Wednesday, May 12, 2021

OPINION: Now That Ekene Adams Is Out Of The Chikun Local Government Race, The PDP In Chikun Should Start Thinking Of How To Celebrate Their Victory, By Didam Musa Goni

I hope the APC in Chikun will be ready to accept what is about to happen come June when the electorates in Kaduna will be going to the poll to elect their representatives at the local government level?

In my article of March 11, 2021 which was published on Kaduna Political Affairs, and on my Facebook Wall, with the title "Why Chikun Local Government Chair Is Going To Ekene Adams Abubakar", I mentioned that, of all the aspirants contesting the Chikun chair, Ekene Adams was the most capable and competent of them. My reasons were simply because he was the only one with proven track records, programs and projects that have touched the lives of people. I even went as far as saying that most of the serving local government chairmen have not achieved what Ekene Adams has achieved ever since he declared his intention to run for Chikun the Chikun chair.

I am still standing by my statement of March 11, that he still remains the most competent and capable aspirants. He may have been declared "not suitable" by the APC examination committee but that does not in any way challenge or reduce his competency.

Exams are over and results have since been released. The next stage is the primary election. Five aspirants will be jostling for the flagbearer of the party. Who will emerge victorious, Waziri, Leeman, Rabo, Tela or Maikai? What I know is that whoever emerges the party's flag bearer will not find it easy to scale through in the general election. In fact, now that Ekene Adams is out of the game, I doubt if the APC will win Chikun. 

Chikun has been known as a stronghold of PDP since 1999, therefore I doubt if the APC will win the election. They had the chance when Ekene was in the race, now that he is out the PDP will definitely give them a run for their money.

Apart from the fact that Chikun is a stronghold for PDP, another thing I observed about the APC aspirants is that they have a poor campaign strategy. Of the five aspirants that will be contesting for the party's flag bearer in the primaries, only Samaila Leeman and Monday Tella appears to be serious but even these two aspirants have a very poor campaign strategies. I have observed their campaign method, and it is nowhere close to that of Ekene Adams.

Few days ago, PDP conducted her primaries, and I have no idea who emerged winner for Chikun local government, but whoever the winner is, he definitely stand the chance of winning the election now that the only competent and capable aspirants APC had in Chikun had been declared "Not Suitable" after the examination. At this point in time, the PDP in Chikun should start thinking of how to celebrate their victory because I see the party winning the election on a platter of gold.

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