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The Entertainment Industry In Kaduna Is Suffering As A Result Of Government's Lack Of Interest In Entertainment - Jane Rogers

Jane Thomas Rogers is a Nollywood actress, and the Financial Secretary of Northern Filmmakers Association of Nigeria (NFAN). In this interview, she explains how actors/actresses hurt one another and lobby to get lead roles in films. She also speaks on some challenges facing the film industry.

WM: How did your acting career begin?

Jane Rogers: I started out with stage drama in the year 2000 but my foray into acting proper began after a chance meeting at Kenfeli Hotel in Kaduna. I had gone to the place to meet Gabby Gabbiano Okotie who was the then chairman of Actor Guild of Nigeria (Kaduna Chapter).
He had previously given me a business contact and when I went back to show appreciation, I met him on a movie location. Prior to this time, I had no inclination that he was a movie producer. At the hotel, he was busy directing and beckoned on his assistant to attend to me. His assistant on the other hand had no clue of what had exactly brought me, he just assumed that I was there for the ongoing movie shoot. In a twinkling of an eye, he started briefing me on the procedure, and after he asked if I was interested in acting.
To me, it was a dream come true and I immediately jumped at the offer. After acting in some movies, I decided to move to Lagos because I was more interested in starring in English speaking movies than the Hausa speaking ones he mostly directed. At the end of the day, it paid off.

WM: What inspired you to go into acting while your course of study was accounting?

Rogers: My decision was borne out of passion for acting; the need to tell stories through the eyes of the lens. To be specific, I can’t see myself doing a white-collar job and pushing files, or inserting and computing imaginary figures. Acting is where I see myself affecting the world – touching lives and making great impacts.

WM: You have also featured in several award-winning movies. How does it feel to have featured in such films?

Rogers: To be honest, I feel good and I give God all the glory for the rare privilege of talents and exposure. I also feel very strongly that the best is yet to come. So, I strive to becoming a better version of my last movie project.

WM: How were you able to clinch those awards?

Rogers: I believe that I received such recognition through hard work, perseverance and the favour of God. Permit me to take you through how I started to feature in English movies. I had gone for a Hausa movie audition at Mnet office Lagos. Some weeks after the audition, the director – Mr. Ola, called me and said ‘Jane you came for Hausa audition at Mnet office but I am seeing you in Nollywood because your personality fits more in Nollywood’. So, I told him that my main reason of coming to Lagos was to explore opportunities in English films, he then asked me to come for another audition and the rest is history.
I am also a regular within the media space as a result of my working relationship with Ambassador Cornel Udofia, a mentor and PR guru. He availed me the showmanship on several media platforms and as a result, I received and granted quite a number of interviews on TV, radio, magazine etc. That was how I became known. And as regards the awards, some of the award I received was through nomination based on achievements in the industry while some nominations were through the public as well as voting by my fans.

WM: How does it feel acting alongside bigwigs in the entertainment industry?

Rogers: It’s quite humbling working with bigwigs in the industry. I mean those screen kings and divas that formed a part of my childhood fantasies. To be on set with those I had admired on television for long tells a lot about how far consistency can take one. Getting close to icons like Clem Ohameze, Eze Nwora, Annie Idibia, Halima Abubakar etc, I have seen their humanness, shared jokes with them and learnt a lot from their wealth of experience. Working with them has helped me a great deal and has also inspired me to work harder in order to be able attain the height they have attained in their career today.

WM: Apart from acting alongside bigwigs, you have also played lead roles. What was the experience like for you?

Rogers: Playing lead roles in films has remarkably built my self-confidence and has helped shaped my career in Nollywood in no small measure. It has also presented me with the opportunity of being recognized and earn some respect in the industry. I am sure you know people lobby for lead roles in movies, some even pay money for that, while some go as far as hurting themselves just to get lead roles. But in my own case, I get such gigs through referrals from colleagues, or directors I have worked with in the past.

WM: Have your films been aired on cable channels or cinemas or they are only in CDs, DVDs and the likes?

Rogers: Yes, indeed. Among such films are Tinsel, Battle Ground, Faulty Foundation, Wedding Nights, Burin Duniya, Magarwata, Arc of my Destiny, Mechanic Workshop, etc.

WM: Apart from acting, what other sector in the entertainment industry are you involved in?

Rogers: Aside acting, I also organize events and award shows such as the Maryland concert and award, Global impact awards. Only recently, I launched my magazine- Ashbab Global Impact Magazine. I also manage artistes; I have worked with reggae sensation Kingwadada. Presently, I use my platform to promote young artists and give them platforms to perform at events, getting sponsorship for their music or endorsements, and also helping them with publicity. I realized most of the media outfits hardly promote fast rising artist, they only focus on the stars. I envision that the future is for the young artistes of today, so I use my platform to bridge that gap at no cost at all.
About two years ago, I got a gig for young artists Double pee (twins) to be signed under a record label- Blackcity Records. The artiste is making waves in the industry. I also have artists like Tyoung, Soja boy, Gentle prince, Future, Bessie gold, to mention but a few. I am passionate about helping people and I have this mindset that money is not everything so my focus is not money. Once they okay, I am okay.

WM: How will you describe the entertainment/film industry in your home state of Kaduna, and what are you doing to improve it?

Rogers: Right now, the entertainment industry in Kaduna is suffering as a result of lack of interest of government in entertainment. And regarding the entertainment sector in general, honestly, we need more of media, brands and government partnership. Trust me, we have people doing great stuff, the likes of Danhausawa-DH, Vayan Villageboi, Mc Parrot, Efresh, Gabby Gabbiano, Wassh Waziri, Zeena Bako, Israel Audu, Penny Wealth, Gaze and the rest of them. But they need support/partnership. I am the National Financial Secretary of Northern Filmmakers Association of Nigeria (NFAN), and we are working with the association to build capacity in the movie industry, we intend to start training young and aspiring actors.

WM: How true is it that the film industry is not as viable as before and that actors/actresses are moving to other aspects entertainment or changing careers/jobs entirely?

Rogers: That is very correct; there is no structure in Nollywood. You won’t believe that as big as the Actors Guild of Nigeria is, they don’t have an office as we speak. They only partner with hotels to hold their meetings and that is it. Actors have no specific pay/compensation for their work. That is the reason producers treat them shabbily. However, organizations like Africa Magic are really trying as some artists are earning monthly from them though based on the numbers of years you have been with them. At the same time some big names make their money through adverts, endorsements and other means.

WM: What is generally the problem with the film industry today and how can the problem be solved?

Rogers: Some of the major problems in the film industry include sexual harassment, absence of standard pricing for artists, lack of available market for films.  There is only one way out which is a working structure and organizational pattern.

WM: Most people in the entertainment industry have role models. Do you have any?

Rogers: I have so many people that I admire in the industry.

WM: How do you generally connect with your fans and what do you do to keep the relationship going?

Rogers:  I maintain a likeable relationship with all my fans; I connect with them easily.

WM: What should the public be expecting from you soonest?

Rogers: The public should be expecting more of training and mentorship of young and aspiring artists.

WM: You have lately been spotted in Abuja. Anything going on there, entertainment wise?

