Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards: Simnom Hassan, Receives Nomination Certificate

Simnom Hassan, an ardent follower of Kaduna Political Affairs has received her Nomination Certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards, under the "Reader Of The Year" Category.

In her a acceptance speech, she said, "I wish to register my appreciation for counting me worthy to be part of the forth coming Kaduna Political Awards which I've been nominated under the Reader Of The Year Category.
"My quest and yearning to get informed about the political happenings in my state stirred my interest to follow your page. I find your page to be of a professional standard.''
"I am here to say thank you. I was just following to be informed, never expected any recognition. Shared for others to be informed because of your professionalism."
"I pray you keep being consistent, neutral and authentic in disseminating your media contents, i wish you a global household name." Thank you.

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