippers.

A resident in the area, Mr. Moses Andrew told DAILY POST on Sunday evening that the gunmen appeared during the service and started shooting in different directions.
Many worshippers ran in different directions, including the pastor of the church.
Unfortunately, a worshiper was killed, while several other worshippers sustained injuries.

Confirming the reports on Sunday, the Kaduna State Government condemned the attack in a statement by Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs.
According to the statement, “The Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, has condemned in the strongest terms an attack against worshippers on Sunday morning by gunmen.”

He said security agencies reported to the government that the attack occurred at the church.
He added that the security agencies are obtaining further details, on which the government will update the public in due course.
The Governor, who expressed sadness over the incident, described it as an evil act targeting innocent citizens exercising their constitutional and universal rights to religious freedom.
The Governor added that the attack on the worshippers was a divisive intent of the criminals leveraging religious sensitivity.
He condoled with the ECWA Church and the family of the deceased in particular and prayed for the repose of the soul of the worshipper.
He said the Governor who is awaiting further reports on the incident has directed the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency to assess the area and provide succor to the victims receiving medical attention.
Similarly, the Governor has condoled the family of one Nasiru Abdullahi of Gobirawan Kamacha in Bina general area of Igabi local government who was killed by armed bandits.
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PHOTONEWS: Supporters Of Defeated Kajuru Local Government Chairmanship Candidate, Cafra Caino, Storm Siecom Office To Protest The Outcome Of Kajuru LG Polls

Supporters Of Defeated Kajuru Local Government Chairmanship Candidate, Cafra Caino, Storm Siecom Office To Protest The Outcome Of Kajuru LG Polls
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Mr La Hails Outcome Of Chikun, Kajuru LG Polls, Says Result Is A Signal Of Defeat And Collapse Of APC

The barrage of inconveniences subjected on the residents of Kaduna State by the APC administration, would soon be a thing of the past when the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP succeeds in taking power, both at the State and Federal levels.

This was the assertion of a prominent Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Hon. Lawal Adamu Usman, while reacting to the results of the Chikun and Kajuru Local Government Council election, as announced by the Kaduna State Independent Elections Commission, KADSIECOM.

Honourable Lawal Adamu, popularly known as Mr. LA by his teeming supporters, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the results of both elections which gave the opposition PDP, a landslide victory over the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in a keenly contested election held Saturday, September 25, 2023.

According to the results for Kajuru LGC, as announced by the Returning Officer, Dr. Ibrahim DanMaraya from the Kaduna State University (KASU), it showed that the PDP’s Chairmanship candidate polled a total of 14, 432 votes to floor Cafra Caino, candidate of the ruling party, APC who got 9,095 votes.

Commenting on the result, Mr. LA described it as a quit notice from the electorates to the ruling party in the state to start preparing its handover note, ahead of the 2023 General Election.

He commended the PDP members for their doggedness, resilience and vigilance for the collective efforts in the ensuing results as announced for the Chikun Local Government Chairmanship election that turned up the PDP candidate, Engr. Salasi Nuhu Musa as winner.

Engr. Salasi Musa rode to victory with over four thousand votes to defeat the incumbent, Samaila Leeman who polled about 14,000 votes to come second.

Mr. LA pointed to the hardship and other avoidable problems bedevilling the good people of Kaduna State, saying that this could not be condoned anymore.

The PDP chieftain, who is a notable philanthropist and a Frontline contender for the ticket for the Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, come 2023, applauded the audacity, patriotism and doggedness of the Kajuru people for making their voices heard through the ballots, assuring them that their sacrifice won’t be taken for granted .

“My party has learned from the past infractions and is now ready like never before to make amendments by ensuring issues that have direct impacts on the masses are given first priorities", he said.

According to the Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone aspirant, "we will be responsive and proactive in fixing Nigeria’s battered economy and introduce measures capable of providing conducive environment for our teeming population to showcase and thrive through individual talent", Mr. LA assured.

“We want to build a society where everyone irrespective of their social status can rise to the top and become somebody, this should be our legacy” he said .
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Insecurity: 42 Killed In Attacks, Reprisals In Kaduna

At least 42 people have been killed between Sunday and Monday following attacks and reprisals in the southern senatorial district of Kaduna State.
Daily Trust reports that several other people sustained injuries during attacks in Madamai and Kacecere communities in Kaura and Zangon Kataf local government areas respectively.
It was learnt that some of the injured were receiving treatment at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) in Plateau State.

Sources from Kaura and Zangon Kataf, however, said the death toll could rise to 50 as more corpses are being discovered in surrounding bushes.

Kaduna State Government yesterday confirmed that the attack in Madamai village of Kaura LGA on Sunday evening claimed 34 lives.

A reprisal on Monday claimed eight lives at Kacecere village in Zangon Kataf LGA bringing the death toll to 42. 

Derek Christopher from Kaura told Daily Trust that the remains of 45 persons have been discovered from the Madamai attack.

Daily Trust reports that an earlier attack on Jankasa village in Zangon Kataf had claimed the life of one Yakubu Danjuma, which was confirmed by the state’s Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan.

Mama Jerry, who escaped the attack, told our correspondent that most of those who survived the attack hid in nearby bushes where they watched as gunmen attacked their community, killed and set houses ablaze. 