Rogers: So, you have been monitoring me movement, right? (Laugh). Yes, I am trying to put structures in place in Abuja. I realized I am more popular in Lagos and back home, I don’t have much fan base so I decided that I need to build it which means I have to be on ground to be able to connect and identify with my people Arewa, the singular reason I decided to host my last event in Abuja global impact award, which was held in March.

WM: What is your advice to upcoming actors/actress as well as those with acting potentials or intentions?

Rogers: One thing I can say to the younger generations of actors and actresses is that they must be ready to go through the process. They have to be patient.

WM: What is your future projection?

Rogers: My future projections are quite much because I am very ambitious. I intend to embark on humanitarian outreaches, community services, entrepreneurial training and empowerment projects.
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Bandits Killed Abducted Pregnant Woman In Kaduna For Saying She Could Not Walk - Shehu Sani

Apregnant woman and mother of two children, identified as Hannatu has been killed by bandits in Zaria, Kaduna State on Friday, a former senator, Shehu Sani said on Tuesday.
Until her death, the victim was a pharmacist at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria.
The information was shared by the former Kaduna Senator, Sani on his Twitter page.
According to the Senator, the woman was killed when she complained to bandits that abducted her with others that she could not walk due to her condition.

"Hannatu, a pregnant mother of two and a pharmacist with the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital. She was abducted along with others last Friday in Zaria and killed by Bandits when she told them she can't walk. May Allah grant her Aljanna firdausi. Amin," Sani tweeted.
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Kaduna Seals Off Four Bank Branches Over N300m Tax Defaults

Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service sealed the head offices and other branches of four banks in Kaduna on Monday over N300.5 million unpaid taxes.

KADIRS Executive Chairman, Zaid Abubakar, identified the affected banks as First Bank, Access Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank and Sterling Bank.

Abubakar told journalists after the exercise in Kaduna that the money was arrears of taxes payable on masts, towers, and Very Small Aperture Terminals from 1999 to 2020.

He said that the tax liability of First Bank was N132.6 million; Access Bank N84.1 million; GTB N23.5 million and Sterling Bank of N60.3 million.

According to him, the exercise was based on the power vested on KADIRS by Section 104 of the Personal Income Tax Act.

“We have sent demand notices several times as required by law, but the banks refused to come forward to pay taxes due to the state.
“For example, we have sent six notices to First Bank, four each to GTB, Access Bank and Sterling Bank.
“KADIRS is left with no choice than to seal up the banks’ branches.
“There is, however, a positive response from the affected banks. They have made part payment and signed commitments to settle the outstanding,’’ Abubakar said.

The executive chairman appealed to all business owners in the state to comply with relevant tax laws and pay all taxes due to the state to avoid being shut.
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Monday, August 30, 2021

OP-ED: Nok University, Silicon Valley & The Emancipation Of The Southern Kaduna Region, By Vayan Joseph

The presence of NOK UNIVERSITY is significant to the emancipation of the Southern Kaduna region and its people as it will serve as a base for creating a flourishing economy and make The Southern Kaduna region to be known worldwide as a hot bed for INNOVATION & HIGH VALUE COMPANIES just as STANFORD UNIVERSITY and it's leadership was especially important in SILICON VALLEY'S early development...

A little about SILICON VALLEY...

Silicon Valley is a region in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, USA that serves as a global center for high technology and innovation. The area is now home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations, including the headquarters of more than 30 businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of startup companies. It was in Silicon Valley that the silicon-based integrated circuit, the microprocessor, and the microcomputer, among other technologies, were developed. As of 2013, the region employed about a quarter of a million information technology workers. Many headquarters of tech companies in Silicon Valley have become hotspots for tourism and Stanford University, its affiliates, and graduates have played a major role in the development of this area...

Frederick Terman is widely credited as the FATHER OF SILICON VALLEY and the question is: Can Chief Anthony Hassan be the Frederick Terman of Southern Kaduna? 


Silicon Valley grew up in the area between San Jose, California, and San Francisco as a result of Frederick Terman, the legendary dean of Stanford engineering school during the 1940s and 1950s. He created the tradition of Stanford faculty starting their own companies. A number of companies we still reference came out of Stanford during those years, especially Hewlett Packard and Varian Associates.

He encouraged his students to form their own companies and personally invested in many of them, resulting in firms such as Litton Industries, Varian Associates, and Hewlett-Packard

In 1951 he spearheaded the creation of Stanford Industrial Park (now Stanford Research Park), whereby the University leased portions of its land to high-tech firms. Companies such as Varian Associates, Hewlett-Packard, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, and Lockheed Corporation moved into Stanford Industrial Park and made the mid-Peninsula area into an innovation hub which eventually became known as Silicon Valley.

The leadership of NOK UNIVERSITY can follow the blue prints of Frederick Terman and Stanford University and turn SOUTHERN KADUNA into one of the top research and development centres in the world...

Setting a high standard for Nok University will lead to a constant flow of talented minds and new entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to bring about development in Southern Kaduna and by extension, it's surrounding regions. The University should build RESEARCH LABS for innovative minds and companies to lease and carry out research. They should source funding that will be largely used in funding researches also. Sports, Media & Entertainment centres should be built for rigorous recruitments of Youths with exceptional abilities for export. Strict disciplinary codes should be set for Lecturers that will be employed to lecture at the Univeristy. One of the blessings of Southern Kaduna is AGRICULTURE and as such, NOK University needs to create an agricultural hub that will carry out research and come up with solutions to the heavy losses we suffer in our agricultural produce yearly... 

NOK UNIVERSITY is important to our emancipation so therefore it needs to eliminate mediocrity and maintain high standard as what will result is a steady stream of well-trained engineers, business people, marketers, researchers, leaders and a vibrant venture capital community; This can make the Southern Kaduna region unique because it will rise up to be a junction point for academia, the private sector, and even the government...

It is said that a very powerful sense of regional solidarity accompanied the rise of Silicon Valley. From the 1890s, Stanford University's leaders saw its mission as service to the (American) West and shaped the school accordingly. NOK UNIVERSITY should also see itself as a regional solidarity to the SOUTHERN KADUNA REGION and by extension the MIDDLE BELT.. 

Lets not forget that for decades, the Southern Kaduna people have faced heavy academic oppression by the institution known as ABU (Ahmafu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State). One of our own Prof Jonathan Nok (RIP) was refused the post of Vice Chancellor in ABU despite scoring highest in Exams and meeting all requirement - The Only requirement he didn't meet was that he wasn't Hausa/Fulani nor a Muslim. NOK must protect our interest and we as a people need to protect NOK UNIVERSITY at all cost. The Political Affiliation of Anthony Hassan does not come into play here as this is beyond that...

Silicon Valley is often used as a SYNECDOCHE for the American high-technology economic sectors and is credited for establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, which is really a culture of resilience, that culture can be established in Southern Kaduna using NOK UNIVERSITY as a base...

One unique feature about the university is its name - NOK; NOK CIVILISATION is the oldest civilisation in Sub-Saharan Africa. They were advanced and sophisticated - what are we doing? 
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KDSG Directs Suspension Of Weekly Markets In Birnin Gwari, Chikun, Giwa, Igabi, Kajuru LGAs

After a thorough review of the security situation and recommendations put forward by the security agencies, the Kaduna State Government wishes to announce the suspension of all weekly markets in Birnin Gwari, Igabi, Giwa, Chikun and Kajuru local government areas with immediate effect. 

