Thursday, April 29, 2021

OPINION: Kaura Local Government And The Need For Equal Opportunities, By Auta Jerry Nimrod

The local Government election is around the corner in Kaduna state and several aspirants are struggling for a chance to serve their local Government areas. 
Looking at the campaign posters and online postings, you can easily notice that majority of the aspirants are from the APC fold, could it be that APC is the preferred political party of choice in the state? Only time shall tell. 

My local Government,  kaura isn't left out in the clamour for who to serve them. In the APC, the party I am a member of, 6 persons are vigorously campaigning to be voted as chairman of the local Government. Two from Agban ward; Ibrahim Akut and Sani Tachio, Yakubu Yatai from Manchock ward, Nehemia Sunday (ASO) from kaura ward, Donatus Adamu from Bondon ward and Joe Afan(Factor) from Fada ward. All the above mentioned aspirants are better qualified to  serve kaura adequately as chairman. 
As a young man with lots of love for my local Government,  I have a concern and it stems from the representatives serving us at the moment in the state house of assembly and federal house of representatives. Standing, Hon. Gideon Gwani from Fada ward is the member representing us at the federal house of representatives while Hon. Asu mugu from Bondon ward is the member State house of assembly. 
Looking at the above explanation,  it is politically reasonable and for the sake of fair play and equity, for aspirants for the chairmanship from the duo of Fada and Bindon wards, to allow other wards an opportunity to present the next chairman of the local Government. This Brotherly consideration will go a long way to create political harmony amongst the people of the local Government. 
The 'winner take all mentality' is today the bane of our political woes. Let us do things right for our own good. 
Allah ya taimake kaura local Government.
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Lecturers Oppose Kaduna State University Tuition Hike

Lecturers at Kaduna State University have kicked against increase in tuition at the school, saying students might be forced to drop out.
Academic Staff Union of Universities at the school said the students might have to leave because their parents who are mostly poor  could not afford to pay the new fees.
It called on  the state government to reverse its  decision and engage relevant stakeholders on the issue in line with its Open Government Partnership.
The university has around 19,000 students, 17,000 of them indigenes.
At least 70% of the indigenous students are “sons and daughters of peasant farmers, civil servants and petty traders,” said the university chairman Peter Adamu.
“Worse still, the state government had sacked a good number of its workforce; among them are parents and guardians of our students. These people struggle everyday against the current economic downturn to pay the fees of their children. Raising school fees by over 500 per cent will, without doubt, send thousands of the students out of school.
“A significant majority of prospective students will be denied entry and this may have a devastating impact on the government’s quest to develop viable human capital in the state,” he said.
The ASUU chairman said the increase would further widen the existing gap between the rich and the poor, saying the consequences of the upward review would be unquantifiable which  this is coming at the time the streets are becoming unsafe due to spurge in thuggery, banditry and kidnappings.
Adamu said that purported scholarship programme unveiled by the government was a smokescreen to justify the increase, he said data from the State Scholarship and Loans Board, showed that between 2017 and 2020, only about 13.29 per cent of the over 19,000 students benefited from the scholarship scheme.
He added that in 2020, students were promised laptop loans for online lectures at the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, but none of the students benefited.
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OPINION: It is only when we are alive that we will live to do political campaigns and politicking, those that are politicising the killings may be the next victims, By James Kanyip

I cry deeply in my quiet time whenever the thoughts of these senseless and barbaric killings come to my mind. The inhumanity of man against man is unimaginable.

But, the worst of it all are those that see these killings as a potential political enterprise and campaign platforms to hoodwink the gullibles. In their small minds, they see these killings within political prism.

They have no empathy for the victims. They are excited each time there are killings to enable them have a field day for their political campaigns. This is senseless, to say the least. 

These trying times call for collective reasoning and solution. The killers do not kill on the basis of our political affiliations; their guns have no respect for followers of APC, PDP, or other parties: all are potential targets and victims. We are all in this together!

The issue is not about voting out APC, and/or voting in PDP (or vice versa), or any other opportunity for political interswitch. Besides, both parties are in this government. It is about the preservation of both our collective existence as a people and our common humanity. 

It is only when we are alive that we will live to do political campaigns and politicking. Those that are politicising the killings may be the next victims. Who knows?
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Local Government Elections: Kaduna PDP Postpones Primaries

The Peoples Democratic Party, Kaduna State's Chapter, in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Alberah Catoh, announced the postponement of the forthcoming Local Government elections Party primaries which was scheduled to take place as follows:

1. Councillorship Primaries was scheduled to hold on 1st and 2nd May,2021
2. Chairmanship Primaries was scheduled to hold on the 3rd May,2021

The new dates are as follows :

1. Councillorship Primaries is schedule to hold on the Monday, 3rd and Tuesday, 4th May,2021.
2. Chairmanship Primaries is scheduled to hold on the Wednesday 5th May,2021, says the statement.
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PHOTONEWS: Greenfield University Student Dorothy Yohanna, killed By Bandits, Buried Amid Tears

Greenfield University Student Dorothy Yohanna, killed By Bandits, Buried Amid Tears
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Kaduna Political Awards: Awemi Maisamari, Receives Nomination Certificate

Mr Awemi Dio Maisamari has received his Nomination certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 

Awemi Maisamari, the vice President of The Southern Kaduna People's Union and the then president, Adara Development Association, received his Nomination certificate for the forthcoming awards, under the Man Of The People Category.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Kaduna Assembly declares former Speaker’s seat vacant, suspends 4 members

The Kaduna State House Assembly has declared the seat of former Speaker, Aminu Abdullahi-Shagali, vacant.
Mr Abdullahi-Shagali who represents Sabongari constituency was removed as Speaker in August 2020 and directed to issue an apology to the House.
The assembly at its sitting on Tuesday, noted that he has not apologised to the assembly nor participated in its activities for over 120 days as prescribed by law.
The lawmakers unanimously adopted the motion moved by Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed, member representing Zaria Kewaye, and declared the lawmaker’s seat vacant.
The sitting, presided by the Deputy Speaker, Isaac Auta-Zankai, also suspended four other members of the assembly for one year.
Those suspended include Mukhtar Isa-Hazo, a former deputy speaker who represents Basawa constituency, Nuhu Goroh-Shadalafiya of Kagarko constituency, Yusuf Liman-Dahiru, Kakuri/Makera constituency and Salisu Isa, Magajin Gari constituency.
They were suspended for causing disaffection and engaging in activities inimical to the unity of members of the assembly.
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KDSG Responds To Viral Video Clip Of El-Rufai Calling On The Government of Goodluck Jonathan To Use All Options, Including Negotiation, To Rescue Chibok Girls

The Kaduna State Government in a statement signed by Muyiwa Adekeye, special adviser to the Governor on media and communication, said; "Amidst the violence unleashed by criminal elements on the people of Kaduna State, some commentators have responded by blaming KDSG for asserting that the duty of the state is to uphold the law and not to reward hoodlums for violating the lives, property and liberties of citizens. 

Those pushing that kind of narrative are sharing a video clip of a 2014 interview in which Malam Nasir El-Rufai called on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to use all options, including negotiation, to rescue the Chibok girls. The years since 2014 may have led some people to forget the denial and doubt that defined the FG’s response to the Chibok abductions, especially the initial refusal to acknowledge that it happened. That was the context under which civic pressures were brought on the government.

