Wednesday, June 9, 2021

OP-ED: The Great Man Theory And John Hassan Candidacy: A Historian's Perspective, By Jesse H. Katoh

The great man theory is an age long theory that eulogizes heroes, personalities, and the larger than life individuals. The great man is one who can put  into words and actions, the will of his age. He is one who can tell his age what his will is and can actualize his age by doing the will of his age. As a historian, I liken the likes of Nelson Mandela, and Joseph Stalin as Great men of their time.
John Hasan to me, best suits the modalities outlined above about great men because of his track records in the financial sector, political spectrum and his philanthropic gestures. The man John Hasan fits the "Great Man" status because of his integrity and social stand, because he has not just a head knowledge of the Local Government, but he also knows the basic need of the people "JUSTICE"
The mammoth crowd that occasioned his rally on the 28th May, 2021 at ungwa Rimi stunned my guts and lifted my spirit towards the new Dawn he promised via his 1st manifesto of justice/equality which he attributes to be the major problem bedevilling Zango Kataf LGA. Also, he has been consistent on the issues of justice and tranquility from the very first day he flagged off his campaign in Zonkwa. Thus, no society can thrive without equity, justice and egalitarianism. This means john Hasan knows the terrain (as earlier published by ABRAK YANKEES in his encomium on John Hassan via Facebook two months ago). This has made him stand out from his opposing contestants who are  yet to feed us all on why they yearn for power.
According to Abdulrazaq, John Hasan has evolved as a bridge between the older and younger generation. I couldn't agree less because of the teeming youths flocking behind his candidacy (without mentioning names). To this regard, I sum it that John  is a GREAT MAN, and only great men are saddled with mandates of salvaging the needs and yearnings of the people in socioeconomic and political climes. 
Finally, why should we vote John Hasan?
1. A vote for John Hasan is a vote for unity and justice, which are a prerequisite dose to remedy our insecurity.

2. A vote for John Hasan is a pathway to job creation and wealth sustainability. Thus, he has promised to revolutionized agriculture, thus, farming is our economic main stay.

3. A vote for John Hasan is a vote for mentorship and not god fatherism.

4. John is a square peg meant for a square hole. He has been there as caretaker for few months and his footprints are still visible in the sands of time. He deserve a substantive spell in charge, and only our votes can work it out.

My name Is Jesse Haruna Katoh, am voting John Hasan for Chairman Zango Kataf LGA, what about YOU?🤷‍♂️

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