Friday, May 28, 2021

Kaduna PDP Rejects SIECOM'S Postponement Of June 5th LG Elections

The People's Democratic Party(PDP) Kaduna State Chapter, rejects the postponement of the 5th June,2021 Local Government elections by the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission, KADSIECOM.

In a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Alberah Catoh, the PDP stated that It is their firm  belief that the SIECOM is not acting independently, and if it is so SIECOM should know that they have an image and reputation to guard and protect. 
The tenure of the present serving Local Government Councils will elapse by June,2021, it is arbitrary to appoint Interim Management Committees to manage the affairs of the Local Government at the end of their tenure.
Therefore, SIECOM is going to deny the people of Kaduna State their constitutional right of electing their representatives at the Local Government level, the statement added. 

The KADSIECOM  seemed to have connived with the Nasir Elrufai APC led government to sabotaged the forthcoming Local Government elections process by the postponement,  because they have realised that if elections were to be conducted the APC would loose woefully across the State, due to the bad policies of the Elrufai's APC led government in the State.
The party wondered why the Commission would set a date for an election only for them to later postponed the elections knowing, fully well they were never prepared in the first place to conduct the elections, claiming that batteries and other accessories of the Electronic Voting Machines,EVM, were yet to be delivered from China and would be delivered on 27th July,2021. 
SIECOM should have known that there is a timeline for delivery of such sensitive materials before fixing election date in the first place.
If the SIECOM had any plans of conducting the elections in the first place, these accessories and other sundry matters should have been sorted out long before fixing the deceptive date for the elections just to hoodwinked the electorates and political parties into believing elections were going to be conducted. 
The PDP is ever ready to participate in the Local Government elections any day the Electoral Commission decides to conduct the Local Government elections in Kaduna State.
The PDP calls on the SIECOM to, as a matter of duty, fairness and credible elections, play by the rules of engagement of the Electoral  process, so as to give credence to its "Independent" status.  
Finally, we call on our teeming party members and supporters to remain calm, we belief that the rainy Day has just being postponed, but it will surely come, says the statement.

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