Monday, March 1, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards: MS Ustaz, Receives Nomination Certificate

Philanthropist, Politician and Business Mogul, Hon. Muhammad Sani AbdulMajid also known as MS Ustaz, has received his Nomination Certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards, under the Philanthropist Of The Year Category. 
In his acceptance speech, he said, " Thank you for Nominating me for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. I've rejected many Awards but yours is different that's why i accepted the Nomination. You are doing yours with honesty, maturity and it's based on merit, not for financial gains like others do. May the almighty Allah assist you and guide you through all your activities. 
"I'll be contesting for Kaduna South Chairmanship position, in the forthcoming Local Government Elections.  I've been in talks with my partners in Dubai and other Arab Nations who promised to send millions of dollars for us to support the masses. We are not in politics for financial gains. As a matter of fact we are going to use our personal resources and the ones coming from our sponsors to develop our Constituency. So i'm seizing this opportunity to call on the residents of Kaduna South to come out in mass in order to support us because our win is their win. But let it be known that in or outside political office we'll continue with our philanthropic activities. Once again, thank you for the nomination, it feels good to be recognized"

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