Friday, July 30, 2021

OPINION: Whenever I Watch Analysts On The Television Blaming State Governors For Insecurity, I Shake My Head In Disbelief, By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga

Whenever I watch analysts on the television blaming State Governors for insecurity, I shake my head in disbelief. These self-styled analysts would tell you the Governors are doing nothing, despite the billions they are collecting as security votes. 

But is that true? Analysts that merely make sensational allegations or assumptions are just taking advantage of the gullibility or ignorance of their audiences. To command credibility, an analyst has to do his homework. You can't do your homework when you don't pay attention to the efforts of some of the Governors are making incredibly well in terms of supporting our security personnel. 

I know for a fact that Governors El-Rufai, Masari, Tambuwal, Simon Lalong,  Zulum and others have invested billions to support our security organizations to fight banditry and other crimes. Though these security personnel are federal employees, the  State Governors spend billions of their own budgets to buy vehicles and other gadgets for our security personnel. Besides supporting them with vehicles, these Govs also bend over backwards to take care of their welfare. 

Let's be fair: these Governors have their limits. Their power as the so-called chief security officers is severely limited. Can a Gov sanction a military or police commander that failed to respond promptly to distress calls of victims under attack? Where is the power when you can't hold security officers accountable for failure or inadequacies?

As El-Rufai once lamented, he said they are chief security officers just in name. He was right. When a Governor doesn't have the power to sanction security officials for inadequacies or failures, the title of chief security officer is merely cosmetic or ceremonial. If states had their own independent security outfits, then the Govs are a better position to hold commanders accountable, but that is not the situation currently in the country.

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