Kaduna State Government said attacks in Jankasa and Madamai had led to a reprisal on Kacecere community, where eight persons were killed and six others injured with several houses razed.

Malam Shu’aibu Tanimu, a resident of Kacecere, said “We heard gunshots from the outskirt of Kacecere yesterday (Sunday) night, and on Monday morning we were attacked by our neighbouring tribes who accused us of hiding Fulani herdsmen that were attacking them,” Tanimu said.

“They told us that the Fulani killed one of their community members in the night. The combined security forces that came conducted house-to-house search for Fulani herdsmen but didn’t find any in our custody, yet the people launched an attack on us today (Monday) and killed eight of our people, including women and children,” he said.

The Kaduna State government Monday condemned the resurgence of attacks in the southern part of the state and tasked security agencies to ensure urgent and precise investigations into the incidents.
Governor Nasir El-Rufai, while expressing sadness at the report of attacks in Kaura and Zangon Kataf LGAs, appealed for calm and charged security agencies to intensify their efforts in the campaign against the gratuitous killing of innocent citizens.

The state’s Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement, said El-Rufai had ordered an urgent assessment of the areas by the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency, to provide succour to the affected households.
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We‘ve Made Kaduna An investment Destination – El-Rufai

Kaduna State Government has attracted an investment portfolio of about $2.8 bn and over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs since 2016, when it started the Kaduna Investment and Economic Summit (KADINVEST).
Between 2020 and 2021, the administration has also grown its investment portfolio by over $500 million despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant lockdown.
Last year, the state raked in N50.7 billion as Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), placing it the fourth in the country and the state with the highest collection in the north.
The World Bank also ranked Kaduna state as number one subnational in Nigeria, in its Ease of Doing Business ranking, as it has broken down barriers to investments and expansion of the fiscal space.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai who disclosed these at the 6th edition of KADINVEST, said that the state recorded the achievements because of its numerous ‘’policy actions and reforms that are geared towards revamping our competitive edge by making Kaduna ‘the state of choice for investment decisions’’’
According to the governor, the cardinal agenda of his administration is ‘’anchored towards providing a conducive environment for the private sector to drive the economy whist focusing on providing an enabling environment as a government.’’

El-Rufai described KADINVEST as a critical vehicle for driving investments in Kaduna state and providing the desired conducive environment for the private sector to thrive.
The governor also said that his administration has so far attracted 25 businesses, including Foreign Direct Investments like Olam Poultry and Feed Mill as well as African Natural Resources and Mines.

Kaduna state has also signed an MoU with Arla, a Danish Dairy Company, to build a ranch at Damau, where 1000 herders and their families will be settled and be provided with pasture, water, schools, clinics and veterinary services.
The governor further said that his administration did a groundbreaking of the Green Economic Zone (GEZ) in August, where an industrial park will be located for light manufacturing industries.
El-Rufai also said that Kaduna State Government is embarking on an Urban Renewal Project in Kaduna, Kafanchan and Zaria towns, which is aimed at building new roads, upgrading old ones, constructing bridges, shopping malls as well as markets.
According to him, the government has launched the Kaduna State Development Plan (2016-2020), launched the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, signed the three-year MoU with USAID, to help drive economic development during KADINVEST.
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If I Open Up On Bandits Attacking Southern Kaduna, Heads Will Roll – Danjuma Laah

The Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial district, Danjuma La’ah, has revealed reasons he shed tears on different occasions on the floor of Upper Chambers while presenting motions on banditry attacks in his constituency.

The Federal lawmaker stated that some of his senatorial colleagues thought that banditry activities in Southern Kaduna seemed like a Southern Kaduna issue alone.

Speaking on the development in his senatorial district, the La'ah recalled how he told senators that one day, all the 109 Senators would encounter insecurity, in form of bandits, kidnapping insurgency and other forms of criminality, stressing that his words had become realities.

He said, “I have wept times without number, but I knew time shall come and time has come because while I was weeping in the chamber when presenting motions on banditry in Southern Kaduna, I said that one day somehow, that these things will affect every one of us.
“Because we were thinking that it was just meant for Southern Kaduna, but tell me which state in this country has not been affected by bandits?
“Bandits don’t have friends, they don’t know tribes; they don’t know religion. Whoever, you are and they found you, it’s about money.”
The lawmaker said after he presented a motion on insecurity in Southern Kaduna several times, he stopped talking, stating that if he continued based on what he knew, “heads would roll and the world will turn upside down. So, it is better I allow the sleeping dog lies.”

He said banditry activities in Southern Kaduna were not new, while he hoped that in the ongoing clampdown against criminal elements in the north, those who raised and trained bandits should drive them away.

He added, “All these things are not new. Bandits, Boko Haram and insurgents and my motion has all along not been changed from what it is. We can only pray. Those that raised them over there should be the same people that will come and drive them out of this place.”

Asked to speak on Constitution amendment, Senator La’ah disclosed that the Senate leadership intentionally refused him to be a member of the Constitution Review Committee chaired by the Deputy in Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, because they considered him too stubborn to be there.

He said, “I am not a member of the Constitution Review Committee. When the members were sent to the Constitution Review Committee, they didn’t want those of us they consider too stubborn to be there.

