Monday, March 22, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards: Senator Shehu Sani, Receives Nomination Certificate

Former lawmaker representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, Has Received his Nomination Certificates for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 
Shehu Sani, who has the highest Kaduna Political Awards Nominations, received his Nomination Certificates under "The Most Vocal Opposition", 'Personality Of The Year" and "Man Of The People" categories. 
In his acceptance speech he said, "Distinguished leaders of the Kaduna Political Affairs, distinguished members of the press, i must profoundly apologise for the delay in this meeting. I welcome you to my residence and also i must profoundly appreciate the honour of your presence and the Nomination Certificates presented to me by your organization. Award is a recognition and appreciation of one's own contribution or effort or human investment. I also believe that an award is a booster and challenge for one to do more. So i gladly and honourably accept this award nomination hoping that when the process is completed at least I'll win one of these awards.  Having said that, i want to use this opportunity to appreciate your intervention in the Political space. It is dangerous and risky for citizens at times like this to fold their arms while the nation is burning. Political intervention by non Politicians will bring reason, morality and rationality into the space of politics. Professional Politicians have not been able to solve the problems of Nigeria, they have even become the problem of the country itself. So i am highly delighted to see that an intervention like yours, can possibly give a new direction, new focus and new thinking to the Political space as it exists. Non Governmental organizations have become so commercialised In terms of giving awards to undeserving Nigerians, but your process that begins with nomination, your process that also involves popular votes and popular participation of Nigerians in terms of making their own decisions as regards to different categories of this award is innovative and creative in the spectrum of appreciation of patriotic Nigerians."
"Nigeria is at a crossroad. Banditry in the Northwestern part of Nigeria is threatening the peace, the existence and the survival of not Just the Northwest or the North but the whole Of Nigeria. The mindless blood letting and spade of kidnappings in the north is a fire that must be extinguished now and not tomorrow. It's unfortunate that people in the position of power have allowed a problem that ought to be solved five to six years ago. They have allowed it to reach the point of an inferno. At a time when we were in the national assembly, the friends of the president, misinformed, misadvised him not to hid our warning, not to take an action. They said all we have been saying was an exaggeration. It was a false alarm and that we were trying to rubbish the image of the president. They were more concerned about his image than the bloodshed on the ground. The violence yesterday was about poor people, today even Governors are not safe. Yesterday was Zulum, today it is otom, who is next? The response of the present Government to the present terror in the North is dismal. They've failed to protect our people. They've failed to live up to the expectations and the promises and pledges they made. I do not dispute the fact that president Buhari has succeeded in a number of areas, but in terms of protecting human lives and properties, the Government has failed. And when a government fails, the next is for the state to fail. Nigeria is not yet a failed state but it's a failing state. The symptoms of failure are self evident in the affairs of Nigeria today. 
Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo were once Patriotic Nigerians who believed in one Nigeria. They once believed in their country. We need to ask ourselves what transformed them from people who loved their country to secessionists. When you have an unattended grieviences, marginalisation and injustices, the result is what you get today. Asari, Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho can be defeated, not by force, but by entrenching justice, fairplay and by giving all Nigerians who believe in them a reason not to believe in them. As far as I'm concerned, if we do not adress the entrench injustices, marginalisation, poverty and unemployment in the country, we can not end the violence, banditry and terror in Nigeria today. 
But i must warn that those who have taking the path of secession, are not helping those of us who believe that power should rotate to all parts of the country. I am for a United and peaceful Nigeria and I'm ready to defend this country to remain a United country. But it is impossible to unite a country when the leaaders treats other citizens as if they are slaves. In a master, servant relationship, there can never be unity. There can only be compliance with what the master wants. So as you go about the activities of your Association, i enjoin you to do so with fairness, with objectivity and also reflecting to the world the real situation we are in kaduna today. I can't move one kilometer outside of kaduna because there are bandits everywhere in the outskirts of the town. What kind of Government do we have? Where is the strength of Nigerian military that have been able to achieve success in Liberia, sierra leone, Congo and all parts of the world? How can a nation of 206 million people be unable to defeat bandits and terrorists that are less than 200 thousand? How can billions of dollars and naira be invested in our security agencies and they are unable to provide security for our nation? These are questions we need to ask ourselves. Thank you very much for your presence.''

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