Tuesday, May 18, 2021

OP-ED: Open Letter To Governor Nasir Ahmed Elrufai, By Dogara Caesar

In the words of President Nelson Mandela, “He who changes his principles depending on who he is dealing with, such is not a person to be called a leader”. Your Excellency, your attitude towards governance and democracy in Kaduna state as a senior government official says differently from your days of opposition prior to the 2015 general elections; thanks to the new media, we can dig out your criticisms and contrast with the present play –but, I will keep that aside, noting that people change and ideas change as well. 

And to the present, no one is proud of the contemporary situation in Kaduna state. I tell it to you that even those whom you believe to be your closest friends are not happy but just can’t find a way to tell you because the heat being generated from the lower, up to the middle class is beginning to make life uncomfortable for some at the upper echelon of society, particularly in Kaduna state. 

Your Excellency, the decision to sack thousands of workers unjustly remains one of the lowest points of your administration. In face of the worst socio-economic challenge in our nation’s history, it is inhumane to take such rash decisions that directly affects the lives of citizens in the worst possible ways imaginable. Sir, it makes no sense in any way because here you are frustrated by the insecurity bedeviling the land and then, you continue to sack hardworking citizens who depend on government for their daily bread and with that of their families too. Where do they begin to seek for jobs in a society where millions of qualified youths are unemployed? 

My dearest Mallam, it is important to further note that those terrorizing our various communities with AK 47s and RPGs are probably those who were neglected by state and have now grown wings of violence, unleashing it on state. I put it to you that, “There is always a limit to human endurance”. In line with this, the young people who could drop out of school due to unfavorable policies in the education sector like the proposed ridiculous increment in tuition fee of the Kaduna state University (KASU), or those young and unemployed that won’t be able to feed and carter for themselves because government had relieved dad and mum of their jobs and making live so difficult –They also won’t hesitate on picking up guns as an option for survival when nothing comes their way. 

Sir, like I always do, I try to proffer solutions on issues I criticize, as my previous notes will attest to. I don’t know who your economic advisers are or where you got the unfortunate idea to sack workers, an issue that is causing even more pains to the general public as a result of the decision taken by the NLC. In my own understanding of how things work, government cant afford to grow the already high number of unemployment at a time that insecurity is at it's high. Government should concentrate on tackling key national issues which includes creating jobs to keep everyone positively busy. Resources should be made to touch every class of society. Unless there are other motives to this, -this is a normal way to get rid of our problems. -Recall President Barack Obama inherited a great recession in 2008 after Bush's conquest in Iraq, but rather than offloading workers, he pumped in the biggest ever stimulus bill into the economy. This shows that government MUST be responsible for welfare of the people rather than throwing them in socioeconomic tragedies.

You are indeed a great Governor who is doing well in areas of infrastructure, revenue generation and trying the best you can to tackle the security challenges in our state -But it's not enough when a very large population in Kaduna are economically dissatisfied and yet, they continue to get sacked by same government responsible for their welfare. I urge that you reconsider the demands of the Labor Union because their drive, if not sorted out will only plunge the state's economy into more turmoil as economic activities will crash. We can get out of the contemporary security challenges, inflation, unemployment and all the troubles if only you act by first reversing some of these policies and decisions, and most importantly, create more jobs. Indeed, this will be the beginning of a journey beyond the sky.
God bless Kaduna State!

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