“What else will I say? I will not say what I don’t know. It’s good that people accuse me, if they don’t, then I am not a Senator because what affect one Senator affects all.”
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Monday, September 27, 2021

After Winning Kaduna Political Affairs On-line Poll, Salasi Musa Emerges Winner Of Chikun LG Chairmanship Election

Candidate of the main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Chikun Local Government, Engineer Salasi Nuhu Musa, has been declared the winner of Saturday, September 25 council election.

Declaring the result in the early hours of Monday, the Returning Officer, Dr. Sanusi Gambo, said the PDP candidate, Musa, defeated the All Progressives Congress (APC), chairmanship candidate, Honourable Suleiman Liman by 19,402 to 14,829 votes to emerge winner.

He added that from the breakdown of the results, PDP won eight councillors out of the 12 wards in the local government area, leaving APC with four.
According to him, “Having secured the maximum number of votes, PDP’s chairmanship candidate, Engineer Salasi is declared winner and returned elected.”

Recall that Salasi Musa was declared the winner of an on-line poll conducted by Kaduna Political Affairs prior to the main Election, after securing majority of the votes cast.
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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Bandits Free 10 More Bethel Baptist Students In Kaduna, Keep Others

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) says bandits have released 10 more abducted students of Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna State.

The Vice President of CAN (19 Northern States and Abuja) and its chairman in Kaduna State, Joseph John Hayab, disclosed this on Sunday.

Punch quoted Hayab as saying, “Ten more students of Baptist High School were released this afternoon. We have 11 now with bandits.

“We are thanking all Nigerians for their prayers and support.
“We are trusting God that the rest will be released very soon. All have been reunited with their parents.”

The bandits had earlier released 10 students of Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna on Saturday, September 18 after being held aptive for 74.

Hayab had said, “10 students were released this (Saturday) evening and have reunited with their parents. We are now hoping for the remaining 21 who are still with the bandits.”
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Nigerian Military Captures Notorious Bandits’ Leader, Goma Sama’ila

The Nigerian Military has captured a dreaded bandits’ leader and cattle rustler, Alhaji Goma Sama’ila.
Samaila was arrested in Kaduna State on Friday evening.
Eyewitnesses’ reports indicated that Sama’ila was responsible for organising several thefts of cows in Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina and other North-West states of Nigeria.
He was said to have participated in several abductions across the states.
Kaduna State has been plagued with several high profile kidnappings, mass murder and cattle rustling by bandits.

A source said, “Nigerian troops arrested Goma Sama’ila, one of the “most wanted” and notorious bandits’ leaders terrorising Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina and other north western states in Nigeria.”

The development comes amid military interventions in the region.
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Kaduna PDP Humbles APC, Wins Kajuru LG Election

Peoples Democratic, Party (PDP) has been declared winner of the Kajuru Local Government chairmanship election.

The Returning Officer, Dr Ibrahim DanMaraya, announced the results of the election on Sunday, NAN reports.

DanMaraya said Gajere polled 14,432 votes to defeat the immediate past LG Chairman and All Progressives (APC) candidate, Cafra Caino, who scored 9,095 votes.

Additionally, the PDP won nine councillorship seats, while the ruling APC took one.

The Kaduna State lndependent National Electoral Commission (KADSIECOM) moved the conduct from September 4 to September 25 over security concerns.
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Saturday, September 25, 2021

You’re A Man Of Deep Social Conscience — El-Rufai Tells Osinbajo

Gov. Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State has described Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a man of deep social conscience who cares about the plight of the poor.
El-Rufai communicated this when the vice president performed the inauguration of the Kasuwan Magani market and 100 kilowatt Solar PV Mini-Grid on Thursday at Kajuru, Kaduna State.

According to the governor, Osinbajo is a bridge builder and who relates cordially across different faith.

“We waited eight months after the completion of this market because we wanted you to commission this market; we insisted on you for several reasons.
“The first is that you are a man of deep social conscience; you care deeply about poor people and you care about giving them opportunities to prosper economically.
“This is one of the reasons why we felt that you are the one that will commission this market.
“ The second reason, sir, is that you are bridge builder; you are a pastor who is friends with Imams and emirs; you are a professor who can speak the language of ordinary people.
“You are a lawyer who pursues justice, not technicality; you care for people, you care for Nigerians and you care for unity in diversity; you care about stopping differences in religion and ethnicity, and you always promote peaceful coexistence.’’

The governor said that the community needed an apostle like Osinbajo to preach unity and peaceful coexistence.
According to him, no one is more qualified to inaugurate the market in the community than the vice president.

“So, we waited eight months to bring you here and we are happy you made the time to come here, and you can see the excitement of the people here for you visiting their community,’’ he said.

In his remark, Osinbajo said that there were two important themes that the Kasuwan Magani market project symbolised.
According to him, the first is the history of the market.
He said the market had been burnt down so many times in the heat of ethnic conflicts.

“And there is no point looking for who was right and who was wrong; only to say that the destruction of a place of trade and commerce is bad for everyone.
“ Loss of jobs and the goods and services that the market provides; no matter what our grievances may be we must never burn down public facilities.
“It hurts the people we claim to be fighting for far more; so there are many important and difficult lessons about the importance of community building, partnership and tolerance amongst our people.
“These lessons must be learnt, but in learning these lessons, it is also very critical that the history of this market does not prevent us from moving forward.
“It is important that this community in Kaduna State looks forward and creates a new narrative for this market, a narrative created of growth, togetherness, economic progress and development.’’

