Sunday, August 1, 2021

OPINION: We Must Not Give A Dog A Bad Name Because We Want To Kill It, By Marafan Tsoriang

"I detest crime, and will not support crime under any guise, at the same time i frown at the dehumanizing and abuse of human rights by the Nigerian police which they are known for nationwide.
"The young man who is currently in detention, has been severely beaten to an extent which he cannot stand. He has been denied medical care, and also denied access to his lawyer. Two pastors who went to confirm his arrest were also unlawfully detained alongside a family member.
"Godfrey is a known commander of garaje unit of the vigilante in kafanchan, who resorted to self-help for self defense, considering how kidnappers are now going from house to house to abduct innocent Nigerians. The young man has no record of crime both at home or elsewhere. Godfrey is leaving with his blind grandfather in kafanchan, unfortunately he has been paraded as a notorious gun runner and criminal which is totally unfounded. We must not give a dog a bad name because we want to kill it. From the pictures below Godfrey has once sworn an affidavit using his vigilante official passport.
"Disregard the news going round that he is a notorious criminal, we are praying with him for fair hearing. While we pray, we also appeal to the police auhorities to allow his lawyers see him, and also to access urgent medical care.
Same country where terrorist snaps pictures with some governors in the north, alongside security personels , including an Islamic cleric without arrest, Godfrey was forced to put on that Fulani regalia by the police before that picture was taken, he might also be totured and say things under duress. for what ever reasons he was forced to put on that regalia before taking that picture, God is still on the throne of mercy.

"Let him be prosecuted if found in connection with any crime, but at the moment he should be treated like a human being.

"Pray for the young man, pray for SK.

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