Saturday, August 21, 2021

OPINION: Kaduna State PDP Internal Crisis, No End In Sight, By Abubakar Sani Turaki

It is no news to those conversant with the internal mechanisms of the Kaduna state's People's Democratic Party that all is not well within the party, the stakeholders, leadership and sundry members are all at loggerheads. 

It is baffling that whenever anyone reaches out from the national body to enquire about the health of the party, it was always presented like a party in harmony and a unified house, hence denying the national leadership insight into the real facts that may pave way for reconciliation of the warring tendencies.

It is my firm belief that Kaduna State being the capital of the northern region, the condition of the party there is important to the fortune of the party generally in any future national elections. The national body of the party ought to pay special attention and ensure the party is on solid footings going into this intense politicking period, for a dysfunction in the Kaduna chapter of the party might seek to derail gains made from other states. This is a call to the national body and the reconcilation committee to look deeply and do their best to unite the party in Kaduna state for a stitch in time saves nines.

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