Nigeria’s journey since the 2014 Chibok tragedy has proven that the solution to violent crimes, including terrorism and banditry, is a robust response from the state and its coercive agencies. The quantum of money paid as ransom following many negotiations with bandits have not stopped kidnappings, reduced their frequency or deterred the criminals.

The experience of many states in the Northwest of Nigeria since 2015 has included cattle rustling, kidnappings, killings and the devastation of communities by criminals. Several states sought to negotiate their way out of the problems by talking to bandits, paying them money or offering them amnesty. This has not worked and has only encouraged the criminals to press ahead for a surrender of the public treasury to them. That is clearly not in the public interest. 

Mass abduction was like in novelty in 2014. But the facts have changed since then. Negotiations and ransoms have been undertaken, but these  have not stopped the criminals. It has only encouraged them. It is only prudent to review one’s position when the facts change, and the suggestion made by a citizen years ago cannot be taken as the immutable answer to a serious problem which has evolved since 2014, no matter the viral replays of the said video clip.

The Kaduna State Government has been consistently transparent about its security challenges. It has supported and continues to resource the security agencies in the state. We are engaging the Federal Government to have security responses that move away from reactive response of repelling bandits towards a comprehensive, proactive offensive that takes the battle to the criminals and uproots them. As a sub-national, with no direct control of any of the security agencies, we cannot make this task more difficult by giving criminals the resources to acquire more arms. 

KDSG regrets the  recent kidnaps and killings of students from tertiary institutions in our state, and we sympathize with their families with whom we share the aim of the safe return of all the  students. We mourn the dead students and we offer our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. The ruthless and heartless resort of the kidnappers to murdering these young persons is part of their effort to further their blackmail and compel us to abandon our ‘no-ransom, no-negotiation’ policy. Are people bothering with the consequences of state surrender to hoodlums, or is the continued politicization of security challenges not going to make all of us ultimately victims of the insurgents?

The fact that criminals seek to hold us by the jugular does not mean we should surrender and create an incentive for more crime. In today’s Nigeria, it has become fashionable to treat the unlawful demands of bandits as worthy of consideration and to lampoon people who insist that outlaws should be crushed and not mollycoddled or availed the resources they can use to unleash further outrages.
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Outrage over hike in Kaduna State University tuition

Nigerians on social media on Monday condemned the proposed hike in the tuition of students of Kaduna State University.
Though the university management has yet to announce the new tuition, there are reports that the tuition for some non-indigenes in the state university has been increased to N500,000.
The fee hike proposal obtained by our correspondent showed that medical students of the university are worst hit by the increment.
The document also showed that the tuition for Kano State indigenes will also be increased.
Our correspondent also gathered that students of the Faculties of Arts, Education, Science, Social Management and Science may pay up to N200,000.
While Pharmacy and Applied Health Sciences would be expected to pay about N300,000.

“Management wishes to state that though tuition fees would be reviewed upward with specific fees on each course but yet to be announced. The figures being spread on social media are false,” the university’s Public Relations Officer, Adamu Nuhu Bargo, said in a press statement on KASU’s website.

Reacting, Abdul-Aziz Abubakar, said, “Elrufai sacked 25,000 teachers, Elrufai sacked 3,000 workers, Elrufai enforced levy on every adult residing in Kaduna, Elrufai can’t pay minimum wage, Elrufai hikes Kaduna state university tuition fee to N150, 000, and you still don’t knw why Kaduna became bandits headquarters?”

“What the Kaduna State University is saying, in essence, is that non-indigenes should go home. Those that have ears should listen,” @iam_BeckyJames added.

@DolapoOsun1414 complained that “Nobody is even saying anything, not even the supposed representatives of the masses. El-Rufai is really enjoying this APC privilege.”

“The story coming out from Kaduna State University is worrisome and very alarming, how do we expect children of common men to enroll their children into public universities when the tuition fee is as equal as that of private universities?” Isah Miqdad.

Also, the Kaduna State Council of Imams and Ulama urged the state government and the management of KASU to consider the hardship currently being faced by parents and shelve the plan.
“It’s difficult to comprehend any logic behind the intended increment in the present circumstances, bearing in mind that most parents are yet to recover from the effects of the lockdown.
“Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of Kaduna Urban Renewal Project and the mass sack of workers had placed an additional burden on parents.
“Any increment in the fees at this crucial time will only force students to drop out of school and consequently aid criminality and disorderliness in the state.
“Particularly now that the state is being faced with series of insecurity challenges.”
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FLASHBACK: How El-Rufai Blamed Jonathan For Not Negotiating Release Of Chibok Schoolgirls

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has ruled out the option of negotiating with bandits, saying they deserved to be killed.
The bandits, who abducted the students of Federal College Of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna, had demanded a N500 million ransom from the government but the governor called their bluff.
Ten of the 39 students who were abducted in the school regained freedom after their parents negotiated with the bandits directly.

Last week, armed men stormed Greenfield University in Kaduna and abducted many students yet the governor maintained the stance of not discussing with the armed men for the release of the students.
Sadly, five of them have been killed and the bandits have vowed to continue killing them if the N800 ransom demand is not met.

Shortly after Boko Haram insurgents abducted students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, El-Rufai was one of the loud voices that attacked the government of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

He had said: “If one of these girls was Jonathan’s daughter, the story would have been different. The only reason why these girls are still in captivity is because they are not the daughter of any important Nigerian, and we know it.  If you say we are politcising terrorism, go and rescue the girls so that I will not have the basis to politicise it.”

Asked if he was in support of negotiation, he had responded: “I am in support of every option, when you have life’s of a citizens at risk, you should not have any option on the table. You should reflect and listen.”
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Two More Abducted Kaduna Varsity Students Found Dead

Another two students of the Greenfield University in Kaduna state who were abducted by bandits have been killed by their abductors.
The students were among those that were abducted by bandits from the private university located along the Kaduna- Abuja highway on Tuesday night.
Three of the victims were found dead on Friday.
Eyewitnesses had said the gunmen stormed the university and started shooting sporadically, before taking some of the students away.
The Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security and Homeland Affairs, Samuel Aruwan confirmed the latest murder of the two students.
The statement read, “On a sad note, security agencies have just reported to the Kaduna State Government the recovery of two more dead bodies of Greenfield University students, killed by armed bandits today, Monday, 26th April 2021.
“The retrieved corpses have been evacuated to a mortuary, and the university has been notified of the development.
“The Government of Kaduna State under the leadership of Nasir El-Rufai is saddened by this evil perpetrated against innocent students abducted while pursuing their education for a glorious future.
“The government sends its deep empathy to their families and the university management and prays for the repose of their souls.”
In recent times, Kaduna has been facing a series of attacks by bandits including assaults on schools.
On March 11, they attacked the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization Afaka in the Igabi Local Government Area of the state and kidnapped 39 students, 29 of whom are still with their abductors.
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Monday, April 26, 2021

El-Rufai Wants Schools Built Near Military Camps To Curb Attacks By Bandits

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has advocated for the construction of schools near military camps to curb attacks by bandits in the state.
The governor, who spoke during a programme on Nigerian Television Authority on Friday, said bandits' attacks on schools can be foiled if troops can get to the affected school within 30 minutes.
According to El-Rufai, the state is working on measures to prevent further attacks, including ensuring budgetary allocations to fence schools.
The governor also said Kaduna needs more troops deployed in affected areas, as the security challenge is beyond what the police and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps can handle.

