Saturday, August 21, 2021

OPINION: The Job Of A Media Aide Is To Make Friends For His Political Party/Principal Not Enemies, By Daniel Katung

The Job Of Media Aide Is To Make Friends For His Political Party/Principal Not Enemies, and that's something some of these media aides don't understand. 

In my opinion, both the PDP and the APC in kaduna State are yet to have professional media aides. While the PDP have a social media team that can't present a good report both in Hausa and in English, the APC have those who the only thing they know how to do is to provoke their perceived enemies in order for them to hate the APC the more, especially the social media aides that are from southern Kaduna.

What every Party/Politician needs to understand is that their social media team can make them and they can break them at the same time. That's why you need professionals to be in charge of your media not just loyalists, except the loyalists happens to be media professionals. 

Let your loyalists who aren't media professionals handle other aspects of your Political activities, while you employ professionals to handle your media activities. 

Nevertheless, if you lack the resources to employ professionals, you can get them to train your media team on how to go about it. 

Social Media has changed the game of politics, worldwide. What happen on social media influences what happens outside social media.  It shouldn't be taking for granted. Let's not forget that social media was the weapon the APC used to dethrone PDP in 2015. 

Though there is more to politics than social media, but it plays a vital role that shouldn't be taking for granted.

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