Wednesday, August 25, 2021

OP-ED: Exceptional Patriotic Nigerian: Celestine O. Okanya, By Yahaya Goje

I have watched Cele Okanya as he prefers to be called, no titles, for over 6 years now. This include his years in United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO and now as the Director General of Nigeria National Accreditation System, NiNAS.

I recall Celestine standing up for Nigeria at the formative and trying times for NiNAS. To NiNAS one of the foremost in Africa. I also understand that he had put in good number of years in Nigerian Military Service as a Military Pharmacist. With many degrees from different field of life and enormous experience in development and project management, working for years in United States, Celestine has a lot to offer to Nigeria. 

Sir, you encouraged me in political and professional journey. I have always ran to you when I need sound advice. I have keenly followed your cries for better governance in your home state Enugu and Nigeria. I am very sure that only the great minds in your state will appreciate the political accountability awareness you have created in your state. Thank you for the love you have shown your people regardless of the risk and sacrifice.

You encourage me and motivated me to run for the Federal House of Representative when I was not even sure I could. Nigeria needs your type in the Red Chambers of National Assembly.

Just as you looked inward to take NiNAS from its foundational stage to World Stage as one of the fastest growing accreditation body in the world, even without government funding, you can bring a lot of creative and innovative approaches to economic development, administrative and management expertise to the Red Chamber.

You can be described as the champion of the Nigeria National Quality Policy recently approved by Federal Executive Council and Mr. President. Your commitment to better and economically vibrant Nigeria is amazing.

Despite Being an indigene of Kaduna, i join  the good people of Enugu State to call on you to consider running for Nigerian Senate seat to represent your constituency. I am convinced that you will bring a fresh breath of air of quality life and value for not just your people but to Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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