The government has also banned the selling of petrol in jerrycans within and outside premises of petrol stations in the five local government areas listed, with immediate effect. 

Security personnel have been directed to ensure compliance with these directives. 

Citizens are enjoined to cooperate with the government as necessary steps are taken against banditry and criminality across the state. 

The Kaduna State Security Operations Room remains open for receiving useful information on the following lines: 

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“It Used To Be The City Outskirts, Now It’s Got Into The City"–Shehu Sani Reacts To Killing Of Senator’s Son

Following the killing of Abdulkarim Bala Na’Allah, son of Senator Bala Na’Allah by bandits on Sunday, a former Senator, Shehu Sani has lamented how the city of Kaduna has now become unsafe.

Abdulkarim was killed in his residence in the Kaduna North Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Shehu Sani Sani described the killing of Captain Abdulkarim Bala as unfortunate.
He also prayed that Allah should forgive his shortcomings and accept his soul.

“The news of the killing of Captain Abdulkarim Bala Ibn Na’Allah, the son of Senator Bala Na’Allah in Malali GRA Kaduna is tragic and unfortunate.
“It used to be the outskirts of our city that was unsafe and now it has gotten into the city. May Allah forgive his soul,” he wrote.

Abdukkarim was strangled to death on Sunday. He was a pilot.

Special Adviser to Senator Na Allah, Garba Mohammed, who confirmed the incident, said the hoodlums entered the house through the ceiling.

According to Mohammed, a neighbour’s security guard had noticed that the gate of the residence of the deceased was open and raised the alarm, which led to the discovery of the remains of the pilot.

Kaduna State has become a hotbed of kidnapping and banditry in recent times.
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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Breaking: Gunmen kill Senator Na Allah‘s son, Steal His Vehicle In Kaduna

Unknown gunmen have on Sunday, strangled to death the son of Senator Bala Na’Allah, Captain Abdulkarim Bala Na Allah, at his Kaduna home. 
Journalists were told that the pilot who was 36,was found dead in a bedroom in his home at the Malali GRA Kaduna. 

Although the authorities are yet to react on the development, an aide to Senator Na’Allah, Alhaji Garba Mohammed said  the  pilot who married recently, was tied and strangled to death by the killers.
“The killers took  his vehicle and personal belongings.They  gained entrance to the house through the roof behind the house and entered his section through the ceiling.

A neighbour’s security guard noticed the gate of the house was opened and raised alarm ,” he said.

According to him, the funeral prayers of the late pilot  will hold at Yahaya Road Masjid and he will be buried at Unguwan Sarki cemetery in Kaduna.
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KDSG Security Update: Bandits kill Two In Kajuru LGA, Troops Rescue Three Commuters In Jema'a LGA

Security agencies have reported to the Kaduna State Government that two persons were killed by bandits in Makoro Iri village of Kajuru LGA. 

According to the report, bandits invaded the remote village and shot dead the duo identified as Gideon Mumini and Barnabas Ezra. 
In another development, troops of Operation Safe Haven rescued three travelers from armed bandits along the Gidan Waya- Godogodo road in Jema'a LGA. 
The travelers were abducted by armed bandits who barricaded the road. Troops responded to a distress call and pursued the bandits, rescuing the trio identified as follows:

- Jibril Salisu 
- Happy Sunday 
- Ruth Dauda 

The rescued travelers' vehicle, a Peugeot 307, was also recovered. 

Governor Nasir El-Rufai noted with sadness the report of the attack in Makoro Iri village of Kajuru LGA, and prayed for the repose of the victims' souls, as he sent condolences to their families. 

Responding to the report of the rescue in Jema'a LGA, the Governor commended the troops for the swift response. He thanked them for their determined efforts in rescuing the three commuters, and their sustaining of search-and-rescue operations in the area.
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Insecurity: Kaduna Parents To Opt For Vocational Skills For Children As Schools Remain Shut

Spike in insecurity has compelled parents in Kaduna to send their children to learn vocational skills after the state government postponed schools reopening indefinitely.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the state government announced the postponement of schools’ resumption till further notice on August 6 as advised by security agencies.

According to the state government, the closure was in the best interest of the pupils and students to ensure their safety, following series of attacks on schools by bandits and kidnappers.

Mr Ibrahim Yusuf, a father of two, told NAN on Friday in Kaduna that the safety of his children was paramount and urged the government to use the radio, television and social media outlets to teach children at home.
Yusuf said that he doesn’t leave his children idle as he takes them to his welding workshop to learn welding and metal fabrication.

“It is important to give children education and teach them vocational skills; that is why I am using this opportunity to teach my children since they can’t be in school,’’ he said.

Another parent, Mrs Hauwa Muhammad, said she enrolled her 10-year-old child in a tailoring school to learn basic tailoring skills.
She commended the state government for taking proactive measures to ensure that schoolchildren were safe and urged the government to do more in enhancing security so that children could go back to school.

Similarly, Mr Abel Steven said he lectures his children when he returns from work at 4 pm., adding that he gives them assignments to keep them busy.
He urged parents not to allow their children to wander around, but to keep them safe at home and teach them how to assist in house chores.
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PHOTONEWS: Floods Ravage Government-owned Barewa College In Zaria

Floods Ravage Government-owned Barewa College In Zaria
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KDSG–Zipline To Deliver Medical Supplies By Drones In October

Delivery of medical supplies by drones to remote or hard-to-reach areas in Kaduna State will commence in October 2021, officials of Zipline, the company that will provide the service have confirmed.

The officials promised that the Pambegua delivery site, the first of three facilities from which the service will operate, will be ready by then, adding that training of personnel has commenced.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Mr Samuel Akuffo, Zipline’s Operations Lead in Ghana, added that the training of personnel will speed up the actualization of the project.

‘’The project aims to deliver supplies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from three distribution centers—each equipped with 30 drones—and deliver to more than 1,000 health facilities serving millions of people across Kaduna State.
‘’Bottlenecks like bad roads, expiry of products due to overstocking, unavailability of medical commodities at health facilities during emergencies and products not getting to remote areas, will all be minimized when Zipline’s facilities commence operations,’’ he promised.

It will be recalled that Kaduna State Government and Zipline signed an MoU in February 2021 to revolutionalise the supply of medical consumables to health facilities and the response of medical personnel to emergencies, before the end of the year.

KDSG had promised that it will overhaul medical supplies, in collaboration with Zipline which operates the largest medical drone supply facility in the world at Ghana.
The government promised that the use of technology is ‘’part of the government of Kaduna state’s bold vision of using drone delivery to establish universal, seven-days-a-week access to lifesaving and critical medicines for most of its more citizens over the coming years.’’

Emphasizing this commitment, Mr Akuffo said that Zipline will also create jobs in Kaduna state, apart from providing the immediate benefit of reducing fatalities and expanding access to routine and emergency supply of medical consumables.

