Monday, July 19, 2021

OPINION: Stop Blaming Our Senator: A Call For Reflection, By Ally B

Sometimes, i wonder what we (SK) stand to achieve by blaming our senator while the key players are dining on crossed legs watching how the killing of our people is going on smoothly and successful day by day.
The questions are....
(i) Is the Senator the commander in chief of the FRN?
(ii) Is he the chief security  officer of the state?
(iii) Is he the chairman or a member of house committee on army or defense?
(iv) Does the constitution warrant him to deploy uniform men without the approval of (i) and (ii) above?
If the answers are NO, then what sin has his committed?
Several times before our very eyes whenever people are killed in Katsina, Zamfara etc, some offsprings of darkness do mobilize their selves and move to the central city to commiserate with the CinC (for doing nothing) over the lost of lives and properties in spite of failures in his capacity as the number 1. 
Then why is ours in SK different?
 I often see this as blackmail and diversion of attention by our enemies from outside (especially from the opposite side) who use our enemies within to divert our attention in other to cover their flaws and evil act, meanwhile the big fish in KSGH who suppose to take the blame will be laughing in his closet with a cup of coffee for being successful in his ploy using the divide and rule syndrome. 
But why?
I don't want to imagine the day that our insensitivity to the divide and rule tactics will lead to a tactical imposition of someone who is not the son of the soil as the representative of Zone C in the red chamber (God forbid). Although the situations maybe different, a case of Chikun LGA chairmanship is a thing of concern (since 2016) to those who care.
By now, we (SK) should have a deep thought and respect a senator that was bold enough to tell his beloved to defend themselves; a statement that generated more enemies to him than friends from the red chamber to the top. 
So what else do we really want him to do after the statement?
Oh! to buy firearms and distribute to every household  after all we are aware that some gangsters were deployed to ransack his house just to have an evidence to nail him for making a statement that even the constitution does not consider a crime?
We all, by now should know that the senator is surrounded by wolves in the red chamber and at the same time in the blacklist of those whose body languages clearly show that SK is a land of interest for them. 
We(SK) must not allow the Jonathan-Buhari's experience to befall us. If we think it is ripe to replace the senator, fine, let's keep calm till 2023 that is fast approaching because if we can endure Buhari and El'rufai's excesses all these years, then we must also learn to endure our own senator until the next general election.
IN CONCLUSION Here are the facts we should know as a people...
(i) Our senator deserves our corporate sympathy than blame game in critical time like this.

(ii) We should be grateful that our senator is not a sell out.

(iii) He is first our brother, then a senator- spirit of brotherhood.

(iv)  He is a human being just like any of us therefore has his own short comings.

(v) Our number 1 enemies are those killing us and not the person representing us.

(vi) We must understand how the statement "Namu namu ne" operate or else we will continue to cast stones on the lamb while the wolves, jackals and hyenas take advantage of our insensitive.

(vii) If you believe that our situation deserves our prayers, our brother/representative deserves our prayers too. 

(viii) Let love leads and binds us as a people.

(ix) Let us correct our own in love (except for our sell out whose aim is to destroy us).

(x) United we stand, divided we fall.

Long live SK, the land of our inheritance.

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