Thursday, April 29, 2021

OPINION: Kaura Local Government And The Need For Equal Opportunities, By Auta Jerry Nimrod

The local Government election is around the corner in Kaduna state and several aspirants are struggling for a chance to serve their local Government areas. 
Looking at the campaign posters and online postings, you can easily notice that majority of the aspirants are from the APC fold, could it be that APC is the preferred political party of choice in the state? Only time shall tell. 

My local Government,  kaura isn't left out in the clamour for who to serve them. In the APC, the party I am a member of, 6 persons are vigorously campaigning to be voted as chairman of the local Government. Two from Agban ward; Ibrahim Akut and Sani Tachio, Yakubu Yatai from Manchock ward, Nehemia Sunday (ASO) from kaura ward, Donatus Adamu from Bondon ward and Joe Afan(Factor) from Fada ward. All the above mentioned aspirants are better qualified to  serve kaura adequately as chairman. 
As a young man with lots of love for my local Government,  I have a concern and it stems from the representatives serving us at the moment in the state house of assembly and federal house of representatives. Standing, Hon. Gideon Gwani from Fada ward is the member representing us at the federal house of representatives while Hon. Asu mugu from Bondon ward is the member State house of assembly. 
Looking at the above explanation,  it is politically reasonable and for the sake of fair play and equity, for aspirants for the chairmanship from the duo of Fada and Bindon wards, to allow other wards an opportunity to present the next chairman of the local Government. This Brotherly consideration will go a long way to create political harmony amongst the people of the local Government. 
The 'winner take all mentality' is today the bane of our political woes. Let us do things right for our own good. 
Allah ya taimake kaura local Government.

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