Tuesday, August 3, 2021

OPINION: I don't Think It Is Ideal For The PDP To Have A Social Media Team Whose majority Are From The Northern Part of Kaduna, There Should Be A Balance, By Daniel Katung

Yesterday, i made a post about PDP's Media Team that went viral, where i said, "Kaduna PDP Are Not Serious Walahi. How Can You Have A Social Media Team That Consists Of Guys That Can Not Speak English? How Do You Expect These People To Constructively Defend You? The Only Thing They Know How To Write Is "Gobe Ta Allah Ce"...SMH...The last Time I Checked, There Was No Southern Kaduna Native Amongst Them. Make Una Continue, The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming!"

To be honest, the post wasn't made in order to dent their image, i only stated the obvious in order for there to be amendments. 

All that i said was the truth, and that was why it went viral. I don't think it is ideal for the PDP to have a social media team whose majority are from the Northern side of Kaduna. There should be  a balance. 
Most of the southern kaduna social media influencers that are holding it down for the PDP are not even recognized by the party. I think it's high time for that to happen. 

If they can't strike a balance by mixing them together, then let there be PDP Media Team North and PDP Media Team  South. Let the Northern kaduna wing of the PDP Media Team continue to use Hausa language in order to communicate to their target audience, whose majority are Hausa speakers, while those from the southern part uses English to communicate to their own target audience. 
But having a recognised media team that uses Hausa language, and majority of them if not all are from the Northern part of Kaduna is unfair, in my opinion. 

I am not saying this cause i want to work for the PDP, but there are a lot of southern kaduna youths who are ready to be carried along. Let the PDP do the needful by striking a balance, it'll give a sense of belonging to everyone. Just because the people of southern kaduna usually vote PDP doesn't mean that they should be taking for granted. 

But above all, let's unite and take Kaduna State to greater heights. Gobe Ta Allah Ce!

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