Saturday, August 28, 2021

OP-ED: Open Letter To Citizens Of Kaduna State, By Auwal Nuhu


I believe that you have come across a letter, conveying the approval of the deputy governor of Kaduna state, approving the sum of 25 million as state government's contribution to the 2nd Muhammadu Sanusi Colloquium, which was held on the 14th of August 2021 in Kaduna.The letter which circulated widely on social media has raised concerns over Sanusi's financial burden on kaduna state. 

Recall that since Emir Sanusi was deposed and banished to Lafia in Nassarawa state, and subsequently relocated to Lagos with his family, he has been frequenting Kaduna city almost on monthly basis. In such visits, which is becoming regular, Government house vehicles, including security agents, always ferry him and his large entourage from airport and to every part of the state.Speculations are rife about a befitting palace being built for him in the city. The questions to ask are:

1. How much is costing the state government to host Emir Sanusi and his entourage in such visits ?

2. In recent past, Kaduna state government should tell us how many NGO’s or needy individuals received donations from the state government's treasury. 

3. We all know the Kaduna state government's policy on donations, therefore the approval and release of N25m for the collequim is not only a case of double standards, but a misplacement of priority by a state that is claiming to be prudent in the management of resources. 

4. Apart from being a friend to the governor, what’s the correlation between kaduna state and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi?

5. Apart from draining our resources,has any Kaduna state indigene benefited from Emir Sanusi in terms of scholarship or any other form of assistance?

6. Do you know that 25m spent on Sanusi can pay the salaries of two primary school teachers for 20 years?
 Salaries of two professional Nurses for 10 years? 

7. Do you know that when the Kaduna state government donated 25 million to massage the ego of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and fund his insatiable appetite for pomp and pageantry, thousands of students of Kaduna state University are still unable to pay tuition fees? The same school where Sanusi is appointed as chancellor?
8. Do you know that the state university's convocation ceremony is unable to take place owing to paucity of funds?

9. What value is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi adding to Kaduna state? 

Dear citizens of Kaduna state, it is time you become bold and courageous to demand that:
1. You didn't vote for Nasiru Elrufai to use your money to fund his friend's birthday. 
2. You didn't vote for Nasiru Elrufai to increase your school fees,only for him to use the surplus to fund a collequim for his friend. 
3. It is your right to demand that the deposed Emir should refund the sum of 25 million Naira, being the money illegally expended on him, to government coffers. And the refund should be accompanied by a hand written apology letter for taking their money while insecurity is ravaging most of the state.

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