Wednesday, March 31, 2021

OPINION: Kabilu Verses Gbagy; The Unfortunate Politics Of Chikun Local Government, By Yahaya Emmanuel

Due to the Cosmopolitan Nature of Chikun Local Government Area, its politics has been heated in recent times. 
There is a Political battle which has turned the politics in Chikun Local Government to a full time ethnic battle. 

As it is, the people of Chikun Local Government no longer care about competence, they no longer care about track records, all they want is for their tribal person to be at the helm of Affairs, whether the person deserves it or not, whether the person has worked in the past or not, which is quite unfortunate. 

The Gbagyis, who claims ownership of the land sees whoever doesn't share thesame ethnicity with them as a threat, the moment the person indicates interest to contest for a political position under Chikun local Government. They treat such person with disdain and accuse the person of trying to take over their land. 

Other Nigerians who are not Gbagyi who resides in Chikun Local Government have tried their best to initiate a political pally with the Gbagyis, to no avail. The Gbagyis have made it clear that politics to them is nothing but a game of ethnicity. 

In order for other tribes who resides in Chikun Local Government, who are also tax payers, who have contributed immensely to the growth of the local Government to Contest an election and win, they formed a group called Kabilu Forum, which consists of other tribes that are non Gbagyis (I write to be corrected). Though it's unfortunate that it had to happen this way, the Gbagyis are to be blamed for being too tribalistic. Both the Gbagyis and other tribes that called themselves Kabilu are all Kabilus, but in order to differentiate between the Gbagyis who brags of being the land owners, other tribes had to form an association in order to strike out the difference. 

These people attends the same worship centers. They don't sit in different segments when they meet in their various churches and other worship centers. They sit together, serve the same God. But immediately they step out, they remember their ethnic differences. Where is the love? Where is the unity? Can we record progress if we continue to elect and reelect failed leaders on the basis of religion and ethnicity? I leave these questions for you to answer.  

Finally, let me categorically state to the Gbagyis that no one is trying to steal their lands.  Let me seize this opportunity to also thank them for selling some of their lands to us, if they had not done so we wouldn't have had a place to stay. But i want them to understand that Chikun is a mini Kaduna State. You can't expect a cosmopolitan local Government like Chikun to exist with only one tribe being at the helm of Affairs. It's impossible. It is only natural for other tribes to indicate interest. 

The Local Government Elections and other elections are on the way, we are waiting to see if it'll be the usual politics of ethnicity and religion or you'll begin to take a better shift. I come in peace.

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