Thursday, March 11, 2021

OPINION: I know there are other candidates that will be contesting the primaries with Ekene Adams, but it will be a costly mistake if the APC fails to support Ekene to become the party's flag bearer, By Didam Musa Goni

Of all the aspirants contesting for the chairmanship seat in the June local government council election in Kaduna State and especially in Zone 2 and 3, Ekene Abubakar Adams is the most capable and competent aspirant. I'm picking interest in this guy simply because of what he has been able to achieve in the past few years since he joined Kaduna state politics.

Ekene contested for the Chikun/Kajuru federal constituency in the 2019 general election but lost to Umar Barde a.k.a no shaking. I knew he was going to lose that election even though he had spent alot of time, energy and resources. His defeat had nothing to do with incompetence or lack of leadership skills. In fact, he was the right candidate but his party (APGA) failed to put all the necessary structures in place and coupled with the fact that Barde of the PDP enjoyed both party and and ethnic loyalty. But this time around, party and ethnicity will have little or no effect on the outcome of the local government council election in Chikun.

Ekene has defected to APC and have since declared his intention to contest for the Chikun local government election. He didn't only declared his intention, but he's backed it up with a nomination form and had kickstarted campaign across all the wards in Chikun. His posters are everywhere along Kachia road and other places. The question is, does he stand the chance of winning the Chairmanship sit?

I'm not only predicting the outcome of the Chikun local government election, but I'm saying it confidently that Ekene Abubakar Adams of the APC will definitely win the election. The truth is that Ekene is a development oriented politician, and a true populist.
How many of the current local government chairmen can boast of achieving what Ekene has achieved in the area of human development and empowerment? Before the 2019 general elections, he had roll out millions of naira to empower youths and women and even after he lost the election, he still continued with his empowerment programs. So what exactly is going to stop this visionary politician from winning the Chikun local government Chairmanship election come June?

Yes, Chikun is a strong PDP zone and the people have been supporting the party since 1999 but the truth is that there is going to be a shift come June. Chikun will vote for Ekene not because they love APC but because they love the man contesting on the platform of the APC. So it's going to be candidate this time around and not party. Secondly, PDP is not even serious with regards to Chikun local government election. I have no idea who the party's aspirants are. There's no structures in place, no awarenes, nothing nothing. That's because they believe that no matter what, the people will still vote for the party, not knowing that they are making a big mistake.

I know there are other candidates that will be contesting the primaries with Ekene Adams, but it will be a costly mistake if the APC fail to support Ekene to become the party's touch bearer in this election. He's got the popularity, and his achievements are visible. The records are there for whoever cares to know. So, this is a big opportunity for APC to take over Chikun.

As it is now, Ekene doesn't have any strong opposition, whether in PDP or other parties. This is the time for APC to do the needful and win this election. I will say it again, Ekene can win this election and the people will not vote based on party. We've seen this type of political victory in Sabo ward when councillor Ganaka of the APGA defeated PDP and other party to win the councillorship position. This can be replicated in the whole of Chikun, and this type of victory is inspired by the love and loyalty the people have for the candidate other than the political party he/she belongs to.

In this local government council election, popularity is not enough to make any aspirant win the election. But popularity, past antacedents, and achievements will surely catapult some of the aspirants to victory and Ekene is surely going to be one of the winners because he has lifted hundreds (if not thousands) of people out  of poverty since he joined politics.

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