Sunday, March 14, 2021

OP-ED: Tribute To My Hero Of Lasting Memories: CMR (DR) Silas Gadani Adamu (TSUU), His Wife, And The Daughter, By Manuel Saiza

Life is indisputably transient. How it transits from a point to another, and at one time to another is the exclusive preserve of its ultimate creator.

Barely 3 months ago, I was convinced by my dear brothers and friends, Mr Emmanuel Dums Kaduna, and later Barr. Kasai Jesse Arung of the choice to support you to emerge the National President of the Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA). 

In my homegrown political analysis, you were sailing so high, and so geometrically that we would project you for the mainstream politics, at state or federal level.

I made this clear to Dums at my first private meeting with him at Yahaya Motors, prior to the December 26, 2020 strategic meeting at Future View.

We only know in parts, full knowledge belongs to God, for He is the Omniscience. Dad, as I often call you. I loved your kind person, and your respect for team work. Thus, I had to marshal some of the winning strategies with the desire to have the right man for the office of the ACDA National President against all odds.

Little would anybody amongst your friends imagine that the man voted into office in December, 2020 then celebrated in January, 2021 would transit a month later to the great beyond in the companion of your dear wife, and beloved daughter.

While I reserve further details on my 7 months of fruitful engagements with Comrade Silas G. Adamu.
The true worth of comradeship demands us to live with noble virtues of selflessness, courage, tenacity, sagacity, erudite scholarship, hard but smart performance, frank, humour, decency, humanity, and with eternity in mind.

These were the key values and traits that stood Comrade Adamu out. The question is would my generation of youth emulate Cmr (Dr) S. G. Adamu? I leave that to time.

In climes like ours in Nigeria, where true leadership is elusive. It is without mincing words, that I dare to state that the person of Tsuu is therefore, a rare breed. 

To therefore, get our priorities right, we must get thinking caps rightly fixed too. We rise above clientele, and fanning embers of hostility among brothers, and desist primitive accumulation of wealth. 

Impacting in humanity rather than usable things should our eternal pursuit, and worthwhile investment. 

In my three and the halt decades of sojourn here on earth, six people left indelible marks in my life: Wakyeng T. Dodo (Ni'odo, my grandma), Late Warrant Officer M.A. Saiza (Rtd), Dr Anthony O. Elumelu (OFR), Chief Katuka K. Bobai, Prof. Enoch Oyedele, then lately, Comrade (Dr) Silas G. Adamu.

They have each,
helped me to know the truth, to grow, and be just to all manner of persons.
By their lives, I learnt to dream, to pursue it, and to also endure while it unfolds. They taught me to love, and pursue peace with all men. And that our days on earth are not granted by our heights or sizes, but predestined by God, our creator.

As many people around the nation, and the globe join us in mourn your sudden departure, and those of your dear wife, and daughter to the land of the no night, no sorrow, no more pains, no sickness, no more death, I plead you see the King of Glory, and that you reign with him forever.

Adieu, Tsuu, Mercy, Joyce.

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