He said, “In our view in Kaduna, first (way to address the situation) is to ensure that schools are fenced, because, unless we fence schools, we will give easy access to criminals. So, fencing schools is very important, and that’s a budgetary item; you need money to build fences.
“The second is to have enough (security operatives) on (the) ground. We must have more civil defence (officers), more private security guards, more vigilante people in the schools, and watchtowers so that any threat of abduction can be seen in good time so that you can call for help.
“The third is to look at schools and to ensure that they are located no farther than 30 minutes from military installations because what we are facing with the bandits is beyond the capacity of civil defence and police. We need the army, the air force and navy special forces.
“We have looked at the pattern of abduction in Kaduna and Zamfara, and have come to a conclusion along with armed forces that if the army, air force and navy special forces can get to the location of the schools within 30 minutes, their (bandits’) operations can be foiled.
“Another thing that we have noticed is that these bandits attack rural schools. They often operate at night and they prefer boarding schools. So, that reduces the number of schools we have to protect.”
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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Kaduna Student Killed By Bandits Buried Amid Tears, Wailing

Sadiq Sanga Yusuf, one of the three students of the Greenfield University, Kaduna killed by suspected bandits has been buried amid wailing and tears by family members and friends.
It was gathered that Sadiq was the son of Malam Yusuf Mu’azu, a Director of Kaduna Ministry of Works.
He was buried with outpouring of condolences to the father, who was also a former chairman of Jemaa Local Government Area in Kaduna state.
Sodiq’s body, along with those of Dorathy Yohanna and Precious Nwakacha were on Friday found in Kwanan Bature village, a location not too far from the school premises.
The bandits had earlier demanded N800 million.
Kaduna is one of the states in Nigeria most affected by rampant kidnappings by bandits.
The invasion of the university was the third attack by bandits on schools in Kaduna in 2021.
Meanwhile, a Twitter user, @ydcoalhas narrated the painful ordeal of finding his sister-in-law, Dorathy among the three students who were killed.
In a series of tweets directed at Tolu Ogunlesi, Special Assistant to the President on Digital and New Media, he said, “People’s children have become sports for bandits and kidnappers. I’m very angry right now because there’s just so much I don’t understand anymore. What’s the purpose of life as a Nigerian? What’s the sole responsibility of a government for/to the people?”
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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Police Arrest 2 Ritualists With Human Skulls In Kaduna

The Police Command in Kaduna State on Saturday said it had arrested two suspected ritualists and recovered human skulls from them.
The command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Muhammad Jalige, made this known in a statement in Kaduna.
Jalige said that on April 23 at about 2130hrs, the command received a distress call through the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Kakuri.
He said the DPO informed the command that some people were sighted at the Muslim graveyard at Kudenden and were suspected to be carrying out a heinous act.
“On getting the report, operatives were immediately dispatched to the area where they succeeded in apprehending two persons of same address of Zaki Close, Kabala West, Kaduna.
“In possession of the said persons were a hoe and some human skulls which were recovered from them,” he stated.
Jalige said investigation into the incident was ongoing and the suspects would be charged to court on completion of same.
“The command is still soliciting for prompt information on any suspicious person or group to enable it to tackle the activities of the men of the underworld,” Jalige said.
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It’s Fake: CAN, NSCIA Say Of Document Linking Pantami To Yakowa Assassination Plot

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), and the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) have rejected the document allegedly linking communications minister Isa Pantami to the death of former Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa.

The chairman of CAN, Kaduna State Chapter, John Hayab, made his association’s position known in a statement.
Mr Hayab, who was Mr Yakowa’s former special adviser on religious affairs, said “as someone very close to the late Yakowa, I call on all Nigerians to ignore the insinuations linking Pantami with Sir Yakowa’s death, endangering national peace.
“This, I call on security agencies to step in and tame the circulation of such dangerous documents. We cannot afford to stoke fire when we should be pouring more water.”
“Sensitive documents like the ones purported to be from the JNI meeting in Bauchi should be subjected to thorough security investigation and trials, not tools for social media warfare,” Mr Hayab said.
Those circulating the document said it is the minutes of a July 2010 meeting of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) where the group, among other things, allegedly plotted to “eliminate” Mr Yakowa.
The report, which had been online since August 2010, quickly went viral when it was redistributed Wednesday. The document claimed the said meeting was chaired by embattled Mr Pantami.
Mr Yakowa died December 2012 in a helicopter crash alongside former National Security Adviser Owoye Azazi while returning from a funeral in Bayelsa State en route Port Harcourt.
But Mr Hayab said his group believed the ‘communique’ could have been doctored.
“We are aware that in this age of technological advancements, we have to take any allegations with a pinch of salt until we are confident of the authenticity of the source,” he said.
“Society’s discomforts and disagreements should, however, not be enough reasons for us to approve the circulation of phony and injurious statements against any perceived foe.”
He said CAN and Mr Yakowa’s family feared making the allegation “a media issue, instead of a legal and security issue that it ought to be, is that we stand to lose the most important point; that of bringing to justice persons accused to have wronged the law.”
He, therefore, called for caution to avert further chaos in communities with strained relationships as what is needed are mediatory interventions and peacebuilding.
He noted that after Mr Yakowa’s death, there was no inquiry to determine the cause of his death.
“We the Christian community and indeed his immediate family acknowledged the tragedy, submitting to the will of God Almighty. For that purpose, there is no point, now or later, to open up what will not bring back our leader and father but rather open up old wounds in a very controversial manner.
“Those who feel they have information to help the security agencies investigate whatever crimes against groups or individuals should do so within the provided window, without exacerbating the tension or formulating tales in the public space,” Mr Hayab said.
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Friday, April 23, 2021

Bandits kill 3 abducted Greenfield university students ― KDSG

Bandits who kidnapped students of Greenfield University, have shot dead three of the abducted students.
Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, said on Friday that the armed bandits on Tuesday night kidnapped an unspecified number of students at the institution located at Kasarami village off Kaduna-Abuja Road in Chikun LGA.
“The remains of three students were found today (Friday), in Kwanan Bature village, a location close to the university and have been evacuated to a mortuary by the Commissioner, Internal Security and Home Affairs, and Force Commander, Operation Thunder Strike, Lt.Col. MH Abdullahi.”
“Governor Nasir El-Rufai has condemned the killing of three students as sheer wickedness, inhumanity and an outright desecration of human lives by vile entities. He went on to say that the armed bandits represent the worst of humankind and must be fought at all cost for the violent wickedness they represent.”
“Evil, the Governor further said, would not triumph over God-given humanity. He appealed to citizens to come together against the forces of darkness challenging national security and the very existence of the Nigerian State.”
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No Single Fulani Leader Questioned By El-Rufai’s Government Despite Killings – Southern Kaduna People's Union

