Saturday, June 12, 2021

OPINION: Footprints Of My Boss And Mentor, By John Joseph Bitiyong

"Dan Jarida" is an Indian Film transliterated in Hausa. The actor was a veteran journalist whose daily reportage was anti-government and pro-citizens. The Prime Minister saw the journalist as a thorn in his flesh and summoned him for a discussion that would either lead to his political hiatus or make him a hero thereby exposing the journalist to the fury of the citizens. The two discussed and the journalist was asked to be a Prime Minister for a day, practicalize what he criticised the incumbent PM of withing 24hrs else he would be killed. He accepted the challenge, within the time agreed on, there was monumental change in facets of the live of the people, because every second meant a lot to him. He fulfilled his promises and the people experienced needed change, actions that exposed the incumbent as a non performer.

Using the story above, recall that my Boss, Hon. John Hassan once held sway as the IMC of our dear LGA for just three weeks and he did wonderfully great by first of all paying all outstanding salaries amongst others. Consequently, most people advised him to contest for the Chairmanship position albeit the zoning never favoured him and he lost, his campaign train shook the then incumbent. Notwithstanding, he tried to follow up his manifestos like providing essential goods for human flourishing like water, in fact, I had the privilege to commission a tap in his name at Amawa Community. He helped in the roofing of few places of worship, he offered assistance to citizens during religious festivities of both Christians and Muslims. Also, the IDPs in our LGA can share their experiences of my Principal.

Indeed, there is no polling unit in our dear LGA that has not benefited from his philanthropic acts.

Our dear teaming supporters, my Principal has set a good precedence, he has carved a niche for himself, it follows therefore that if given the opportunity, he will do more because doing good to all manner of people irrespective of creed, ethnicity or social status is part of him. This corroborates the saying that "the reward of hard work is more work." 

Please, bless us with your votes. Just give us the opportunity.

May God help us, amen.

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