Friday, March 5, 2021

I Joined Politics In Order To Contribute My Quota Towards The Growth Of My Local Government And The State At Large - Dauda Auwal

In this interview with KPA, comrade Auwal Dauda, who is set to contest for Nassarawa Ward Councilorship Position in the forthcoming Local Government Elections, listed the problems bedevilling the youths who are contesting for Political positions while stating the way forward. 

KPA: Let's start by asking this question, who is Auwal Dauda?

Auwal: Auwal Dauda, is a young and vibrant activist. Auwal Dauda popularly known as Comrade Auwal was born and brought up in Nassarawa Community of Chikun LG in Kaduna State. A graduate of Kaduna State University From the department of Microbiology, faculty of science. He served in different capacities while in school and in his community. Auwal believes in the ideology of giving back to the Community and Putting people first.

KPA: What led you in to Politics?

Auwal: The zeal of giving back to the people and to put my own efforts in building and helping the less privileged in My Community and the State at Large.

KPA: What position are you contesting?

Auwal: Councillor, Nassarawa Ward Of Chikun Local Government.

KPA: Under what Political Party? 

Auwal: All Progressives Congress (APC)

KPA: Why did you choose APC? 

Auwal: Because it is the Party that includes Youths in Governance, looking at our State's Governor, he has passion  for inclusion of Youths in politics, so i feel APC is the suitable platform that will do justice to me as a Youth.

KPA: What in your opinion are the challenges that the Youth face in politics?

Auwal: One of The major challenge is lack of funds.

KPA: What is your advice for youths who also want to contest but the fear of not being financially buoyant is stopping them?

Auwal: They should try in letting people to know their agendas, as well as their motives. There are so many Good and kind people out there who will support them. Secondly, with or without much finances, we the youths can team up in order to support each other, afterall we are the majority when it comes to voting. If we come out in Mass to support each other, victory will surely be ours. 

KPA: Who is your favorite Kaduna Politician? Someone you look up to. 

Auwal: I have more than one. They are numerous. But those who tops the list are as follows; the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasiru Ahmad el-rufai, Senator Uba Sani, Muktar Ahmad moronvia and honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams.

KPA: Why did you choose to start your Political career with contesting for Councilorship position? 

Auwal: Because I want to start building My Community first. Councillorship is the closest position to the Masses. It's the responsibility of the councilor to listen to the problems of his people and present them to the local government council for appropriate action.
By God grace the movement is continual, we will get to the State level and even national. This is just a stepping stone. 

KPA: What message do you have for your constituents?

Auwal: In electing leaders, we should look back to the contribution of the aspirants before coming out to contest and their capacities. Integrity matters aswell. Lastly we should try and give Youths a chance in order to contribute in the development of our Dear Local Government.
God bless Nassarawa Ward. God bless Chikun LG. God bless Kaduna State. God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria.

KPA: Thank you very much for your time. 

Auwal: Thank you KPA, God bless.


  1. All the very best Sir...God is on our side in shaa Allah

  2. Masha Allah. Wish you all the best. May Almighty Allah be with you now and always. May He gives you the very best leadership towards your office.