‘’A lot of people from the community will be employed in line with Zipline’s policy. The company will only look outside where there is no available manpower within the community,’’ he added.
‘’Right now, there are lots of people from Kaduna state who are in the Academy. They will form the nucleus of our operations when our sites are ready, especially the one at Pambegua,’’ he added.
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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Why We Made El-Rufai Our Patron—NIPR

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations(NIPR) has said  that Governor Nasir El Rufai has positively changed the face of  Kaduna state since he assumed office in 2015,  so much that the state  has not been the same again.

The Institute further noted that Governor  El Rufai has  ‘’redirected the state on a trajectory to growth and development that is unrivalled by your peers. Your footprints are indelible in all spheres.’’

The National Vice President of NIPR, Adewale Adeniyi  who made these remarks at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House on Friday, highlighted   why El Rufai was made the patron of  the Institute.

According to him, part  of the provision of that law that sets up NIPR ‘’is the conferment of the position of patron of state chapters to governors and grand patron to the president of the country.’’

 Adeniyi who is an Assistant Controller General of Customs,  argued that even though that provision ‘’is in the books, NIPR is quite reluctant to perform this function on just any governor. In fact it is on record that the Institute has performed only three such investiture ceremonies since 2012.’’

‘’We are reluctant to begin to go on an investiture spree, because we are careful who we identify with. Individuals do not have to be professionals, but we look out for excellence in people we want to have anything to do with,’’ he added.


The National Vice President recalled that Kaduna state faced a daunting challenge of lack of infrastructures in the state government’s schools before the coming of the present administration.

‘’Learning environment was not conducive and there was a huge dearth of secondary school teachers in the field of science.  You embarked on massive renovation of the state owned public schools across the state,’’ he noted.

 The Institute pointed out that  tertiary institutions are not also left out in the educational intervention programme, adding that   state owned tertiary institutions are undergoing  massive capital projects, while some have been completed.

‘’ Also pleasing to note is the increase the budgetary allocations to these institutions to boost their effectiveness and place them amongst the leading tertiary institutions in Nigeria,’’ NIPR added.

 Adeniyi  pointed out that  state civil service reforms have helped to rescue the system which was on the verge of collapse before El Rufai assumed office as governor of Kaduna state in 2015.

He recalled that the governor  revamped the system and succeeded in reducing corruption in the state civil service by carrying out a rigorous verification exercise for the state civil servants which led to the extrication of  ghost workers from the states payroll, thus saving the state huge sums of money.

According to the Institute, ‘’the El-Rufai government has effectively catered for the welfare of the state civil servants by sustaining and ensuring prompt payment of salaries. This is a far cry to what is obtainable in most states who owe their workers for many months.’’

 The National Vice President also commended the administration’s  ‘’Urban Renewal Projects where road construction/rehabilitation projects are seen in virtually all local governments’’

 ‘’The El-Rufai led administration has also recorded tremendous increase in the state’s Internally Generated Revenue. The state government was able to increase the states IGR by blocking leakages and ensuring that tax payers pay directly to the bank,’’ he added.

Mr Adeniyi  said that Institute is  impressed with  the governor’s ‘’commitment towards bringing to an end the endemic water problem in Zaria city and its surrounding local governments.’’

The NIPR chieftain recalled that ‘’the  water project was started in 2008, but successive governments have shown less commitment towards completion of the project.’’

The National Vice President also said  that Kaduna State Government has created a lot of jobs, including 2,500 Kaduna State Traffic and Environmental Control Authority  (KASTELEA) Marshalls, employed thousands of  Secondary School Science Teachers , several   nurses and health workers, as well as  environmental sanitation staff.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter, Malam Bashir Chedi recalled that El Rufai was recommended to be made   patron but the national body had to do  an independent assessment.

He expressed delight that the governor scaled through the  Council’s verification and stringent reviews.
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Bandits Shoot At Military Aircraft Searching For Major Abducted From Nigerian Defence Academy

Troops of the Nigerian Army and military aircraft searching for Major Christopher Datong, abducted by bandits during an attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State, are reportedly having a tough time, top military sources told SaharaReporters.
SaharaReporters learnt that apart from the unfriendly weather which makes the terrain difficult for the military Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft, the bandits are reportedly to be firing at approaching military aircraft.

“Of course, there are several groups of bandits, and no one is 100 per cent sure which group is holding the Major. You cannot bomb them because you want to ensure you do not destroy the victim with the suspects. The weather is also not helpful. They shoot at military aircraft if you fly too low. They shot at our aircraft, including these ones conducting the search. So, the guys searching from air are not able to search all day,” one of the sources said.

When asked if the military was negotiating the payment of ransoms, another source said, “That is unconfirmed. No bandit can approach the military for ransom. That is the height of death. We cannot think it not to talk of paying ransom,” he replied.
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Plateau killings: KDSG Evacuates Kaduna Students From Jos

The Kaduna State Government on Thursday announced the evacuation of its indigenes who are students of the University of Jos and other tertiary institutions in Plateau State.

This followed the escalation of killings in Jos, Plateau State and the reimposition of curfew in some parts of the state.

The Executive Secretary, Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board, Malam Hassan Rilwan, who announced this, said that the evacuation was concluded last weekend.

The development, he said, followed the state government’s directives that all students of Kaduna State trapped should be evacuated in view of the security situation in that state(Plateau).

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According to him, 87 students were evacuated on Friday, August 20, 2021, by security agencies under the supervision of the board, adding that the students have since been reunited with their families.

Rilwan said the Board shall continue to remain proactive in such kind of volatile situations and assured citizens of the government’s commitment to securing the lives of the state’s students in Plateau State and elsewhere.
“The board also noted the support it received from the Senator representing Kaduna Central, Senator Uba Sani who assisted immensely in the evacuation of the students,” Rilwan added.
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OP-ED: Open Letter To Citizens Of Kaduna State, By Auwal Nuhu


I believe that you have come across a letter, conveying the approval of the deputy governor of Kaduna state, approving the sum of 25 million as state government's contribution to the 2nd Muhammadu Sanusi Colloquium, which was held on the 14th of August 2021 in Kaduna.The letter which circulated widely on social media has raised concerns over Sanusi's financial burden on kaduna state. 

Recall that since Emir Sanusi was deposed and banished to Lafia in Nassarawa state, and subsequently relocated to Lagos with his family, he has been frequenting Kaduna city almost on monthly basis. In such visits, which is becoming regular, Government house vehicles, including security agents, always ferry him and his large entourage from airport and to every part of the state.Speculations are rife about a befitting palace being built for him in the city. The questions to ask are:

1. How much is costing the state government to host Emir Sanusi and his entourage in such visits ?

2. In recent past, Kaduna state government should tell us how many NGO’s or needy individuals received donations from the state government's treasury. 

3. We all know the Kaduna state government's policy on donations, therefore the approval and release of N25m for the collequim is not only a case of double standards, but a misplacement of priority by a state that is claiming to be prudent in the management of resources. 

4. Apart from being a friend to the governor, what’s the correlation between kaduna state and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi?

5. Apart from draining our resources,has any Kaduna state indigene benefited from Emir Sanusi in terms of scholarship or any other form of assistance?

