Thursday, March 11, 2021

OPINION: Give Jagaba Adams Jagaba A Chance In 2023 For The Senate, By Bulus Chigwa

When men and women of timber and calibre are mentioned in Southern Kaduna, one name which cannot be found missing on the list of honour is Rt. Honourable Dr. Jagaba Adams Jagaba. He is a man who has the interest of the people at heart, which is why he is always leading ahead as a relevant Politician. He has done Zone 3, Kaduna State and the Nation proud by standing on the side of truth in the discharge of his legislative duties. Records in the public domain portray him as a lover of the masses, he is one person that stands on principles of social justice and fair play.
I Bulus Audu Chigwa present to you once more, the mobile Politician for your votes in 2023. He is contesting to finish what he has started for the past 12 Years as a Member of the House of Representatives, having him in the Senate Chamber will move Southern Kaduna to the next level of growth and  development. Let's rally around him and make this dream a reality, in order to take Southern Kaduna to the next level.

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