The vice president said that the second theme was the effective coordination and collaboration between the Federal Government and the Kaduna State Government.
He said that the Kaduna State Government’s commitment to rebuilding and modernising the Kasuwan Magani Market was commendable.
Osinbajo said he was so happy that the Ministry of Power through the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) partnered with Kaduna State Government and Blue Camel to create a sustainable, clean source of power for the market.

“The 100 kilowatt Solar PV mini-grid built by Blue Camel, I understand is planned to go up to 500 kilowatts; we hope it can go above 1MW as the market and economic opportunities here grow.
“It is impressive what the Kaduna State Government has been able to achieve with the repositioning of the Kaduna Market Development and Management Company (KMDMC).
“The Galaxy Mall we just visited and this project at Kasuwan Magani are both products of the focus of the Kaduna State Government on enabling commerce and improving the economic prospects of its citizens.

He commended Malam Hafiz Bayero, the Managing Director of the KMDMC, for the great work on both projects
Osinbajo said that the funding mechanism for the Solar PV plant would not have been possible without the intervention of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

“Despite the passage of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act in 2005, the activation of the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) was only commenced in 2019, a staggering 14 years after the passing of the Act.
“The REF provides capital subsidies in a clear and transparent competitive process to qualified electrification projects and companies focusing on Mini-Grids, Solar Home Systems and Grid Extension.
“ In the two REF cycles executed thus far, more than N6 billion worth of projects have been executed with 42,000 connections being created -impacting an estimated 200,000 Nigerians,’’ he said.

Osinbajo had earlier attended as the Special Guest of Honour, the Kaduna State Investment Summit.
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Local Government Polls: Faulty Voting Machines Mars Polls Amid Low Turnout

The Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) provided for use in the remaining four local government council elections slated for today in Kaduna State, failed to recognise some voters’ cards.
Recall that KADSIECOM postponed Kaduna Local Government Elections in four Local Governments; Kajuru, Chikun, Birnin Gwari, Kauru to September 25, 2021 (Today) due to security threat.
But as the accreditation and votes were about to commence, voting machines in Kajuru LGA could not pick, and unable to print.
Besides voting machines failure, some voters were completely absent as they went to their farms, while others attended to their immediate needs without recognising Local Government elections.

Following this, only a few voters turned out. Some of those who turned out for voting in Kajuru LGA were that disappointed due to voting machine failure.
Most places visited in Kajuru, Mararaba, I0don, Kasuwan Magani, and KUFANA wards, were completely empty, deserted by some voters who cannot wait for engineers to carry out repairs on the faulty machines.

According to Mrs. Juliana Barde, poling officer, said, “We haven’t commenced accreditation and voting because the machine cant print.
“And we are trying to reach our supervising polling officer to inform him of the challenges, but we can’t get through to him,”

At Peter Laki polling unit, voting was yet to commence as the EVM was also acting incorrectly especially on the set date and time.

James Kanyip, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House who was at the polling unit to cast his vote, urged the electorates to be patient with the machines as it was only the second time it was being used in the state.
Kanyip urged the voters to vote wisely as their choices have consequences.
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Suspected Herders Had Killed, Dismembered My Husband Time I Was Busy Searching For Him –ECWA Pastor’s Wife

Life has taken a tough turn for 80-year-old Alisabatu Silas, mother of Evangelical Church Winning All Pastor, Rev. Yakubu Silas, hacked to death by suspected herders along the Zango-Urban area of Zango-Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State on September 11.

Yakubu was her eldest son among the seven children she bore for her late husband who was also a pastor. “My husband died 20 years ago,” the octogenarian told our correspondent who visited her at her residence in Sankwab Runji in the Zango-Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Alisabatu stated that since her husband’s demise, the late Yakubu remained the family’s breadwinner until his death. She added that the news came to her as a shock, adding amid sobs, “I have lost a confidant. I wish it was me that died. May God help me to withstand the calamity that has befallen me.’’

The octogenarian noted that she fondly remembered how her late son usually advised members of his family not to visit his Zango Urban residence after 4pm because of the area’s notoriety. She said, “My son was a victim and his life ended in the same Zango Urban community.”

She added that the painful aspect of her son’s death was that his body was dismembered, adding that some people found a ditch where his killers dumped his corpse.

She said, “Yakubu is the eldest of my children. The other six are females except Joshua who is still young. Whatever he wanted to do, he always informed me and I used to tell him anything I wanted to do.  I stayed in Sankwab Runji in Zango Kataf but stayed in Kibori. At a particular time, he warned me that when it was past 4pm, we should not come to his place because of the situation in the Zango Urban community, not knowing that the same community would end his life.

“My concern now is how to cater to his immediate family and the younger ones he left behind. I am without any strength. I wish I were the one that died.”

Also speaking with our correspondent, the 40-year-old widow of the slain pastor, Sarah, said she was shattered by her husband’s death, noting that with his death, life wouldn’t be the same for her again.

She however said she took solace in the fact that her husband led a worthy life, adding that marrying him was the best decision that happened to her.