The Southern Kaduna People’s Union has alleged that the government of Nasir El-Rufai in the state shields murderers and kidnappers, saying no Fulani leader has been invited over the incessant killings and insecurity in the state.
SOKAPU lamented that while the murderers were walking free, their victims were dragged and punished without conscience by the agents of the state government.
Kaduna State Governor Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai
This was contained in a statement issued and signed by the SOKAPU National President, Jonathan Asake, on Tuesday in Kaduna.
He said, “SOKAPU has further observed that not a single Fulani leader has been called for questioning not to talk of being detained. We also see that under Governor El-Rufai’s style of justice, victims are dragged and punished, while the alleged murderers are walking free with no consequence for their actions.”
The union had reported how the Nigerian Army, under Operation Safe Haven, whose Commander is Maj Gen Dominic Onyemulu, tricked some Atyap community leaders in the Zangon Kataf Local Government Area, in the Southern part of Kaduna State into going for a meeting.
At the meeting, however, at one of their operational bases on Unguwan Rimi-Bajju road, near Kafanchan in the Jemaa LGA, the leaders were arrested on March 31.
“We reported how after some torturous four days in the illegal incarceration of the military, they were passed to the Kafanchan Police Area Command under SP Idris Mohammed Gumel.
“Upon the release of our statement on April 17, 2021, the Kaduna State Police Command issued a statement signed by ASP Muhammad Jalige, the Police Force Public Relations Officer. Part of the statement which was released made claims that could have only come from an epic movie.
“The police claimed that on March 24, some herdsmen reported at the Divisional Police Headquarters Zonkwa, Kaduna that some uncertain number of persons had attacked some of their herds; killing 706 cows and 75 sheep and dumped them in a ditch.
"The police said on getting the complaint, their operatives immediately swung into action, visited the scene of the incident, took necessary photographs and expanded their investigation which led to the arrest of 15 suspects in connection with the barbaric act within the following villages; Mate, Unguwan Tabo, Unguwan Rohogu, Runji, Mashan, Mashan Daji and Wawan Rafi, all of Atyap chiefdom in the Zangon Kataf LGA of Kaduna State.”
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Kaduna State University Management Denies Tuition Fees Increment

The management of Kaduna State University (KASU) has urged students of the institution to disregard the news about exorbitant tuition fee increments trending on social media.

The management in a statement signed by the University Public Relations officer Adamu Bargo issued on Thursday described the increment figures being spread on social media as false.

It was earlier reported that the varsity management had increased the tuition fees for non-indigenes and indigenes.

The statement by the management issued read as follows ” Kaduna University Management wishes to inform students, parents and the general public to disregard the news in the social media and other outlets regarding the review of tuition fees.
“Management has met with students of the University on Thursday, 22nd April, 2021 and enlightened to allay fears.
“Furthermore, Management wishes to state that though tuition fees would be reviewed upward with specific fees on each course but yet to be announced.
“The figures being spread in the social media are false. The public will be informed on any new developments within the shortest possible time.”
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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bandits Attack Kaduna Hospital, Abduct Two Nurses

Armed bandits on Wednesday attacked the General Hospital Idon in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State and abducted two nurses.
A source from the community confirmed the abduction, saying the incident happened at night.
The hospital is a 24-hour secondary health care facility serving Idon, Makyali, Idon Gida, Kajuru, Maro, Kasuwan Magani, Kufana, Kallah, Kurmin Idon, Buda and Afogo communities in Kajuru local government area.
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Tuition Hike At Kaduna State Uni Stokes Tension

Students at Kaduna State University (KASU) have kicked against what they termed exorbitant tuition, after the school allegedly increased tuition by nearly six fold.
Daily Trust gathered that the management is said to have increased tuition for new intakes, both indigenes and non-indigenes.
It was gathered that previously, new entrants who are indigenes paid N23,000 for arts and N27,000 for sciences while non-indigenes paid N33,000 and N37,000 for arts and sciences respectively.
But Daily Trust gathered from new students who have commenced the registration process that the management of the school had reviewed its fees.
Medical students, who are non-indigenes are now expected to pay N500, 000 while indigenes will pay N300,000.
Non-indigenes admitted for nursing and pharmacy are expected to pay N300,000 while indigenes of the state are charged N200,000.
It was also gathered that non-indigene students offered other science courses are expected to pay N220,000, while indigenes would pay N170,000.
Non-indigene students offered admission into arts, education and social sciences are expected to pay N200,000 while indigenes will pay N150,000.

Abdullahi Yakubu Isa, a 500-level student of the university, who is also the Public Relations Officer of National Association of Kaduna State Students said the school environment was tense as returning students feared that the increment may also apply to them.
“We are currently in consultation because the environment is very hot. As students who are used to paying over N23, 000, to wake up and hear that fees have been increased to over N200,000 is a problem, many students are worried,” he said.
He said if the school management fails to reverse the policy, many students would have no choice but to drop out of school.

Efforts to reach the management of the institution to verify the claims failed, as the Public Relations Officer Adamu Bargo had on Wednesday night told our correspondent that he would call him back but did not.
Correspondents visited the PRO’s office on Thursday but he was said to be in a meeting.
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Kaduna APC Conducts Exams For Chairmanship Aspirants

Kaduna chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has subjected all its local government chairmanship aspirants to written examination and oral interview.
The examination and interview, which lasted for hours at state capital on Wednesday, were superintended by 17-man panel including four Professors, several PhD holders and lawyers.
This is the first time in history of Kaduna State such exercise would be conducted to screen political party aspirants.
Over 100 aspirants were seen going through the process.
One of the aspirants said the exercise was thorough as they were made to make photocopies of their credentials for the panelists, who took time to scrutinise them and ask probing questions.
It was also gathered the aspirants were told to write biographical essay on their lives, schools attended, work experiences, places lived or visited within Kaduna state, Nigeria and abroad.
The essence of the exercise, we gathered, was to weed out those with questionable credentials and deficiencies that have the tendencies of exposing the party to post-election litigations.
It was gathered that all the incumbent local government chairmen are seeking reelection except chairman of Kachia Local Government Area.
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Nigeria Labour Congress Will Declare Nationwide Strike Over El-Rufai's Plan To Sack Workers —Union President

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is set to declare an industrial action nationwide if the Kaduna State government proceeds with its plans to sack civil servants.
This was made known in their letter to President Muhammadu Buhari tagged "Call Governor El-Rufai to order" as disclosed by NLC President, Ayuba Wabba.
Governor Nasir El-Rufai recently announced the plan to disengage civil servants in the state, citing fiscal reasons and also to salvage the state’s finances as a significant amount of the statutory federal allocations to the state is being spent on the wages of public servants.
“Therefore, the state government has no choice but to shed some weight and reduce the size of the public service. It is a painful but necessary step to take, for the sake of the majority of the people of this state,” the governor was quoted in a statement.
“The public service of the state with less than 100,000 employees and their families cannot be consuming more than 90% of government resources, with little left to positively impact the lives of the more than 9 million that are not political appointees or civil servants.
“It is gross injustice for such a micro minority to consume the majority of the resources of the state."
El-Rufai, however, promised to give “preferential treatment to those disengaged that are willing to take advantage of the state government’s various agricultural and entrepreneurship development schemes”.
Meanwhile, Wabba said the governor's decision “falls short of the legal process of redundancy in the Labour Act”.
“He has violated the fundamental law that guides redundancy. Section 20 of the Labour Act. It provided three very important points that must be addressed before you declare redundancy. Item 1 says the employer shall inform the trade union, or workers’ representatives in this case, about the extent of anticipated redundancy. So, before you even anticipate, you must first inform the union which is the workers’ representatives,” he said.
He said El-Rufai “failed to consult with the trade union or negotiate the payments to the workers to be disengaged”.
The NLC President also disputed El-Rufai’s claims and figures on the amount expended on salaries of civil servants.
“What he (El-Rufai) quoted as what is being paid to workers as salary is not correct because we are aware that he included the salary of political office holders.
"90 per cent of over 20,000 teachers laid off by the El-Rufai-led administration in 2017 are yet to be paid their terminal benefits," he said.
According to Wabba, the NLC at a meeting of its National Representatives Council decided that the workers in the state should down their tools, “after which a nationwide solidarity strike will follow if Mr El-Rufai insists on the planned retrenchment”.
“So as I speak to you, that decision has already been taken by the national representatives council. The national executive council of the Trade Union Congress and NLC will meet on Thursday to actually adopt that decision," he said.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Rescued Greenfield University Student Narrates How Bandits Operated In School, Kidnapped Colleagues