6. Do you know that 25m spent on Sanusi can pay the salaries of two primary school teachers for 20 years?
 Salaries of two professional Nurses for 10 years? 

7. Do you know that when the Kaduna state government donated 25 million to massage the ego of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and fund his insatiable appetite for pomp and pageantry, thousands of students of Kaduna state University are still unable to pay tuition fees? The same school where Sanusi is appointed as chancellor?
8. Do you know that the state university's convocation ceremony is unable to take place owing to paucity of funds?

9. What value is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi adding to Kaduna state? 

Dear citizens of Kaduna state, it is time you become bold and courageous to demand that:
1. You didn't vote for Nasiru Elrufai to use your money to fund his friend's birthday. 
2. You didn't vote for Nasiru Elrufai to increase your school fees,only for him to use the surplus to fund a collequim for his friend. 
3. It is your right to demand that the deposed Emir should refund the sum of 25 million Naira, being the money illegally expended on him, to government coffers. And the refund should be accompanied by a hand written apology letter for taking their money while insecurity is ravaging most of the state.
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32 More Students Of Bethel Baptist High School Regain Freedom –CAN

Another batch of 32 abducted students of Bethel Baptist High School, Maraban Damishi, in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state, have regained their freedom, bringing the total of those released to 90.

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State, John Hayab, confirmed the release of the students to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday, in Kaduna.

Me Hayab said: “Yes, 32 of our students were freed on Friday evening. We still have 31 with the captors and we are praying that they too will be released soon,” he said.

The bandits in the early hour of July 5, invaded the school and kidnapped 121 students of the school, but released a first batch of 58 students before the latest development.

When contacted, the Kaduna state Police Command Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Jalige confirmed the release of the 32 students.
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Friday, August 27, 2021

KDSG Security Update: Three killed, Several Injured In Zangon Kataf LGA Attack

Security agencies have reported to the Kaduna State Government that Machun and Manuka villages in Zangon Kataf LGA were attacked by unidentified persons, leaving three residents dead and several others injured.

According to the report, police personnel responded to a distress call from Machun village, and mobilized there. On arrival, they were also alerted by gunshots from neighbouring Manuka. 

As the assailants fled the area, the operatives found the corpses of three victims, identified as follows: 

- Jennifer Raymond 
- Dawali Saleh 
- Livinus Adamu 

An unspecified number of victims were injured and are now receiving treatment in hospital. 

Governor Nasir El-Rufai received the report with sadness, and prayed for the repose of the residents killed, while sending condolences to their families. He wished the injured persons a quick recovery. 
The Governor urged security agencies working in the area to ensure thorough investigations and intensify efforts at apprehending the perpetrators of the inhuman attacks. 

Security agencies are sustaining operations in the area.
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Bandits Invade Zaria, Abduct Residents

Bandits on Friday morning stormed the Zango community in Samaru, Zaria town, Kaduna State and kidnapped an unspecified number of persons.

These were made known in a tweet by a former Senator representing Kaduna Central Zone, Shehu Sani.
Sani further urged the security agencies to guard the institutions of learning situated in the same area.

He wrote: “Early this morning, bandits stormed Zango area Samaru, Zaria and kidnapped scores of people. Ahmadu Bello University main campus, College of Aviation and Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology located in the same area must take immediate preventive security steps to secure lives.”

According to reports, the bandits were said to have invaded the community from different entry points around 1am on Friday, when the residents were sleeping.
“The bandits also attacked other houses within the area as they fired several shots which lasted for about 30 minutes,” a witness said.

“I first received a call from my brother, saying kidnappers have invaded Zango, then I started hearing sounds of heavy gunshots in front of our house. I quickly went to check the kids. I saw that they are still sleeping.
“I peeped through the window; because I was thinking they were already inside the compound. They hit our gate three times and drank water from the tap outside.
“I was inside the house, my whole body was shaking. I was told they came through different entry points.
“Anyone you called will tell you that they just passed in front of his house. So far, we were told seven persons were already abducted. Those are the numbers for now. But they invaded several houses, I am sure they have taken more people.”

Kaduna has witnessed a surge in bandit activities in recent times.
On July 5, bandits stormed Bethel Baptist College near Kaduna city, about 80km (50 miles) southwest of Zaria and kidnapped at least 140 schoolchildren.
At least eight people were also abducted from the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Centre in Zaria the previous day.
Two nurses and a 12-month-old child were among those seized.
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Nigerian Military Speaks On CCTV Officers Sleeping Off During Bandits’ Attacks On Defence Academy

The Defence Headquarters, Abuja, has stated that its personnel in the security room did not sleep off during the invasion of the Nigerian Defence Academy by bandits on Tuesday morning.
The Nigerian military stated that such reports were not true, while challenging anyone with proofs of such security breaches to present them.
The DHQ, in a release by Maj Gen Benjamin Sawyer, the Director, Defence Information, stated this, in a press release.

He said, “The attention of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) have been drawn to a news publication claiming that personnel on duty at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) CCTV monitoring room were sleeping when bandits attacked the officers' residential quarters leading to the death of two officers and the abduction of 1 other officer.
“The Nigerian Armed Forces wishes to state categorically that the allegation is untrue and hence challenges anyone to publish forthwith a verifiable proof of personnel sleeping during the incident.
“It is therefore imperative to caution against being used as a propaganda tool by enemies of our dear country. It is perhaps important to mention that the AFN as a professional force consist of highly trained personnel who are dedicated to their duties of protecting lives and property of all Nigerians.
“Let me use this opportunity, to reiterate that the NDA authorities, acting on the directive of the Chief of Defence Staff has constituted a board of enquiry to ascertain the remote and immediate cause(s) of the breach of security with a view to sanction any personnel found culpable and also prevent future occurrence."
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Why KDSG Is Building A Pharmaceutical Market

Kaduna State Government will build a modern Pharmaceutical Market at the old Club 69 Market of Kaduna metropolis, in line with its Urban Renewal Project and city beautification initiative. The Director General of Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA), Malam Isma’il Umaru Dikko who made this known, disclosed that government officials have already met with the traders and relevant stakeholders.

Malam Isma’il further disclosed that the project will curb the incidence of fake drugs and the activities of unscrupulous patent medicine dealers who sale illicit drugs, because measures will be put in place to check the activities of quacks. The DG who said that the Club 69 Market was initially designated as a Pharmaceutical Market, added that it is now grossly underutilized and used for various unconnected activities like garage, residential area as well as commercial area, contrary to its designated land title.

The Director General argued that citing the Pharmaceutical Market at the Club 69 Market will greatly improve commercial activities in the area and enhance the business of buying and selling medicine. According to him, dealers of pharmaceuticals that are presently at Warri street will relocate to the proposed market when it is built, which will further decongest the area. The Director General said that the traders have agreed to comply with the 21 days notice that KASUPDA had earlier issued them.
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What We ‘Re Doing To Check Flooding – KADSEMA

Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (KADSEMA) has been adopting different strategies, using various platforms and reaching out to several stakeholders to check flooding as the Executive Secretary, ABUBAKAR HASSAN explained below.

This year, there seems to have been fewer incidences of flooding in Kaduna state compared to previous years. What is Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (KADSEMA) doing differently?