Sarah said the last word her husband told her was on the phone when he promised to call her when he got to his destination, stating “but the call never came.’’

Narrating further on the last moment with her husband, Sarah said she was in Jos, Plateau State, her home state, where she went to visit her other children and that before her husband travelled to Kafanchan on that day, he told her on the telephone of his intention to pay their son’s school fees.

She said, “He called to inform me that he was going to Kafanchan to pay the school fees of one of his sons studying at the Kafanchan campus of the Kaduna State University and from there he sent some money into my own account. The money he sent to my account was to enable me to travel back to our village, Kibori.

“While in Jos, my brother-in-law, Joshua, who is at Zango-Kataf called and said that I should reach out to my husband, saying he tried his mobile line many times to no avail. But I told him that we spoke on Saturday and that he called to inform me that he was at Madakiya on his way back to Zango-Kataf at about 5pm. I told him that I advised him to hasten up and pass Zango Urban before darkness fell because the place is notorious. And that he said once he reached home, he would call me.’’

Not satisfied with the situation Sarah said she decided to cut her visit and together with other children, hurriedly left Jos for Kibori to know her husband’s whereabouts.

She added that she became more restless when Joshua called repeatedly concerning her husband’s whereabouts being aware of the dangerous Zango Urban area.

Sarah said, “Like I said, we spoke on Saturday the previous day and he called to inform me that he was at Madakiya on his way back at about 5pm.

I advised him to hasten up and pass Zango urban because the place is a notorious area. He said if he got home he would call me but he didn’t.  I tried his mobile to no avail.

“I was already in the church in Jos that Sunday but I wasn’t comfortable. I quietly picked my Bible and returned home to inform my two children that we must leave for Kibori immediately because I knew that if my husband passed through Zango Urban at that time, he would no longer be alive.”

Sarah added that her husband was the best of anything she ever had, noting that she wished he could return to talk to her but he was gone forever.

She said, “I love my husband so much and promised not to forget his advice, his company and his care.’’ The remains of the pastor had been interred at his family compound at Samaru Kataf in the same Zango-Kataf LGA.

Commenting on the matter, Director, Media and Publicity of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria in Kaduna State, Alhaji Ibrahim Bayero-Zango, said there had been killings over farmlands especially in the Zango Urban for some time.

Bayero-Zango said, “These killings have been ongoing since June last year when the Kataf people were having issues over farmland with the Hausa community of Zango Urban. But suddenly, the Kataf people kept ambushing the Fulani returning from dry season grazing from the Southern part of the country to the North.”

He noted that the indigenous Fulani were not spared either, noting, “Since then, there have been killings and reprisals in the area. Even the Ardo (Fulani elder) who went to Gora to settle a dispute between Fulani and Kataf went missing till date. It’s been almost six months since the incident happened. The killings have been going on for long and nobody can be blamed for that. If you hear about killing in Zango-Kataf; that is in Atyap chiefdom, it is not new. We have had several peace agreements with them. But within two weeks, they would breach it. Now, even if a meeting is called, our people won’t honour it because they are fed up.”

On his part, the paramount ruler of Atyap, the Agwatyap, Dominic Yahaya, argued that the crisis was beyond land issue, adding that the Zango-Urban area under his domain, was under siege of terror attacks from suspected herders.

The monarch told our correspondent that the crisis between the Atyap natives and other people in Zango communities was over land which he said they had been trying to resolve.

He said, “But somehow, the Fulani community that lives with the Atyap people got involved and they started seizing the Atyap from their farms to kill them. When the killings became incessant, the youths said, ‘look we will give you land to settle in.’ The Fulani settled on the land, it is not that they owned the land but they were invited to settle on Atyap land. Now, when their host became agitated with the killings, they asked them to leave since they could no longer go to their farms because the Fulani were killing them and they left. They left as ordered but returned to the community later. When they came, the situation became compounded.”

Yahaya who described the cleric’s murder as one of too many, decried the incessant attacks on the entire Atyap land, calling on both the state and federal governments to do something urgently to avert the impending danger in his domain. He noted that the people’s patience was running out.

The monarch stated that his domain had been turned into a theatre of war, saying that suspected herders were killing and destroying property.

The monarch said, “On Saturday, September 11, was another black day in Atyap chiefdom when suspected gunmen struck again killing the pastor within the vicinity of Zango Urban settlement in Atyap chiefdom of Zangon-Kataf LGA of the state.

“The following day, Sunday, September 12, suspected herders invaded the community of Apyiah Ajiim, a few hundred metres from the spot of Saturday’s attack, killing 12 people in another round of attacks on the Atyap community. The victims included six women (two pregnant), three men and three children.

“This occurred after the communities of Gora Gida, Wawa Rafi, Warkan, Manyie-Aywie, Ahtak- Kanai, Magata, Magauri, Matyei, Abuyab, Magamia, Makarau, Mayayit, Manchong, Ma’door and other communities were serially attacked, where about 50 villagers were killed, 254 homes and seven churches burnt in an unrestrained violence unleashed on poor, defenceless and innocent farmers on Atyap land.

“It has reached a sorry state that no farmer can go to farms as the chances of returning home alive are slim. This no doubt gives cause for alarm as the resultant effect of the actions will give rise to hunger in the land since there would be no crops to harvest. At this juncture, it bears no exaggeration to say that the Atyap land is under siege by armed bandits/herdsmen militias.”

