Wednesday, May 19, 2021

OPINION: APC Youth In Kaduna Praising El-rufai Against NLC Strike, What A Pity & Shame, By Dejang Thomas

Comrade Ayuba Waba is an indigine of Taraba State not Kaduna but being the NLC President, he is in Kaduna discharging his core duties in solidarity with Kaduna State workers which instead of coming out to support the NLC protest against El-rufai, you are then drumming in support of the government. My first question to the APC youth is why supporting him? Are you aware that he is mortgaging your very future and even your unborn children? Be informed that he has only 2 years left for him to leave that place, will you follow him?  You're advised to have a change of perception because El-rufai will only scatter the State and run away. Workers interest should never be taken for granted, because Kaduna is our State or do we have another one elsewhere? NO. Can you destroy your only State just in the name of a so-called Party? Have we all lost our conscience, ideology, norm or culture? Is something seriously wrong with us? Abinitio, do you still hold this idea of conviction El-rufai loves us. Is Party politics still being played out in this 20th century? If you're still there, then deviate, because it is barbaric, satanic & shameful. Measure the achievements & failures of this APC from year 2015 to date, is it kidnapping, illegal sacking of workers, lopsided appointments, unnecessary demolition, religion sentimentality, unlawfully arrest of opposition party men, ban of religion activities, over 20O% School fees increment, closure of Chiefdoms and so on? Stop supporting a religion bigot, selfish, nepotist, violent & a wicked person that has continuously ruin our peace loving 
Society since 2015. A word is enough for the wise.

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