Well, what we have done differently this year is that, first of all, we have been following the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) and their predictions very closely. As the predictions are coming out, we ensure that we use this information thoroughly, review it, appreciate it and ensure that we put strategies on ground to pass it across the nooks and crannies of state through the Local Emergency Management Committees. We have these committees at the local levels, as defined by the National Disaster Management Framework. We started preparations by the first workshop that was organized by NIMET early this year. Beyond that, we also did some sensitization drive that we called “A Road Show for Flooding in the Year 2021”. This road show took us to different nooks and crannies of the state across Chikun local government, Kaduna South local government, Kaduna North local government, Zaria local government and Jema’a local government areas. In Jema’a, we were specifically in Kafanchan and in Kaura Local government area, we were around Biniki and Bondong which are areas that are very prone to flooding year in, year out. These activities, we believe, were majorly responsible for ensuring that whatever happened last year or the years before last, with respect to flooding, does not happen this time around. An adage says if you don’t learn from the past, then you will not learn to address the future. That is what we have done and it is ongoing. It will not stop until we see the end of the raining season.

Not much has been heard of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Platform since it embarked on sensitization last May. Has it been disbanded?

Not at all, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Platform (DMMP) is a technical working group that supports the execution of the mandate of SEMA. It is very much in place and it has been supporting SEMA all through, and in all its programs. As we speak, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Platform has been responsible for some of the activities that we did this year, especially with respect to the sensitization. It is the strategy behind the sensitization exercise, that made communities aware of the predictions that came out from the meteorological department with respect to flooding this year. And some of the advice that we received this year, were all supported by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Platform. You will remember that we have both state and non-state actors as part of DMMP. The state actors for example include, Kaduna State Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA), we have Kaduna Geographic Information Service (KADGIS), we have Kaduna Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA), the Nigerian Police, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). Our collaboration with them is continuous. If we have to succeed as an institution of government and deliver on the mandate that has been given to us, the DMMP will have to remain and it has been a major part of our success.

Last year, KADSEMA promised to train 3,000 volunteers in all the 23 local government areas, to strengthen disaster management in the state. Have they been trained?

How do they operate? Well, we made a promise to train volunteers as part of our major strategy in refocusing the activities of SEMA, so that we could actually maximize the full potentials of our mandate. We had to go back to the basics; we went down to the communities to begin to do what is called “Hazard Profiling”. And hazard profiling in communities cannot happen without the full support of the community and it is along this line, as I speak to you today, that 1,800 community volunteers have been directly trained on disaster mitigation, hazard profiling and early warning signals. And as we speak, incidences that are happening all over the state are being reported directly from the members of these communities across the 255 wards of the state. Getting the required 3,000 or even more will be an ongoing exercise and it is our hope that we will get to a situation where emergency services are majorly provided by volunteers, much more than government intervention, like it is done all over the world. So, we are hoping that we will get to a point where every single resident of Kaduna state becomes a full ambassador of the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency. Meaning that, should there be an incident, you do not wait, you are an ambassador, you report it so that appropriate measures will be taken.

Last April, KADSEMA said it recorded 279 fire outbreaks between January and March, with an average of two fire outbreaks a day in Zaria and Sabon Gari local governments. What has the Agency done to reduce fire outbreaks generally in the state?

Well, in terms of mitigating the proliferation of fire in Kaduna state, the agency first began to assess the real causes of these incidences. Some of these causes are attributed to careless handling of material that are combustible within the house like gas. Some of these outbreaks are also associated with electricity. In some villages outside the metropolis, the incidents are associated with bush fires. So for us to tackle the issues properly, we did a stakeholder engagement and also paid courtesy visits to prominent stakeholders in our sensitization campaign. For example, we visited the Kaduna Electric. Why did we visit Kaduna Electric? We know that certain fire incidences are associated with electricity, but we also know that electricity alone does not ignite fires. Electricity has to be transmitted before it causes fire outbreaks. So, we went to Kaduna Electric to understand even the nature of power that it distributes to homes and how they can equally partner with us to do a sensitization on the usage of this power. We also did sensitization around people that handle fire for commercial purposes; for example, people that are involved in roasting fish, meat and also those who fry bean cakes on the road. We told them the importance of ensuring that the fire is 100% extinguished before they leave their business premises. Again, we are always discussing these issues, using different social media platforms, with respect to what people need to do either in their business premises or at home. We advised them to also ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off when they are not in use. Remember, if you don’t switch them on, you are saving some money for other things. Switching off all appliances is a cost saving and risk deterrent attitude that we all need to imbibe, especially when we are no longer using them. So, these are some of the measures that we have taken to address these issues of fire incidences. But beyond all these, at a larger level, we are having discussion with a view of having synergy with private stakeholders that have these firefighting know-how and equipment. We all know that the state alone cannot provide all these equipment and expertise. The private sector has to come in and give support as some form of Corporate Social Responsibility and I will tell you that as at today, we have the Nigerian Airforce and the Nigerian Army supporting us. We also have the private pharmaceutical here, DIALOGUE, supporting us. We have Kaduna State University (KASU) supporting us and these supports are spread in different areas within the metropolis. Now, we have gotten two additional trucks from the Federal Fire Service in Kaduna; we have gotten additional one in Zaria, we are expecting one to come in soon. So that these different units will help us in addressing the speed in terms of delivery, in terms of reaching out whenever we are called for an emergency to address any fire incidence in these areas. For us in Kaduna, fire incidences may be a thing of the past very soon but it has a lot to do with the attitude of the people in managing some of the causes of fire incidences, as I outlined earlier. And on the other hand, the speed to deliver the emergency service should we be called to intervene.

What role is your Agency playing to prevent the spread of cholera in Kaduna state?

Yes, our agency has the mandate to coordinate the issues of disaster in Kaduna state. When you mention cholera, it means you are talking of cholera where an outbreak is already pronounced. Well, it is our responsibilities to first of a ll sit with the major stakeholders, in this case, the Primary Healthcare Development Agency, the Ministry of Health, to see what can be done in order to sensitize the people on the real cause of cholera. Then, we will also bring other stakeholders into the fold. As you know, cholera is associated with filthy environment. So, in this case, the Kaduna State Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) and the Ministry of Environment have major roles to play here. Just last week, we had a major strategic sit-out where this issue were brought and tabled and different strategies were adopted. First of all, our ability to get people to sanitize their environment, ability to get people to understand the risk of living in a filthy environment were also discussed. I will also tell you, we have also considered taking a decision to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, to ratify and declare that going forward, environmental sanitation should be observed by all residents of Kaduna at least once a month. During that time, people have to clean their environment. So, getting people to do what they are supposed to do with respect to the environment, in terms of cleanliness of the environment, will help us to address the issue of cholera and we are already ahead on this.
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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Son, Mother Three Others Convicted of internet Fraud in Kaduna

A syndicate of internet fraudsters comprising a son, mother and three others were today August 26, 2021 convicted and sentenced to various jail terms by Justice Hannatu A.L Balogun of the Kaduna State High Court, Kaduna, after pleading guilty to separate one count charge that borders on cheating by impersonation, concealment of stolen item, aiding and abetting. 
The convicts are Israel Justin, Lucky Ebhogie, Precious Iwuji, Margaret Sylvester and Richman Kas Godwin.  
Based on their pleas, Justice Balogun sentenced Israel Justin, Lucky Ebhogie and Richman Kas Godwin to 6 months imprisonment each without option of fine. They are also to forfeit all items recovered from them, which are believed to be proceeds of crime. 
Aside from the prison terms, the court ordered Lucky and Richman to restitute their victims the sum of $7500 and $1200 respectively, while the iPhone 11 Pro recovered from Richman is to be sold and the value restituted to the victim.
The monies are to be handed over to the victims through the American Embassy by the EFCC. 