To end the killings, the Agwatyap called on the Federal Government to accord traditional rulers a constitutional role to check the frequent attacks in their domains across the country.

This, according to Yahaya, was because, “everything about grass-roots security and surveillance rests on the traditional institution. We spend 70 to 80 per cent of our time resolving communal issues, crises involving individuals, families and boundaries among others. All these are under the purview of the monarchs to resolve.”

To Luka Binniyat, the spokesperson for the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, the murder of the cleric had again offered another opportunity for relevant government authorities and, indeed, the entire world to seriously examine the allegations made by the Atyap people over the years that the settlers in Zangon Kataf community might be harbouring a killer squad against them.

Besides, Binniyat insisted that the clergyman’s murder on the outskirt of Zangon Kataf town remained abominable and condemned by SOKAPU.
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Kaduna Govt. Not Demolishing NUJ Secretariat – Official

The Kaduna State council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has denied a media report that the state government planned to demolish the union’s secretariat in the state.

The chairperson of the NUJ in the state, Adamu Yusuf, in a statement on Thursday, said the government is not demolishing the secretariat as was reported, but asking for the remodeling of the shops attached to the secretariat.

“The letter posted on the wall of the front shops today was by the Director General of Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority, Ismail Umar Dikko.

“It is true that Kaduna State Urban Panning and Development Agency an agency of Kaduna State Government served the Council a ‘Notice of Demolition’ today, Thursday 23 September, 2021, but for the front shops facing Muhammadu Buhari Way and not NUJ Secretariat as widely circulated.”

The official said the notice with a 21-day ultimatum is a final warning to both the NUJ and its development partner (Kaduna State Market Development Company) to comply with the directive to remodel and create parking space for members of the Union and customers who use the secretariat premises .

“Before today’s notice, the Council was served the first letter dated 2nd August, 2021 and its Exco responded immediately with a physical visit and subsequent meetings with KASUPDA and Kaduna State Market Development Company, which is the Development Partner that took responsibility to fund the Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) arrangement with NUJ to construct the 16 shops in question,” Mr Yusuf added.

He said the resolution reached with KASUPDA was for NUJ and Kaduna State Market Development Company to remodel the existing structure (front shops) such that the doors facing the road would be inside the compound.

“That NUJ should create adequate parking space for members and customers to avoid indiscriminate parking on the newly dualised Muhammadu Buhari Way in line with the Urban Renewal projects.

“That NUJ should provide ‘As-Built Architectural Design’ to accommodate the new structures with the entire NUJ Secretariat .

“Against this background, the Council wrote a letter to Kaduna State Market Development Company for a meeting on the resolutions reached with KASUPDA and it was granted immediately and a meeting was held with the Chairman and Secretary, who represented the Council.

“Resolutions were reached with an agreement to first get an Architect to work on the ‘As-Built Design’ to reflect the remodeled structure in line with the directive from KASUPDA. And to also create adequate space for parking, which has been done .

“But due to the delay from Kaduna State Market Development Company to remodel the shops and convert the doors facing the road inside the compound within the first stipulated time frame of two weeks, more so, to stop indiscriminate parking of cars on the road , the second notice became expedient.

“However, there is no cause for alarm as all necessary measures to comply with the directive to remodel and stop indiscriminate parking on the major road are being taken .

“Please note that as published in the obscure online platform called Capital Post that ‘The letter which asked the NUJ to quit within 21 days of receipt of the letter, lamented the recalcitrance of the NUJ management that has delayed demolition action that would have taken place before now’ written with intention of mischief and calculated attempt to blackmail Governor El-Rufai .

“The letter served did not ask the entire NUJ Secretariat to quit but for the demolition of the built front shops attached to the Secretariat if there a Failure to comply with initial order to remodel and stop indiscriminate parking on the major road,” the NUJ chairperson concluded.
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Friday, September 24, 2021

Chikun Local Government Election: Hon. Salasi Emerges Winner Of Kaduna Political Affairs On-line Poll

The candidate of the peoples Democratic Party in the forthcoming Chikun local Government chairmanship Elections, Hon. Salasi Musa has emerged the winner of the on-line poll conducted by Kaduna Political Affairs. 

Honourable Salasi emerged Victorious, after securing 64 percent of the votes cast, defeating the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Hon. Samaila Leeman who came second.
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Again, KAD-SIECOM Cancels LG Elections In Zangon Kataf, Birnin Gwari Local Government Areas

The kaduna State independent Electoral Commission in a statement made available to Kaduna Political Affairs, wishes to inform all Political parties and the general public that the rescheduled 2023 local Government Elections is to take place on 25th September, 2021 between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm except in Kachia and Soba Local  Government areas because there is matter before the courts, and in Birnin Gwari and Zango-Kataf local Government areas due to security concerns to avoid a total breakdown of law and order.

However, the rescheduled election would take place in the following areas: 

1. Election for chairmanship and councilorship positions will hold in all the wards of Chikun and Kajuru local Government areas. 