Bandits who attacked Greenfield University along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway in Kaduna State on Tuesday night, killed a porter of the institution, identified as Paul Okafor.
The assailants also kidnapped a yet-to-be ascertained number of students, said to be mainly females, it was learnt.
The bandits stormed the school located on kilometre 34 along Abuja-Kaduna Expressway in the Chikun local government area of Kaduna State around 8:30pm with sophisticated weapons.
They reportedly fired their guns indiscriminately, killing Okafor, the porter in charge of the male hostel, in the process.
They went away with at least 17 students, it was learnt.
One of the rescued students, who spoke to Leadership on condition of anonymity at the Operation Thunder Strike (OPTS) camp where other rescued students were being kept, said the matron in charge of the female hostel was among those abducted alongside students, who were mainly female students.
According to the student, the bandits gained entrance into the school through more than one access point because of the porous nature of the institution.
The student said the bandits also broke some doors in the process.

“The bandits are young boys between the ages of 17 and 20 years but were very armed. They came in shooting sporadically into the air. The bullets hit some of the students, inflicting injuries on them, killed our porter and went away with some of our colleagues but I don’t know the specific number but I know they are mostly girls along with the matron.
“The porter was shot when he was trying to close the door against the bandits to protect us,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Registrar of the University, Bashir Muhammad, who was at the Operation Thunder Strike camp, where the rescued students were being kept before they would be released to their parents, refused to speak on the incident, saying he had been directed not to say anything.
He, however, assured that the management of the school would speak on the matter on or before Friday when more details might have come out.
It was learnt that the bandits had called some of the parents of kidnapped students, demanding ransom in millions of naira, which the school registrar neither denied nor confirmed.
Some of the parents of the abducted students, who were also at the military camp, were too traumatised to speak but were seen in groups discussing possible ways out in hushed tones.
Earlier, confirming the attack, the Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement said, “Last night, the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs received distress calls of an attack by armed bandits on the Greenfield University, situated at Kasarami, off the Kaduna-Abuja Road in Chikun LGA.
“Troops of Operation Thunder Strike (OPTS) and other operatives swiftly moved to the location and the bandits retreated.
“After search-and-rescue operations, a staff member of the university, Paul Ude Okafor, was confirmed to have been killed by the bandits, while a number of students were kidnapped.
“The security operatives took custody of the remaining students who have been handed over to the institution, as at noon today, Wednesday 21st April 2021.
“The actual number of students kidnapped is still being sought from the institution’s records.”
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PHOTONEWS: Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service, Seals Kaduna Electric Headquarters

Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service Seals off Headquarters of Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (Kaduna Electric) popularly know as NEPA building over tax liabilities of N464,486,991.53k, being arrears of tax between 2012 and 2018 years of assessment.
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Kill All Bandits, Bomb Forests —El-Rufai Tells Military

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has said the only way to make schools safe is to kill all bandits. 
The governor said this on Tuesday in Abuja at an ongoing conference on Financing Safe Schools in Nigeria. 
According to El-Rufai, the Nigerian Air Force should should bomb the forests where bandits have been using as hide-outs.

He said, “Nobody living in the forest is innocent and we must kill them all. 
“The Chief of Air Staff has been doing well and this has led to a reduction in the activities of bandits in recent times."
The governor also suggested that drones should be bought and deployed to assist in the fight against banditry and other forms of criminality. 
He added that banditry can also be stopped if people stop negotiating with them and paying them ransoms. 
“People ask if my child was kidnapped and I say that I won’t pay, it is a personal decision, which we do not all support.
“So the only way to stop banditry is to kill them all,” he said.
But in 2016, El-Rufai admitted his government traced some violent, aggrieved Fulani to their countries and paid them to stop the killing of Southern Kaduna natives and the destruction of their communities.

He had said, “For southern Kaduna, we didn’t understand what was going on and we decided to set up a committee under Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd) to find out what was going on there. What was established was that the root of the problem has a history starting from the 2011 post-election violence.
“Fulani herdsmen from across Africa bring their cattle down towards Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. The moment the rains start around March, April, they start moving them up to go back to their various communities and countries.
“Unfortunately, it was when they were moving up with their cattle across Southern Kaduna that the elections of 2011 took place and the crisis trapped some of them.
“Some of them were from Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Senegal. Fulanis are in 14 African countries and they traverse this country with the cattle.
“So many of these people were killed, cattle lost and they organised themselves and came back to revenge.
“So a lot of what was happening in Southern Kaduna was actually from outside Nigeria. We got a hint that the late Governor Patrick Yakowa got this information and he sent someone to go round some of these Fulani communities, but of course after he died, the whole thing stopped. That is what we inherited. But the Agwai committee established that.
“We took certain steps. We got a group of people that were going round trying to trace some of these people in Cameroon, Niger Republic and so on to tell them that there is a new governor who is Fulani like them and has no problem paying compensations for lives lost and he is begging them to stop killing.
“In most of the communities, once that appeal was made to them, they said they have forgiven. There are one or two that asked for monetary compensation. They said they have forgiven the death of human beings, but want compensation for cattle. We said no problem, and we paid some. As recently as two weeks ago, the team went to Niger Republic to attend one Fulani gathering that they hold every year with a message from me.”
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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Daily Trust Foundation Supports Orphanages In Kaduna

The Jam’iyar Matan Arewa (JMA) Premier Orphanage and Malali Orphanage homes in Kaduna on Monday benefited from donation of food and non-food items from the Daily Trust Foundation.
Daily Trust Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of Media Trust Limited, publishers of the Daily Trust titles, Aminiya newspaper and Kilimanjaro magazine.
The items, including rice, pasta, noodles, sugar, salt, semovita, diapers, beans, vegetable oil, palm oil,  baby milk, laundry soap and food condiments, were handed over to the management of the orphanages in Kaduna.
Handing over the items to the beneficiaries, Programme Officer, Daily Trust Foundation, Imam Nma Shuaib, said he hoped the items will go a long way in assisting the orphans especially during the holy month of Ramadan.
President, JMA, Hajiya Rabi Saulawa middle, flanked by other members of JMA and babies in the orphanage while receiving a donation from the Programme Officer, Daily Trust Foundation, Imam Shuaibu in Kaduna.
The President of JMA, Rabi Saulawa, thanked the foundation for the donation over the years and assured that it will go a long way in helping the orphans.
Also, the Office Manager of  Malali Orphanage, Sa’adu Dabo, said though they do not have a facility where orphaned children live, they would identify orphans staying with relatives, register with them for onward distribution of the items.
He, however, thanked the foundation for always coming to their aid and prayed Allah to continue to bless its endeavour.
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Bandits Plan To Marry Our Daughters, Kill Our Sons – Kaduna Parents

