Monday, April 19, 2021

M’Belt Forum Tackles Government Over Continued Detention of Sick Village Head, 14 Other Atyap Leaders in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Chapter of the Middle Belt Forum, MBF, says it is shocking and disheartening to note that for over 18 days Fifteen (15) Atyap community leaders in Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA) in Southern part of Kaduna State have been detained and are under Government custody without trial as stipulated by  Nigeria constitution.
The statement was contained in a press statement issued by the union, which was signed by John Haruna, Secretary,
MBF, Kaduna State Chapter. According to the statement, among these noble and patriotic Leaders is a very sick 85 years old man, Four village Heads and youth Leader.
These gentle and Innocent men were tricked to a peace meeting at the Headquarters of Operation Safe Haven around Kafanchan, on 3rd March, 2021 by millitary officers of Operation Safe Haven. After spending Four days of torture, agonizing and inhuman treatment in the hands of the military, they were later transferred to the Kafanchan Police Area Command. Again, they suffered total detention in the hands of the Police between 3rd to 9th April, 2021. They are currently been held at the Kabala west police Station, Kaduna State.
 These leaders were invited by the military for a peace meeting to chart the way forward for peace to reign in Atyap community and Land over the incessant killing, arson, destruction of farm land and crops, rapping of women and kidnapping now unjustly been punished for nothing sake.
Among the detained Atyap community Leaders are the following:_—  Atyoli Ishaya Achi (Dakachin Zonzon Community) Atyoli Joseph Bitrus (Secretary of Dakachin wawarafi) Atyoli Bitrus Adamu (village Head of Mai wakili) Atyoli Sumaila Kazah (village Head of ugwan Tabo) others are :– Elder Waje Laah (85 years old man and very Sick of Mabuhu village.). Atyoli Ayuba Dodo (Dakachin Mashan 1) and Peter Katung a youth leader.
The statement further stated, while Middle Belt Forum does not in any way support lawlessness in any form, we therefore vowed to take exception when the law is only directed at the victims.
The Forum frowned at the type of system we operate in Nigeria where Fulani herdsmen have been unleashing terror on farmers in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Kogi  Plateau and the entire Middle Belt Region scattered incidents in other part of the country. The Government at both Federal and Kaduna State level deliberately turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards the gory sights and sounds, and not once did they condemned their wanton killings, destruction and not a single one of them was apprehended and persecuted but when ever a Fulani herdsmen or some of their cows  were killed or rustled, the law enforcement agents are quick to apprehend the culprits.
The Government planned to established a home land for all the fulanis across the West Africa in Nigeria particularly in the Middle Belt Region and towards that, they proposed RUGA ( Fulani settlement in all the State in the Middle Belt ostensibly as their spokesperson claimed to solve the problems of herders and farmers clash. When the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt resisted the move, they quickly put plan B in motion by declaring Nigeria a visa—free entry Country to all Africans in order to precipitate a massive influx of Fulani into the country.
The Forum wants the Government at both Federal and Kaduna State to take note very seriously that, all ethnic Nationalities in the Middle Belt will not succumb to surreptitious fulanisation of Nigeria and the Middle Belt in particular. The plan will not succeed became of the influx of ten million fulanis in addition to the between seven and Ten million already in the country cannot overcome the over 300 indigenous tribes in Nigeria and Middle Belt region and take their ancestral Lands from them.
Please, let the Government be reminded that the  warlike indigenous tribes of Kogi, Benue, Plateau Taraba etc. The Igalas, The Jukuns, The Nupes, The Agatus, The Idomas and many more who checkmated the incursions of the campaign army of Othman Dan fodio after 1808 are still very much there and waiting.
If the Government proceeds with the fulanisation agenda, they will only succeeded in disintegrating the country Nigeria into sovereign States. Otherwise, how can you explain the audacious impunity of a certain section of the country, they can intimidate everybody even a sitting president and get away with it.
The Forum wondered, how do we have a country where a murderous terrorist groups like the herdsmen are being openly defended by a government that wants our loyalty.

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