Tuesday, March 16, 2021

OPINION: The Politics Of Jumping Ship In Southern Kaduna And The Hypothesis Of Goodies, By Bomba Dauda

The political frontier of Southern Kaduna is gradually expanding. Its politics has grown exponentially from one party region to a somewhat multiparty region with a microscopic population of APC apologists. It is glaring based on the outcomes of previous elections. 

It is a political tactic for any decampee to impress the apparatchik of the new party he is moving to. The first viable tactic is to rubbish his former political party. Because of the bipolar nature of our politics in Kaduna State, a decampee from Southern Kaduna can create an immediate impact if he condemned Southern Kaduna political behaviour. As it is, APC decampees from Southern Kaduna easily show their loyalty to their new party when they say anything negative against Southern Kaduna political pattern.

 This is disgusting! Even more so when would-be decampee or those flexing their wings to cross over try to justify why they are moving or the nonsensity of Southern Kaduna for "putting their eggs in one basket."

Blackmailing Southern Kaduna as a people who have "put all their eggs in one basket" is sham. A rhetoric! The statement wouldn't have sounded completely theatrics but, it is. It has evidently appears a street corner comickry or a comic strip section, especially when we exray the region's voting pattern in 2015 and 2019 elections. 

 In the movie, The good, The bad and The ugly, one of the actors, Tuco said: If you want to shoot, just shoot don't start talking. Then why the quack by Southern Kaduna decampees? If you want to jump the ship, just jump don't start talking.

No one has ever been under oath to be in certain political party and no one  is required to make an explanation when moving, but my anger with those making such unsubstantiated claim never referenced any statistics based on voting pattern. I challenge anyone among the people making such claim to mention one single political pluralist state in the core north that can match Southern Kaduna political plurality base on the voting pattern of 2015 and 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, no region has ever reached a consensus on a particular party to follow, people align their interest behind a certain political party because of conviction and reward system. I have lived all my life in Southern Kaduna and Kaduna and I have never heard that the entire people of Southern Kaduna took an oath that we should all be PDP. 

PDP has mass appeal and there must be something special about PDP that the people don't want to let go or, there's something sinister about APC that the Southern Kaduna people scorns. Besides, what is wrong for a people to have political identity? Which region in Nigeria doesn't have political identity? It is even more shameful for Southern Kaduna people not to have a definite identity, if it happens to be so, it shows how unhinged we are politically. 

Apart from Gov. Nasiru El-rufai ( the man who controls state power, who determines who gets what), anyone calling on anybody to join APC and is promising heaven  because he is about to jump the ship is just speculating or selling dummy. The decampee himself is on an expedition, sight seeing, on a blind date, his fate is not decided yet, it is a gamble that may yield dividend or not.

Based on emperical evidence, In a strange squirk of fate, Samaila Lawal Yakawada, Sani Sidi, Saidu Adamu, Sani Bello (Mainan Zazzau) have joined the APC, they are now perambulating like officials that come to an event without a schedule of duty. These are few among many examples. So, all that glitters is not gold. Take a cue!

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