2. Election will take place   in the following wards for councilorship positions:


1. Sabon Birni and Gwaraji in Igabi LGA. 

2. Pala in Ikara LGA

3. Nok in Jaba LGA. 

4. Jagindi and Tarfan/Atuku in Jema'a LGA. 

5. Kubau in Kubau LGA. 

6. Kauran Wali North And Kauran Wali South in kudan LGA. 

"All eligible voters in these local Government Areas are to come out and vote for candidates of their choice by using the electronic voting machine."
"The Commission Appeals to the general public in these local Government areas for cooperation in ensuring free, fair and peaceful election," says the statement. 

"The general public is to also kindly note that this announcement dated 23rd September, 2021 supersedes all the previous announcements," the statement added.
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International Humanitarian Award Nominates JT Rogers

Popular film maker, Jane Thomas-Rogers has been nominated for a US-based humanitarian award, tagged "DDEA Humanitarian Award."

The award night is set to take place in the United States Of America, on the 25th of September, 2021.

The event is known for celebrating outstanding individuals from different parts of the world who are involved in touching lives positively.

Jane Rogers, who is a Nigerian actress and filmmaker, is also known for her advocacy for better society and her efficacy at humanitarian services.

According to the organisers, Jane has been nominated for her active advocacy for the less privileged and for providing for internally displaced persons in the IDP camps in Nigeria, especially in Kaduna state.
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Kaduna Assembly Gets Principal Officers

The Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Hon. Yusuf Zailani, on Tuesday, announced Hon. Ahmed Chokali, representing Zaria Constituency, as the new Majority Leader of the house.
Also, Bashir Gatari, representing Mere West Constituency, emerged as the Chief Whip of the House.
The appointments followed a communication from the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, which was read to the House by the Speaker.

The House, on September 15, 2021, impeached the erstwhile Majority Leader, Hon. Inuwa Muhammad, also known as ‘Mabo’.

The Chairman, House Committee on Information, Tanimu Musa, representing Kachia Constituency in the House, said the decision followed a ‘no-confidence’ vote passed on him by members and the Majority Leader by the All Progressives Congress members.
Muhammad represents Doka/Gabasawa Constituency in the Assembly.
No fewer than 17 members of the ruling party in the House signed the impeachment notice.

Meanwhile, a bill for a law to establish a women and youth acquisition and empowerment agency was presented before the house on Tuesday during plenary.
The Bill, which is aimed at developing and nurturing women and youth to become self-reliant, was sponsored by Hon. Yusuf Salihu, representing Kawo Constituency.

In her contribution, the only female lawmaker in the house, Hon. Comfort Amwe, representing Sanga Constituency, said the Bill, when passed, would encourage women to support the home front.
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OP-ED: We've Waited Enough And Are Getting Closer To The Polls, By Emmanuel Saiza-NYCN Coordinator

Saturday, the 25th of September is here for all the eligible voters in Zango Kataf LGA to come out in their number to exercise their right to vote for candidate of their choice.

It is a popular saying that what is worth doing, equally worth doing well. If the electorate could wait long enough for this day, what other pain is more? 

Voting in periodic elections is the civic responsibility of every eligible citizen. To exercise that right, you need to come out, be patient, and peacefully cast your vote knowing that it shall count.

The 2021 LGC election in Zango Kataf LGA is evolving an uncommon political culture of civic engagement, issue - based discussions, and peaceful political atmosphere. In light of the above, we urge the candidates of the ADC, APC, and PDP with their supporters,  to strictly sustain self restraint as the election draws nearer.

Our LGA has been in the news in the last 16 months, largely for the very wrong reasons. The resultant effect is the growing number of displaced persons in the IDP camps. Our markets are at low key, and farms are rarely visited due to activities of bandits, and poor infrastructural development.

Mindful of the fact that it scores no point throwing our dear LGA in to any other form of violent crisis. Hence the need  to be sportsmanlike in this contest, knowing that restoring peace to Zango Kataf LGA is a task that must be done by citizens for the greater good of all residents.

 Women and youths are critical human segments. They constitute more than 73% of the population,  yet largely unskilled, unemployed, and uncared for. Records show that it benefits society most in the long run where these important, and viable resources are well invested upon for multiple returns. Zango Kataf LGA should therefore, take the lead by committing 15% of its revenue allocation/generation to human capital development.

As the electorate go to the poll to chose their 11 legislative council members, and the executive chairman, you are urged to reflect on your choices, and be responsible for it.

With the level of preparedness of the electoral umpire KADSIECOM, no election official should renege from duty, while ensuring that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are in perfect conditions.

We have heard, and seen ugly human circumstances in the last 16 months, thus plead with the security agencies on duty to observe the rule of engagement, respect human dignity, and should know that election is a civic right.

Congratulations to the candidates for offering themselves to  the people, and to the electorate for having faith in the process.
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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Police Arrest 3 Kidnap Kingpins Involved In Abduction Of Bethel School Students In Kaduna

Men of the Kaduna State Police Command have arrested three kingpins involved in the kidnap of over 100 students of Bethel Baptist school, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. 
The suspects, clad in military camouflage, were paraded by the Force Public Relations Officers, Frank Mba, at the headquarters of defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), in Abuja.
According to the suspects – Adamu Bello, Isiaku Lawal and Muazu Abubakar – 25 kidnappers were involved in the operation. 
They said they carried out the operation in a desperate bid to get money.
Abubakar, a 27-year-old suspect, said, “Twenty-five of us carried out the operation. We kidnapped 136 students and I got N100,000 share from the money.”