Parents of the remaining 29 students abducted from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka, Kaduna State, have revealed that bandits threatened to kill the male students and get married to their female colleagues.
About 39 students were abducted from their college dormitories on March 11, 2020, but 10 of the students – seven male and three females – were released last week after payment of ransoms by their parents.
The kidnappers had demanded a N500 million ransom from the Kaduna State government but Governor Nasir El-Rufai vowed that his administration would not negotiate with bandits.
He also threatened that those who negotiate on behalf of the government would be prosecuted.
When the government stood its ground, the bandits began reaching out to parents of the remaining students to demand ransom, following which ten persons were freed.
At a press conference in the school premises on Friday, the parents urged Nigerians to help raise funds to rescue their children.
They said they were not afraid of arrest and prosecution by the Kaduna State Government as long as their children are freed.
The secretary of the parent's union, Friday Sanni, who spoke on behalf of others, said as parents, they had no choice but to pay the ransom for the release of their children.
"We are calling on Nigerians, non-governmental organisations, charity organisations and donors to come to our aid in donating to rescue our children. We don't know what is happening to them; the bandits have threatened to kill our children if we play with them.
"The other time they said they would marry the female and kill the men and that a time would come when even if we bring the money, the money will not be useful," he said.
Since the government has claimed that security agents recovered the two batches of 10 students earlier released, Sanni said, "let them do the same to our remaining children.
"The government has said any parent who negotiates with the bandits would be prosecuted but most of the parents are already arrested emotionally. The fate of our children is what we don't know. They have spent 36 days without clothing, food, clean drinking water or bathing," he said.
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Monday, April 19, 2021

I’m Dying Of Hunger, Owner Of Kaduna Restaurant Demolished By El-Rufai Over “Sex Party” Cries Out

Aishatu Yakubu, the embattled owner of the Kaduna State-based restaurant, which the state government demolished for allegedly hosting a sex party, has cried out for help.
The owner of the facility, known as Asher Kings and Queen Restaurant, asked good spirited Nigerians to come to her aid for help due to hunger and starvation.
Yakubu insisted that she knew nothing about the allegation which led to the demolition of her restaurant business premises, the only means of livelihood for herself and her three children.
In December 2020, Aisha’s restaurant was demolished by the state government over an alleged plan to organize a sex party, a notice posted on social media by a boy who later claimed ignorance.
In a video posted on Saturday, Yakubu lamented that she had put everything into her demolished restaurant business as a single parent of three. 
The woman added that she lacked the resources and means to prosecute the state government for defamation of character and destruction of her restaurant business and all the properties.
Earlier, Aisha revealed that the police collected the sum of N120,000 from her as money for bail for her workers and the tracking of the social media poster of the alleged sex party notice, but the police had yet to refund the money to her.
Looking lean and emaciated, Aisha said that life had become unbearable, distasteful and meaningless for her and her children after the unjust demolition of her restaurant business, and she was now begging for help.
She asked for help to keep her body and soul together until the determination of the case in court to feed herself and her kids and cater to their school fees.
When contacted, Aisha confirmed the video footage while decrying her inability to get money for her children; Uwana Edem; Son, Daniel Edem and Christabel Edem.
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M’Belt Forum Tackles Government Over Continued Detention of Sick Village Head, 14 Other Atyap Leaders in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Chapter of the Middle Belt Forum, MBF, says it is shocking and disheartening to note that for over 18 days Fifteen (15) Atyap community leaders in Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA) in Southern part of Kaduna State have been detained and are under Government custody without trial as stipulated by  Nigeria constitution.
The statement was contained in a press statement issued by the union, which was signed by John Haruna, Secretary,
MBF, Kaduna State Chapter. According to the statement, among these noble and patriotic Leaders is a very sick 85 years old man, Four village Heads and youth Leader.
These gentle and Innocent men were tricked to a peace meeting at the Headquarters of Operation Safe Haven around Kafanchan, on 3rd March, 2021 by millitary officers of Operation Safe Haven. After spending Four days of torture, agonizing and inhuman treatment in the hands of the military, they were later transferred to the Kafanchan Police Area Command. Again, they suffered total detention in the hands of the Police between 3rd to 9th April, 2021. They are currently been held at the Kabala west police Station, Kaduna State.
 These leaders were invited by the military for a peace meeting to chart the way forward for peace to reign in Atyap community and Land over the incessant killing, arson, destruction of farm land and crops, rapping of women and kidnapping now unjustly been punished for nothing sake.
Among the detained Atyap community Leaders are the following:_—  Atyoli Ishaya Achi (Dakachin Zonzon Community) Atyoli Joseph Bitrus (Secretary of Dakachin wawarafi) Atyoli Bitrus Adamu (village Head of Mai wakili) Atyoli Sumaila Kazah (village Head of ugwan Tabo) others are :– Elder Waje Laah (85 years old man and very Sick of Mabuhu village.). Atyoli Ayuba Dodo (Dakachin Mashan 1) and Peter Katung a youth leader.
The statement further stated, while Middle Belt Forum does not in any way support lawlessness in any form, we therefore vowed to take exception when the law is only directed at the victims.
The Forum frowned at the type of system we operate in Nigeria where Fulani herdsmen have been unleashing terror on farmers in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Kogi  Plateau and the entire Middle Belt Region scattered incidents in other part of the country. The Government at both Federal and Kaduna State level deliberately turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards the gory sights and sounds, and not once did they condemned their wanton killings, destruction and not a single one of them was apprehended and persecuted but when ever a Fulani herdsmen or some of their cows  were killed or rustled, the law enforcement agents are quick to apprehend the culprits.
The Government planned to established a home land for all the fulanis across the West Africa in Nigeria particularly in the Middle Belt Region and towards that, they proposed RUGA ( Fulani settlement in all the State in the Middle Belt ostensibly as their spokesperson claimed to solve the problems of herders and farmers clash. When the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt resisted the move, they quickly put plan B in motion by declaring Nigeria a visa—free entry Country to all Africans in order to precipitate a massive influx of Fulani into the country.
The Forum wants the Government at both Federal and Kaduna State to take note very seriously that, all ethnic Nationalities in the Middle Belt will not succumb to surreptitious fulanisation of Nigeria and the Middle Belt in particular. The plan will not succeed became of the influx of ten million fulanis in addition to the between seven and Ten million already in the country cannot overcome the over 300 indigenous tribes in Nigeria and Middle Belt region and take their ancestral Lands from them.
Please, let the Government be reminded that the  warlike indigenous tribes of Kogi, Benue, Plateau Taraba etc. The Igalas, The Jukuns, The Nupes, The Agatus, The Idomas and many more who checkmated the incursions of the campaign army of Othman Dan fodio after 1808 are still very much there and waiting.
If the Government proceeds with the fulanisation agenda, they will only succeeded in disintegrating the country Nigeria into sovereign States. Otherwise, how can you explain the audacious impunity of a certain section of the country, they can intimidate everybody even a sitting president and get away with it.
The Forum wondered, how do we have a country where a murderous terrorist groups like the herdsmen are being openly defended by a government that wants our loyalty.
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Sunday, April 18, 2021

