Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bandits Shoot At Military Aircraft Searching For Major Abducted From Nigerian Defence Academy

Troops of the Nigerian Army and military aircraft searching for Major Christopher Datong, abducted by bandits during an attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State, are reportedly having a tough time, top military sources told SaharaReporters.
SaharaReporters learnt that apart from the unfriendly weather which makes the terrain difficult for the military Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft, the bandits are reportedly to be firing at approaching military aircraft.

“Of course, there are several groups of bandits, and no one is 100 per cent sure which group is holding the Major. You cannot bomb them because you want to ensure you do not destroy the victim with the suspects. The weather is also not helpful. They shoot at military aircraft if you fly too low. They shot at our aircraft, including these ones conducting the search. So, the guys searching from air are not able to search all day,” one of the sources said.

When asked if the military was negotiating the payment of ransoms, another source said, “That is unconfirmed. No bandit can approach the military for ransom. That is the height of death. We cannot think it not to talk of paying ransom,” he replied.

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