Recall that in the early hours of Monday, 5th July, 2021, bandits stormed the school in Damishi, Kaduna, and abducted over 100 students.
Some students of the school regained their freedom while others ran away and another set were freed on health grounds.
As of August 7, it was learnt that at least 80 students were left with the abductors, while about N60 million had been spent on paying ransom by parents to secure the release of some of the students.  
Twenty days later, bandits released 32 more students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna.
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El-Rufai: North West In Crisis, Our Statistics Competing With Afghanistan

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State says the human capital development indices of the North West are closer to war torn Afghanistan.
The governor said this Tuesday at a forum tagged “Human Capital Development Communications Strategy Validation Meeting” organised by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo-led National Economic Council (NEC) at the Presidential Villa, Abuja
El-Rufai said only the political leadership would avert the Afghanistan scenario through a massive investment in the country’s education sector to address the menace of banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping, among other social ills.

He said: “I represent the North West zone in Human Capital Development Council. And as you know, our part of the country is afflicted with the highest numbers of out-of-school children. Some of the highest poverty rate and some of the highest drop-out rates in our schools.”
“As if that is not enough, many of our schools are now closed due to the insecurity around our boarding schools. In most of the states of the North West, schools have been closed for a while, while security operations are taking place making our educational situation even worse.
“Our health statistics are not better. This is why you will notice that only the North West has the highest representation of governors or Deputy Governors here. My elder brother, the deputy governor of Katsina, is here. Because this subject is very, very important to us. It is what keeps us awake at night.”
“We have the largest population of any geopolitical zone in the country. That is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing if we keep the population healthy and educate the children and give them skills for the future. Because, if they’re not educated, they’re not healthy and they feel hopeless.
“This is what we’re seeing with our insecurity. Most of the bandits we arrest have never gone to school. They have no notion of religion, whether Christianity or Islam, and they have no hope. If we don’t invest in education, health care, nutrition, our situation will just get worse.”

El-Rufai, who stressed the need for political leaders in the country to always “do the right thing” while providing governance, commended Osinbajo for providing the will as well as being in the forefront to facilitate attention needed to address the challenge.
The governor wondered why state governments fail to apportion substantial percentage of their budgets to fund the education sector which has capacity to bring about the needed development in the long run.

“Why are state governments not budgeting at at least 25 percent, 26 percent for education and for health care, as recommended by you the United Nations (UN) agencies.”
“And when these monies are budgeted why are they not spent in the right available, that politicians have a four year election cycle? But it takes 30 years for the result of investment in education to show. But building roads, building secretariats are clearly evident.
“Politicians tend to ignore education and healthcare….the results show long after you leave office, in my humble opinion, the most important target of this message is our political leaders. The strategy is clear, the communication can be improved. We can work on the demand side of human capital development services, we can work on the supply side, but until and unless our political leaders realise the imperative of taking very difficult decisions for today, so that generations will benefit.
“I want to call on all of us to continue this conversation and continue to put pressure not just on the demand and supply sides of human capital health education, nutrition and so on. But on the political leaders that ultimately make the decisions, on budgeting, on spending, and on getting results,” the governor said.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Anti-grazing Law Unrealistic, I Can Implement Ranching With N114bn —El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has described the anti-grazing laws being signed by some of his colleagues as unrealistic noting that while ranching was the ideal solution to the problem, it cannot be done overnight.
El-Rufai also said Kaduna State would require at least N114 billion to put together 14 ranches to fully settle herders and their families.
The governor said this while speaking to newsmen during a visit to the National Secretariat of the All progressives Congress, in Abuja, on Tuesday.

He said, “The northern state governor’s forum has already taken a position that open grazing is not a sustainable way of livestock production. And we must move towards ranching.
“But moving towards ranching cannot be done overnight. We have to have a plan; we have to have resources and we have to implement it sensibly. It is not a matter of populist legislation or saying tomorrow this or that. It is not a solution. We have taken a position as northern state governors and we are implementing that.
“And in my state, for instance, we are developing a huge ranch to centralize the herders. And that is the solution, a long time. But can it be done overnight? No.
“This project we are doing will cost us about 10 billion naira. The CBN is supporting us with about 7.5 billion. And it will take about two years to do.
“We will be settling about Fulani herd families. And I hope that they will see that there are alternative ways of producing livestock instead of running up and down with cattle going to people’s farms to cause all kinds of problems. We want to solve the problem.
“What is unhelpful to politicize the situation and pass legislation that you know that you cannot implement. So, we have taken a position and we are working round the clock to implement that position.
“These herders emanate from the north and we are going to centralize them. We cannot do it overnight. We need billions of naira. This is just one ranch that is causing 10 billion. I have 14 grazing reserves in Kaduna state and I would like to convince them into ranching. Do I have 14 times 10 billion naira? I don’t have.
“If the federal government will give me a hundred and fourteen billion, I will convert the other thirteen into ranches and make sure that nobody comes out with a cow or sheep in Kaduna state because I will have enough ranches to take care of everybody. That is The solution. You can legislate but let us wait and see. And I wish them the best of luck.”
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