El-Rufai Appoints Usman New Emir Of Kauru

Gov. Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State has approved the appointment of Alhaji Ya’u Shehu Usman, former Sarkin Fadan Kauru, as the new Emir of Kauru.
This is contained in a statement signed by Mr Muyiwa Adekeye, Special Adviser on Media and Communication to el-Rufai, and made available to newsmen on Saturday in Kaduna.
The statement said that Usman, who hails from the Wadai ruling house, succeeds the late emir,
Alhaji Ja’afaru Abubakar, who died in January 2021.
Usman, Chairman of the Kaduna State Fiscal Responsibility Commission, was born on 15 May, 1955 in Kauru and joined the Kaduna State Civil Service in 1977.
The new traditional ruler retired in 2012 as Director, Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MoFI), Office of the Accountant General, Kaduna State.
An accountant, Usman was a former Chairman, Giwa Local Government Council, Secretary to the Kaduna South Local Government Council, and overseer of Zangon Kataf Local Government Council.
He is also a member of the Kaduna State Transition Committee and member, governing board of the Kaduna State Urban Planning Development Agency (KASUPDA.
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Saturday, April 17, 2021

I’ll Leave Kaduna After My Tenure – El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna says he will leave the state at the end of his tenure.
El-Rufai, who has two years is in his second tenure, said this in a media chat aired across the radio stations.
He said he owns only one house at Unguwar Sarki area of Kaduna city because at the end of his tenure, he will leave.
The governor said his administration will soon retrench workers on the state payroll.
He also added that apart from the civil servants he will also reduce his political appointees.

“I don’t steal from public funds, we are not stealing public funds to build houses. I have only a house at Unguwar Sarki and till date it’s the only house I own in Kaduna because after my tenure, I will not stay in Kaduna. So, I’m not going to add another house in the state,” he said

“The state government will not pay salary of people that are not working who are redundant, therefore, workers without proper qualification and those above 50 years including those who are not even going to work regularly and yet are being paid salary will be affected.

On the political appointees, he said, “We are looking at the possibility of reducing political appointees because if you reduce others and fail to reduce yours, that will be injustice. We will surely check and reduce some of our own in fact, we have already commenced the process.”

He advised those who will be affected to go and find another job, saying he was elected to serve the people of the state and that he will do to the best of his ability.
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PDP Zonal Congress Ends In Chaos As Thugs Snatch Ballot Boxes In Kaduna

Thugs on Saturday disrupted the North-West congress of the Peoples Democratic Party held at the Kaduna International Trade fair complex. 
The PDP North West comprises seven states: Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Jigawa, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara.
There are two top contendthe party in Kano State. Muhammad Jamo Yusuf, also from Kano, is being supported by a former governor of Kano State, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who is also leading a party's faction in Kano.
A source told Nigerian Tribune that some former and current governors are also behind Gwarzo, saying that he seems to be the choice from all indication.
He said, "Voting has gone far. I think four states have cast their votes when some miscreants stormed the venue and went straight to the boxes and destroyed them."
He stated that the thugs, suspected to be sponsored by one of the aspirants, destroyed the boxes and other materials like the ballot papers, including those already cast.
The party has not commented on the development as of the time this report was filed.
However, the police spokesman in the state, Muhammad Jalige, said the situation was under control as the police have restored peace and order.
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I won’t pay ransom even if my son is kidnapped, says El-rufai

The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai, has spoken against the payment of ransom to kidnappers, saying he won’t be involved in such even if his son is kidnapped.
El-rufai said this during a radio interview on Friday.
“I mean it and I will say it again here. Even if my son is kidnapped, I will rather pray for him to make heaven instead because I won’t pay any ransom,” he said.
The Governor also said his administration is not considering paying ransom to secure the release of the students abducted by bandits from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Kaduna, in March.
According to him, his government is “absolutely not paying ransom” but considering other means to ensure the students are returned to their parents.
It was reported that El-rufai said bandits must be wiped out entirely because they have lost the right to life.
He said this during a town hall meeting on national security organised by the Ministry of Information and Culture held in Kaduna and monitored by our correspondent on Thursday.
According to him, “These bandits have lost their right to life under our constitution and must be wiped out in their entirety. There is no other way to approach the current insurgency situation today as far as governmental action is concerned.
“The bandits are at war with Nigeria and there is no other way to approach the current insurgency but for security forces to take the war to the bandits and recover forests where they are occupying.
“The security agencies mostly react to cases of banditry and abduction, we are in a war with these terrorist challenging the sovereignty of the Nigerian state.
“Our security forces must collaborate to take the war to the bandits and terrorists, recover and restore the forest to enable our law-abiding citizens to engage in legitimate farming and livestock production.”
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Friday, April 16, 2021

Abductors Of Kaduna Students Make U-Turn, Reach Out To Parents

Bandits who abducted 39 students from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, have made a U-turn on their earlier stand to only negotiate with the government.
It was gathered that the bandits are now reaching out to individual parents, demanding for ransom after Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State insisted that he would not negotiate with bandits and vowed to prosecute anyone who does.
Our correspondent reports that a few days after the abduction, the bandits had warned parents against reaching out to them, insisting that they would only negotiate with government representatives.
Ten of the 39 students were last week released in two batches following what sources say was intensive negotiations with the aid of intermediaries, in which all 39 students were expected to be freed.
The bandits however only released 10 students comprising of seven males and three females as against the initial agreement.
It was gathered from some of the parents that the bandits have in the last few days reached out to them individually to demand ransom and threatened to harm the students if they failed to pay up.
One of the parents who spoke with our correspondent said: “They asked my daughter to call me and she was crying and pleading with me to get the ransom and pay otherwise they will kill her.”
Another parent told our correspondent that the bandits threatened that she would never see her daughter again unless she and other parents mobilised N500 million for their release.
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Workers Retrenchment In Kaduna Frightening, Crippling Civil Service — Isa Ashiru

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s Chieftain in Kaduna State, Alhaji Isa Ashiru, said the APC-led State Government under Governor Nasir El-Rufai is crippling the well established Civil Service Sector in the State.
He described the recent mass retrenchment of local government staff in the state as frightening.
The chieftain, who contested the governorship election in 2015 and 2019, in a statement issued in the state, said since the governor assumed power in the State in 2015, thousands of staff of the state government and the 23 local governments had been laid off.
He said the total number of those people who have been denied means of livelihood is frightening if the number of the victims of the retrenchment policy is added to the number of people whose businesses have been destroyed.
“As it is now, the victims of the actions of the State Government in both the formal and the informal sectors, a lot of whom are experienced civil servants, skilled artisans and entrepreneurs have already turned into scavengers.
“It is particularly shocking that rather than the APC-led Kaduna State Government to utilize the well-established Civil Service Sector in the State for the delivery of essential services to the people, it has unfortunately chosen to adopt an approach that continuously cripples it.
“This particular attitude which has now rendered Ministries, Departments and Agencies [MDAs] as well as Local Governments weak and ineffective is a clear indication of the low understanding and appreciation of the critical contribution of this vital sector to the growth and development of the State,” he said.
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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tears As 82 Kaduna LG Workers Receive Letters Of Disengagement

Tears flowed freely at the Jema’a Local Government Area Secretariat in Kafanchan, Kaduna State, on Wednesday as about 82 staff of the council received letters of disengagement from the Kaduna State Government.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the disengagement followed weeks of speculations that the state government was planning to downsize its workforce across the 23 Local Government Areas.
When NAN visited the Secretariat, some of the affected members of staff were seen struggling to fight back tears.
According to the letter, the move is in line with the ongoing restructuring of the Local Governments in the state to reposition them for efficient service.
One of the affected staff, who pleaded anonymity, wondered why the state government will take such an action at a trying time.
“Why is the state government doing this to us now. Don’t they know the difficult times we are in as a country.
“People are barely struggling to survive with the little they are earning and then you decide to take the food out of their mouth,” the affected staff member said.