The two other convicts, Precious and Margaret were sentenced to a fine of N 150,000 each. Failure to pay the said fine, they shall be committed to prison for a term of 6 months each.  

The sum of N7, 000,000 given to Margaret by Lucky to conceal, was ordered forfeited to the Federal Government.
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Jaba Local Government Election: Hon. Benjamin Jock, Flags Off Chairmanship Campaign

The Chairmanship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the forthcoming Jaba local council elections, Hon. Benjamin Jock, has flagged off his re-election campaign in Daddu Ward.
The quintessential leader who is seeking for a second term into the prestigious seat of the council had at the event  jubilant crowd of supporters and well-wishers drumming in support and solidarity for his candidacy.
Addressing the crowd of enthusiasts at the event, Hon. Benjamin Jock,  appreciated the crowd, his party and the entire people of Jaba Local Government for keeping faith in him and his team. He disclosed that his re-election bid was born out of nothing but the compelling need to consolidate on the achievements recorded withing the space of few years of his administration. He stressed that the desire to fully accomplish the projects initiated by his administration in the first tenure is the major driving force behind his second term bid. 
Thus, he appealed to the throng of supporters and the entire good people of Jaba Local Government to rally round him in the forthcoming local government polls so that they could collectively consolidate on the gains so far and together build the legacy his team is tirelessly working to entrench in the council.  
The humble and down to earth leader however requested his team to shun and ignore campaigns of bitterness emanating from some quarters, saying that nothing desperation cannot cause.
The teeming supporters in turn assured him of their convictions and readingness to support his candidacy to the very end.
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Major Abducted By Bandits From Defence Academy Still Alive – Family

The military officer, Major Christopher Datong, abducted at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Afaka in Kaduna State, by bandits, is still alive, a family source told SaharaReporters.

Gunmen had on Tuesday invaded the Afaka barracks of the academy around 1am, killing two soldiers identified as Lieutenant Commodore Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Okoronwo. 
They also abducted Datong and subsequently called the military authorities to demand N200million to free him.
On Tuesday night, there were widespread reports that the lifeless body of the Major was discovered with insinuations that the terrorists had killed him.

However, a family member of the officer told SaharaReporters on Wednesday that he had not been killed and he was still alive. 

“He is still alive. I can confirm it to you,” the source told SaharaReporters.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

OP-ED: Exceptional Patriotic Nigerian: Celestine O. Okanya, By Yahaya Goje

I have watched Cele Okanya as he prefers to be called, no titles, for over 6 years now. This include his years in United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO and now as the Director General of Nigeria National Accreditation System, NiNAS.

I recall Celestine standing up for Nigeria at the formative and trying times for NiNAS. To NiNAS one of the foremost in Africa. I also understand that he had put in good number of years in Nigerian Military Service as a Military Pharmacist. With many degrees from different field of life and enormous experience in development and project management, working for years in United States, Celestine has a lot to offer to Nigeria. 

Sir, you encouraged me in political and professional journey. I have always ran to you when I need sound advice. I have keenly followed your cries for better governance in your home state Enugu and Nigeria. I am very sure that only the great minds in your state will appreciate the political accountability awareness you have created in your state. Thank you for the love you have shown your people regardless of the risk and sacrifice.

You encourage me and motivated me to run for the Federal House of Representative when I was not even sure I could. Nigeria needs your type in the Red Chambers of National Assembly.

Just as you looked inward to take NiNAS from its foundational stage to World Stage as one of the fastest growing accreditation body in the world, even without government funding, you can bring a lot of creative and innovative approaches to economic development, administrative and management expertise to the Red Chamber.

You can be described as the champion of the Nigeria National Quality Policy recently approved by Federal Executive Council and Mr. President. Your commitment to better and economically vibrant Nigeria is amazing.

Despite Being an indigene of Kaduna, i join  the good people of Enugu State to call on you to consider running for Nigerian Senate seat to represent your constituency. I am convinced that you will bring a fresh breath of air of quality life and value for not just your people but to Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Bandits’ll Abduct Governors Next – Activist, Adeyanju Reacts To Attacks On NDA

The convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, has said that governors would soon be abducted by bandits following the attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, in Kaduna State.

Adeyanju, in his reaction on the invasion, said if it was possible for bandits to abduct soldiers from their barracks, then governors of each state would be the next.

The rights’ activist who described the attack and abduction in his tweet as unthinkable said, “For those of us that know the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna very well, it remains unthinkable that bandits can invade the place, kill three soldiers, then kidnap other officers. If bandits can abduct soldiers in their own barracks, they will soon start abducting governors.”
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Kawo Bridge ‘ll Be Completed Soon – KADRA

The Managing Director of Kaduna State Roads Agency (KADRA), Engr Mohamed Lawal Magaji has said that the new Kawo bridge project is going on as scheduled and that motorists should bear with the traffic congestion at peak hours.
The Managing Director further said that the inconvenience that motorists are presently experiencing will soon be over as ‘’the project will be completed before the end of the year and it will be a much better driving experience for everybody when the bridge is commissioned.’’
Engr Magaji praised Governor Nasir El-Rufai for conceiving the project and exercising overall supervision over the project as well as providing constant funding for it.
According to the Managing Director, ‘’the new bridge will have a dual carriageway with shoulder and pedestrian walkway on the sides. The length of the bridge is 832 meters long and the width is 22 meters.
‘’The bridge was designed with three ground rotaries (roundabouts) under the bridge. One of the ground rotaries will cater for the traffic from Sabon Birnin axis and Kawo New Extension,’’ he added.
He further said that ‘’the second roundabout is located at the centre, under the bridge, to cater for the traffic from Mando axis, the third roundabout will cater for the traffic from 1 Mechanised Division (Dalet Barrack) and commuters from Zaria making a U-turn or heading to Unguwan Kaji.‘’
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ABU Zaria Charges Students N90 As Annual Hostel Fee –Director

Malam Auwalu Umar, Director, Public Affairs Directorate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, says the institution retained the N90 official cost of hostel bed-space, fixed 40 years ago, to make things easy for students.

Speaking to a Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria, Umar said in spite of the ridiculously low amount being charged, the institution was able to provide hostel to 35 per cent of its over 55,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He said that as part of efforts to complement the efforts of the institution, a private firm, BUA Group, and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), had assisted in constructing additional hostels in the university.

Corroborating the statement of the Director, Abubakar-Sadeeq Ali, President, Students Representative Council (SRC), said N90 was the fee charged for bed-space, but there was another N7,000, being amount charged for ‘hostel maintenance’.

