Monday, August 23, 2021

Security Update: Troops Rescue 15 kidnapped Commuters In Jema'a LGA

Troops of Operation Safe Haven have reported to the Kaduna State Government the rescue of 15 commuters in Jagindi, Jema'a LGA. 
According to the report, the 15 persons had been kidnapped from two vehicles in the area while in transit. The troops responded to a distress call and mobilized swiftly to the location. They repelled the bandits, enabling the rescue of the abducted persons. 
 The rescued persons are listed as follows: 
- Maisaje Pam
- Samuel Peter 
- Ziyau Abdul
- Henry Dabo
- Abduljabar Auwal
- Muhammad Ali
- Dama Dabo
- Ramatu Aminu 
- Muhammad Sani 
- Abdullahi Muhammad 
- Bashar Garba 
- Abubakar Musa 
- Saad Yakubu
- Maryam Ibrahim 
- Lami Bitrus 
Acting Governor Dr Hadiza Balarabe noted the report with satisfaction and thanked the troops for their swift response which resulted in the rescue of the commuters. 

The troops are sustaining search and rescue operations in the area.

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