Thursday, August 19, 2021

OPINION: A Vote For John Hassan Is A Vote For The Much Needed Political And Socioeconomic Dawn In Zangon Kataf, By Abrack Yankess For John Hassan Media Team

Zangon Kataf Local Government is iconic in Kaduna state, and one of the power houses of Southern Kaduna.
She has produced great minds/intellectuals that have served the state and country in different capacities (Isaiah Balat, Late Col Nyan, Late Rev. Dr. Musa Awake, etc) and did massively well for the state and country at large.

Its inhabitants are known for their love for one another, hospitality, dexterity, steadfastness, perseverance, and zeal for success. They take pride in farming and produce a large chunk of the food consumed in southern Kaduna. 

Unfortunately, twenty one years after the return of democracy, Zangon kataf LGA remains a shadow of itself. It is the least developed council in Southern Kaduna.
Abysmal development in health care, Agriculture, infrastructure, human and capital development.
The council has been starving of a leader that has the capacity to  harness the potentials of its inhabitants.

It is electioneering season in Zangon Kataf LGA. The time has come for the electorates to decide their fate and destinies by voting a leader with foresight, intellectuality, technicality, Economic think tank, who has good will for the people and most importantly willing to provide the dividends of democracy to the masses.


Hon. John Hassan kantiok has been tested and trusted to pilot the affairs of the Local Government. He is an individual who has made impact in almost every locality in the local government area. His philanthropic strides span from rural electrification, provision of portable drinking water, building and renovation of classrooms across the LGA.

He has done it before and he will do more if given the mandate. A vote for John Hassan is a vote for the much needed political and socioeconomic dawn in Zangon Kataf.

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