However, a female undergraduate student who spoke on condition of anonymity, said most of the rooms were always congested.

The student, who resides at Suleiman Hall within the main campus, said a room of four students hosted up to eight people.

“A room meant for two students hosts about five people, while a room meant for eight students accommodates between 12 and 13 people,” she added.
According to her, some students sub-let their bed-spaces, charging between N15, 000 and N35, 000, depending on the room and the hall.

Meanwhile, the private sector is giving a helping hand in the construction of hostels to complement the effort of the management of the institution.

Malam Mohammed Danfulani, Manager of hostels owned by a non-governmental organization, ‘Near Foundation’, told NAN that apart from shelter, the Foundation also fed the students during academic session.
According to him, the Foundation operates separate hostels for female and male students at ABU main campus, Samaru, Zaria.

The Manager explained that during weekdays, the Foundation provides breakfast and dinner for the students, with lunch added on the menu during weekends.

Malam Abba Mamman, the hostel’s Guidance and Counseling Officer, told NAN that the extra services were provided to reduce their hardship.

Mr Caleb Akaa, Part three student of Business Administration, said he had stayed in the hostel for three different sessions.

“In the morning, we were served tea with eggs or chips, while the dinner is rice with salad, and sometimes, other different foods and a cup of drink,’’ he said.increased to 225,000.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Bandits Demand N200million Ransom For Major Abducted From NDA

The gunmen who abducted Major Stephen Dantong from the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Afaka, Kaduna, on Tuesday have demanded a ransom of N200 million from military authorities.

The gunmen invaded the Afaka barracks of the academy around 1am, killing two soldiers identified as Lieutenant Commodore Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Okoronwo.

One of the officers who was injured in the attack is currently being treated at a hospital within the barracks.
According to FIJ, the bandits subsequently contacted the defence academy to initiate negotiation on the payment of ransom to secure the release of Datong.
The gunmen reportedly operated for hours and left without any hindrance.

“They couldn’t kill even one of them,” an NDA source lamented to FIJ. “They searched everywhere in the bush but couldn’t find them. They had fled away with their motorbikes.”
“They have called to ask for N200million to free the Major,” the source also said. “The attack was ridiculous. They came, teased us and left. Even the helicopter hovering in the bush could not track them.”

After the attack, Bashir Muhd Jajira, spokesman for the NDA in Kaduna, said the security architecture of the NDA was compromised by unknown gunmen who gained access into the residential area within the Academy in Afaka.

“During the unfortunate incident, we lost two personnel and one was abducted,” he said.

“The Academy, in collaboration with the 1 Division Nigerian Army and Air Training Command as well as other security agencies in Kaduna State, has since commenced pursuit of the unknown gunmen within the general area with a view to tracking them and rescuing the abducted personnel.”
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Attack On NDA: Troops Go After Bandits As Military Vow To Rescue Kidnapped Officer

After bandits invaded the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), located at Afaka permanent site of the institution and killed two personnel with the abduction of another officer on Tuesday morning in Kaduna state, the Military are currently trailing the dare-devil terrorists.

Major Bashir Muhd Jajira, spokesman of the establishment, which is the main institution, for the training of the elite corps of the Nigerian military – army, navy and air force, confirmed that its personnel, had commenced an intense manhunt to apprehend the perpetrators of the high crime.

The pursuit is being done in collaboration with the 1Division Nigerian Army and Air Training Command as well as other security agencies in Kaduna, Jajira, said in a statement, shortly after the news broke, adding that the search was being carried out within the general area with a view to tracking them and rescue the abducted personnel.
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Bandits Attack Nigerian Defence Academy, Kill Military Officer, Abduct Two Personnel

Bandits have invaded the Afaka barracks of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna State, killing a naval officer.

The bandits were also said to have also kidnapped two majors.

According to Daily Trust, the bandits who attacked the barracks around 1am on Tuesday are still believed to be inside the academy.

A reliable source within the barracks said security had been beefed up within and around the barracks to stop the bandits from escaping with the officers.

“It was a terrible experience; the bandits took advantage of the time when most people had gone to bed to attack the barracks.”
“Right now, the whole barracks is under lock and key and security has been beefed up so that the bandits cannot leave the barracks because it is believed that they are still within,” the source said.

One of the officers who was injured in the attack is currently being treated at a hospital within the barracks.

The source said that there are, however, fears that the bandits may decide to kill the officers in a bid to escape.

The Academy Public Relations Officer, Major Bashir Jajira, did not respond to calls put across.
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Monday, August 23, 2021

Jaba Local Government Election: Nigerian Tailors Association, Endorses Hon. Benjamin Jock

The Association of Nigerian Tailors, Jaba Local Government  Chapter has thrown her weight behind the re-election bid of Hon. Benjamin Jock as the Executive Chairman, Jaba Local Area of Kaduna State. 

The association made her intention known on a courtesy visit to the immediate past chairman and APC Chairmanship candidate at his residence in Tunga Nok. 
The president of the association, Mr. Reuben Garba, who led the delegation, disclosed that the Jaba Local Government Chapter of the association is supporting the re-election bid of Hon.Benjamin Jock in the forthcoming local government elections owning to his first tenure developmental strides.
The leadership of the association stressed that the sustainable developmental  programmes and projects initiated and executed by the immediate past administration definitely calls for continuity. 
The president therefore appealed to the well meaning individuals, organisations, civil societies and the entire people of Jaba LG to support Hon. Benjamin Jock's continuity in office as Executive Chairman Jaba Local Government Area, come September 4th, 2021.

The members of the association in  demonstration of their overwhelming joy for the laudable programmes of Hon. Benjamin Jock's first tenure,  presented him with a merit AWARD as SARKIN AIKIN JABA (MR. PROJECT), the title first bestowed on the APC Chairmanship candidate by Hon. Monday Samson Diko, member representing Jaba constituency at the State House of Assembly.
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KPA MEDIA SERVICES, Set To Execute Another Initiative

After Successfully Executing The Maiden Edition Of Kaduna Political Awards, KPA MEDIA SERVICES Is Set To Execute Another Initiative. 

Stay Tuned For More Details
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Security Update: Troops Rescue 15 kidnapped Commuters In Jema'a LGA

Troops of Operation Safe Haven have reported to the Kaduna State Government the rescue of 15 commuters in Jagindi, Jema'a LGA. 
According to the report, the 15 persons had been kidnapped from two vehicles in the area while in transit. The troops responded to a distress call and mobilized swiftly to the location. They repelled the bandits, enabling the rescue of the abducted persons. 
 The rescued persons are listed as follows: 
- Maisaje Pam
- Samuel Peter 
- Ziyau Abdul
- Henry Dabo
- Abduljabar Auwal
- Muhammad Ali
- Dama Dabo
- Ramatu Aminu 
- Muhammad Sani 
- Abdullahi Muhammad 
- Bashar Garba 
- Abubakar Musa 
- Saad Yakubu
- Maryam Ibrahim 
- Lami Bitrus 
Acting Governor Dr Hadiza Balarabe noted the report with satisfaction and thanked the troops for their swift response which resulted in the rescue of the commuters. 

The troops are sustaining search and rescue operations in the area.
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