Another affected staffer, who did not want his name mentioned for fear of being denied his entitlement, told NAN that he has accepted his fate and was looking forward to better days ahead.

On his part, Ajayi Chiroma, who said he had five years left in service, appealed to the state government to ensure prompt payment of affected staff benefits as stated in the letter.
“I just hope they pay us our entitlements soon enough because that’s the only thing we are going to fall back to at the end of the day.
“That’s the only thing that can console us right now. So, government should please do the needful since they don’t require our services anymore,” he added.

The Council Vice Chairman, Micah Ngboni, told NAN that he could not give further details other than that “not more than 82 people were affected”.
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Gov. El-Rufai Is A Kind Person And Has A Tender Heart – Pastor Adeboye

The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye yesterday visited Governor Nasir El-Rufai  following the release of members of his church who were kidnapped in Kaduna state.
Pastor Adeboye in his statement during the visit described the Kaduna state Governor as a kind person who has a tender heart.
He also assured Governor El-Rufai that God is going to fight for him.

Pastor Adeboye said, “We know that you have a problem that only God can solve. The problem is far beyond the abilities of any human being.
“We have known each other for years. I know the kind of person you are. I know you are tender-hearted, I know how you definitely must be feeling, particularly when the kidnappings are going on. When they begin to kidnap school children, I know how you must be feeling.
“We are praying for you and I believe God is going to answer the prayers. I am assuring you sir that the Almighty God is going to fight for you, He is going to fight for Kaduna State, He is going to fight for Nigeria.
“When God begins to do what He alone can do, then the world will see it and they will glorify the name of God, and many people who might be criticizing you now, will probably see the other side of the story.”
On his own part, Governor El-Rufai commiserated with the RCCG family over the abduction of some pastors and parishioners in Kaduna State.

He said, “We also seek your blessings and prayers, as a great man of God, to assist us with the challenges that we are facing here and the country at large.
“This country needs divine intervention more than at any time in its history. So, we are grateful for your prayers, we are grateful for your blessings, and we will continue to ask for more.”
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kaduna-born Actress, Rachel Bakam, Is Dead

Kaduna-born Actress and television presenter, Rachael Bakam is dead. 
She died after a brief illness. She was 38 years old.
She died on Tuesday at a private hospital in Abuja and tributes have flooded her social media pages.
Bakam was the CEO and Managing Director of Rayzeds Media Ltd, Founder & President of the Nigerian Water Ski And Wakeboard Federation (NWWF).

Reacting to the tragic news, Chocolate City Founder, Audu Maikori wrote:
“The last chat I had with Rachel Bakam was on the 1st of April 2021. She said ‘I just received bad and troubling news, I am speechless’ I asked her what happened- clearly alarmed and she replied ‘its April fools day bro! LOL’ and my fear turned into a smile.
“She then proceeded to tell me about her latest fundraising drive to empower Southern Kaduna women in the rural areas by providing seed money and equipment for them.
“We chatted a little more about it and signed off. Little did I know that lest than 2 weeks later I wold be the one who received the “bad and troubling news” of her death!!
“Rachel was a very inspiring woman, sister and mother- always had a smile, always positive and very very clear about her goals. I met her probably 17 years ago in Kaduna through a mutual friend and later on with her then husband Israel Edjeren. More recently, we were in the same Kaduna Creative group where we mentor, support and share opportunities for empowerment – and she was always very active, passionate about any project concerning Southern Kaduna and Kaduna state as a whole- but with a keen focus on helping the less privileged and the displaced refugees across the country.
“The lady was always so busy I even used to wonder when she ever got to rest with her packed schedule!
“There have ben quite a few deaths recently, but this one hit me hard!!! It hit us all very very hard cos we lost a true gem, the space she occupied, not many can fill today because she had a special flair about what she did and that flair was driven by her passion for her people. She will be dearly missed by us all.”
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Kaduna Political Award

Dear KPA Readers, thank you for participating in the voting process, your response was overwhelming. 

For the first time in the history of Kaduna State, the residents are given the opportunity to decide who gets an award. The days of giving Awards to undeserving personalities are over. The power for any and every Politician to win an award in Kaduna State now lies with the electorates. 

As far as Kaduna State is  concerned, Kaduna Political Award is the most important Award because it's decided by the electorates. 

Our advice for you is to Nominate and Vote for those who deserves it, in order to encourage them and put the leaders who have been asleep on their toes. We'll make sure that your votes counts. 

Voting is ongoing. The portal would be closed on Friday, while Winners would be announced on the day of the event, which would be announced shortly.  

Stay Tuned......
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Monday, April 12, 2021

Kaduna Political Award

Dear KPA Readers, due to the complaints we've received from our followers, we've stopped the voting for the Best State House Of Assembly Member" category in order to start afresh. 

Kindly Nominate the State House Of Assembly Members you deem worthy to be on the category. 

Kindly Drop their names and their Constituencies on the comment box of our Facebook page or our website, using the link below.
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Friday, April 9, 2021

Nok University Set To Offer Science Oriented Courses To Equip Graduates Eith Requisite Skill For Self-employment - Founder

Nok University to offer Cyber Security, B.Sc. Anatomy, Physiology, Medical and Labratory Science, Architecture, Quantity Surveyor, Nursing, Biochemistry, Biotechnology among others.
The Founder of NOK University, Kachia, Kaduna, Mr Anthony Hassan, says that the institution is set to offer science oriented courses to equip graduates with requisite skill for self-employment.
Hassan disclosed this at a brief ceremony after receiving license of the university from the National Universities Commission (NUC) on Thursday in Abuja.
He said that the institution would begin its academic activities with the departments of Cyber Security, Physiology, Anatomy and other science related courses.
According to him, the younger generation needs to focus more on science oriented courses to enable them realised their potential and contribute to national development.
He added that the youth must be encouraged to take measure in special courses in order to be self-reliant.

“I am equally happy when I saw the kind of courses that the university was given to start with.
“I went through the courses and I saw B.Sc. Anatomy, Physiology, Medical and Labratory Science, Architecture, Quantity Surveyor, Nursing, Cyber Security, Biochemistry, Biotechnology among others.
“I felt that those are courses that the younger generation needs to go into.
“Because like I always say, when you go to school now, you go to sharpen your skills so that wherever you go to you will do better,” he said.
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Kaduna Political Awards: Fabian Obum, Receives Nomination Certificate

Fabian Obum Uzochukwu, an ardent follower of Kaduna Political Affairs, has received his Nomination Certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 

Fabian, a keen of follower of KPA, received his Nomination Certificate under the Reader Of The Year Category.
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